5 Must-Have Skills in “Dying Light”

Updated on July 28, 2020
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Dying Light is a great open-world, zombie survival horror game by Techland and Warner Bros that was released for Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC in 2015. In addition to featuring an engaging storyline, the ability to craft and upgrade weapons, side quests, and random encounters, there is also a leveling system where you can improve your character, Kyle Crane, and his agility, power, and survival skills.


Unlike the typical zombie fighting game where you just shoot, run, and blow things up, Dying Light requires a more tactical approach and it's very easy to get cornered and killed, costing previous survivor skill points and infuriating players.

Selecting good skills can bring you from barely surviving to a zombie-slicing, bandit-chasing, parkour pro. Here are five perks from the three main skill trees that I highly recommend to up your game.

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1. Shield Mastery

Category: Survivor
Level requirement: 8

You can get Shield Mastery pretty early on after you've unlocked Crafting Expertise. Upon getting Shield Mastery, you can then craft shields to use in combat using three "metal parts" and one "duct tape." After that, you can use it by equipping it like a normal item (alongside throwing stars, firecrackers, Molotov cocktails, and the like).


The shield is really helpful when you're cornered by zombies or when you're fighting bandits, who have powerful attacks. You can later get a skill to add elemental effects to your shield as well, giving it a deadly element.

The shield breaks after a while, but considering how easy it is to craft, it makes sense to have two or three in your inventory. It might just save your life.

2. Elemental Throwing Stars

Category: Survivor
Level requirement: 4

Throwing stars are a decent weapon; you can make eight of them with one "blade" and one "string." Adding elements makes them way more deadly. You can learn how to craft burning, freezing, and exploding throwing stars that give you the edge in battle.


To make elemental throwing stars, you need the following:

  • Burning Throwing Stars (x8): one "blade," one "aerosol," and one "gauze."
  • Exploding Throwing Stars (x8): one "blade," one "chemicals," and one "gauze."
  • Freezing Throwing Stars (x8): one "blade," one "fluorescent shrooms," and one "gauze."

3. Leg Breaker

Category: Agility
Level requirement: 6

You must have the pre-requisite "Slide" to get this perk. Leg Breaker is really useful if you find your way blocked by enemies because you can just shoot on through while dealing some damage in the process. Slide also means you can quickly escape through low gaps. It can be a real life-saver and Leg Breaker also works on Virals.

Having this perk also means you can attempt the Psycho challenge. Take a look at some breaking legs in the video below! It's oddly satisfying.

4. Stomp

Category: Power
Level requirement: 9

Kicking is useful in the game because it keeps fallen zombies down and also doesn't use up any stamina. However, it can be time-consuming to kick a zombie to death and their screams often attract other monsters. Stomp is incredibly useful for quickly finishing off enemies—even Virals—with a swift kick and a nice head explosion.

Stomp can also be used on Virals climbing a platform you're standing on. It makes battles end a lot quicker and is one of my favourite Power skills.


5. Camouflage

Category: Survivor
Level requirement: 9

This is one of the most useful skills I'm glad I unlocked. At first, I thought that Crane would just lie among the dead until zombies wandered past, but after you get Camouflage, you can use a corpse's remains to make yourself up to look like one of them, meaning you can walk, run, and jump among them without them noticing you and attacking.

It's super useful because if there are nearby items, particularly locked crates or doors, you can get to them without being disturbed if there are a lot of enemies around. The effect only lasts a couple of seconds, but it's just the time you need to explore a high-risk area or escape a tight spot.

The game is incredibly difficult at first and it's easy to get overwhelmed, but with the right skills and abilities, you'll have Crane going from weak and a bit useless to the best Runner in Harran! Do any of these perks tickle your fancy?

© 2017 Poppy


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