Resident Evil 7: "Banned Footage Vol. 1" DLC Review

Updated on February 15, 2017
Don't you smile at me, Marguerite. I see you reaching for my wallet.
Don't you smile at me, Marguerite. I see you reaching for my wallet.

The Verdict?

3 stars for Resident Evil 7

The Review

Ah, Resident Evil 7, I can't thank you enough for finally delivering to us fans, a game worthy of our time (however short it may be). You've provided us with a fantastic new title that we could certainly get behind for many, many months to come. You made a ton of buildup, teased us to death with numerous mysteries in the demo, and you delivered with a solid right hook to the jaw screaming, "welcome to the family, son!" What's better? You kept the combat exciting and the fear tensions high, something I never thought possible in a Resident Evil game again. You went boldly where so many games chose not to go (I'm looking at you, Call of Duty). Again, thank you for this fine, yet very short, piece of art.

I will be the first to admit that Resident Evil 7 was just too short, but this shortness was very effective and there was never a dull moment. The DLC "Banned Footage Vol. 1" has given us some more of that so desperately needed content and gives us more of an idea of what happened to the unfortunate 'Sewer Gators' cameraman, Clancy Davis. I would preferred a lot more content on "Banned Footage Vol.1" but that doesn't mean that the content isn't fun. The DLC has some fresh game play that makes the game even more interesting. For example:

  • Nightmare: The first on the list in the DLC menu. This one is a survival-esque game where you use scrap metal to pay for weapons, ammunition, traps, and upgrades that assist you in surviving the difficult onslaught of all types of the Molded and a few other familiar faces. I'll be honest, I haven't beat this one yet because it is very difficult. You need to adopt some real resource management skills for this one and be prepared, the enemy is CERTAINLY not on easy mode. Another challenging factor is the hefty scrap requirement points increasing more and more every time you purchase an item. Nothing is improved, it's the same old first aid medicine, handgun bullets, or any other type of ammo, that you bought at the start of the game. Oh, and, be prepared for the most panic inducing fights you'll see in any game ever. The Molded hunt in packs, and, as we learned from the main story of Resident Evil 7, they are a difficult fight against just one of these creeps let alone six or seven of them.
  • Bedroom: An escape the room mission that works really well in the RE7 world. You're trapped in the master bedroom, handcuffed to the bed and given disgusting dishes by non other than Marguerite Baker. This one truly requires you to pay attention to the details, follow each step very carefully, and time your movements with each action. On top of all this, you need to truly think outside of the box and maintain a strong wit. You do, however, have a limited number of chances when you mess up in the form of damage to your health. This one was really short, however and that is the only complaint about this that I have. What I also like about this one, is that it gives more depth to the characters and their personalities; for instance, you see the personality dilemma going on with Marguerite with her being kind and gentle one moment, and in the next, should you mess up or not eat her "home cooking", she'll become the most terrifying, vile thing you've ever encountered.

"Banned Footage Vol. 1" is indeed a nice sampler for the upcoming DLC's, but, in my opinion, is much too expensive to pay out of pocket as it is a very short package and could use a little more meat on its starving husk. So, a $9.99 price tag is a little hefty for my pockets, which is why I bought the season pass. Still, because of this little package, I have very high hopes for "Banned Footage Vol.2" and "Not a Hero", I just hope there is more than those two in the future because myself and so many others, just can't get enough of this fantastic horror game!


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