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How to Win as a Survivor in “In Silence”

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You can play as either a Survivor or as Rake in In Silence

You can play as either a Survivor or as Rake in In Silence

In Silence is the awesome new multiplayer horror video game by Ravenhood Games. With game mechanics similar to the 2012 indie hit Slender: The Eight Pages and with the opportunity to play with friends or online, it's a huge hit in the horror game community.

In In Silence, you can play either as a Survivor or as the Monster. Here are some tips on how to play and how to win when you're playing a human Survivor.

How to Play as a Survivor

After joining or making a lobby, ensure that the skull above your character's head is gray (off). This well ensure that you will not be selected as the monster in the next round.


When you start as a Survivor, you can have different perks. This can range from faster running speed, extra batteries, or starting with a bear trap. Though it's nice to get a good perk (extra batteries is an excellent one), they aren't essential to winning.

Part of the In Silence map

Part of the In Silence map


  • Turn off your flashlight when the monster is nearby. Though Rake relies on sound to see, it can still see your light. Be sure to keep it off when it's nearby - or better, keep it off unless you really need it.
  • Stay in the darkness and out of sight. Though Rake has poor eyesight, you're still visible when you're in light or moving. If you hear the telltale heavy footsteps of Rake, find a dark corner and hide!
  • Generally, unlocking the armory is easier than fixing the car, but it's up to you. Look for parts while also looking for codes on walls.
  • Find the car as soon as you can. You can start reparing it as soon as you find it, so long as you can find the items.
  • Throw stones to distract Rake. When the monster is nearby, crouch behind a rock or other object and press T to throw a rock. The sound will ping on the monster's radar and (hopefully) send him away from your hiding place.
Crouching can save you from Rake

Crouching can save you from Rake


As a Survivor, thunderstorms are both good and bad news. The good news is that it muffles all sound you make, so this is a great opportunity to run and get around fast. The bad news is that Rake has full visibility, so be sure to hide behind things or just run if you think it can see you.

Fixing the Car

The car spawns in a random location on the map, as do the items. To fix the car you need fuel, a key, tires, and other items and use the 'Repair' command next to the car. This option is easier if you have a lot of players.

Some tips on finding items:

  • The door key is nearly always indoors. Look on shelves, in drawers, and remember to check the bottom shelves as well.
  • In normal difficulty, there are always more items than needed. Tires are almost always outside. You'll find these on the road, in the camps, or on top of boxes. In Nightmare mode, there is only one of each item.
  • Put down items with G. Put scarecrows in light to distract Rake.

Once the car is fixed, you can escape. Find the correct part of the car to repair it with your held item. Then climb into the car with E. Be sure to do this quickly, as everyone, including Rake, is notified when the car is fixed!

A Survivor can only hold two items at a time, so be sure to carry stuff you find to the car when your inventory is full.

Fixing the car is one way to win in In Silence

Fixing the car is one way to win in In Silence

Unlocking the Armory

Depending on the lobby's settings, there can be two, four, or more locks on the armory. You have find codes, written on walls, to open the locks. Inside are bear traps and rifles, which can be used to shoot Rake.

There are around ten spawn points for these codes, though the locations are different every game. This includes on the wooden wall in the basement, on the toilet seat on the ground floor of a house, and the upper floor of the barn on a wooden box. All the locations can be found in the video below.

Rake can destroy said items, so be quick!

More Tips

  • Pay attention to the rats. Rats in this game are dead flellow players, and though they can't talk to you, they can sometimes be trying to tell you something! If you see a rat that's jumping or running in circles, pay attention to your surroundings. They might have spotted something you've missed.
  • Look out for numbers on walls. These codes are used to unlock the armory. Put them in the chat (by pressing the Enter key) so everyone can see them.
  • Crouching means zero noise. It can also move you out of Rake's sight, so use it!
  • Use Camouflage. Though it takes up one slot in your inventory, equipping your Survivor in Camouflage can be the difference between life and death. These can be found around the map, and some Survivors start with one.

In Silence is as terrifying as it is fun! Time to grab the achievements and escape or kill that nasty Rake dead. These tips will hopefully get you closer to finding victory against the monster!

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