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"Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City": The Most Underrated "Resident Evil" Game of All Time

The most underrated resident evil game of all time.

The most underrated resident evil game of all time.

All About Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

If you haven't already, I advise you go pick yourself up a copy of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City because it is an absolute must-have for any true Resident Evil fan. Back in the good ole Xbox 360 days, this game kept me entertained for hours. That is to say, it was my fallback game when I got tired of my umpteenth playthrough of Mass Effect 3.

Note: Do not buy the game on Steam, the DRM requirements have essentially broken the download, and unless you have advanced knowledge of operating systems compatible with DRM from the time you will not be able to get it running!

Action-Based Horror

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is touted as a survival-horror game; however, that is widely disputed by the fans, and arguably what the fans say goes. It would be most accurate to call this game, in its entirety, an action-based horror, third-person shooter. If you look into what was promised before the release, the nightmare that this game went through in development, and the subsequent rush to release that led to many bugs and breaks in the game, you'll start to see why the game is not what the creators claim it to be.

Nonetheless, if you like the horror of zombies, specifically Resident Evil type zombies and "BOWs," blended with the run-and-gun adrenaline-pumping action that you can find in games like Gears of War, then you'll come to love this game as much as me. The bad rep it gets from haters on the series, and subsequently, the lack of marketing that went into the game pre-release, does not do this game justice by any means.

Your money will not be wasted in picking up a copy, so go do it now!

My Main Girl

My Main Girl

My Main Girl: Christine Yamata

In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City you'll be joining the U.S.S. Delta Team, informally known as Wolfpack, in their effort to destroy any evidence left within Raccoon City after its outbreak and subsequent destruction. The team consists of six members: Lupo the team leader, Vector the recon specialist, Bertha the team medic, Spectre the surveillance specialist, Beltway the demolitions expert, and my main squeeze Four Eyes who tags along with the team as their field scientist/personal virologist.

Four Eyes, lesser-known as Christine Yamata, is a lifelong scientist who developed quite a few quirks over the years due to isolation for the pursuit of science. She doesn't get along well with others, and in fact, it would be accurate to say she has lost most of any emotion that would suggest she has any humanity left. When she isn't in the lab, you can usually find her out in the field experimenting on any non-essential being she comes across whether they be alive or dead. Ethics are not her strong suit!

Four Eyes is probably the least popular character in the game, but she remains the nearest and dearest to my heart. Her skills are great for single player, but absolutely terrible in multiplayer and I think that is the reason she is so unpopular. Her skills include:

  • Antiviral proficiency: Basically, all this does is allow you to spawn with more antiviral spray.
  • Biometric Vision: Allows you to see infected within the environment from anywhere, up to 30 meters away at its highest level.
  • Induce Infection: Allows you to shoot an enemy, infected or human, and make them an ally that will attack any of your enemies in the area. Percent chance to infect caps at 100 at its highest level.
  • Attraction Pheromone: Throws a grenade that creates a cloud of gas to attract infected. Size and duration depend upon level, and anyone in the gas becomes a target for the infected it attracts.
  • Program Infected: Allows you to fire control darts into infected enemies and direct them to attack targets of your choosing, up to five darts can be fired at any given time depending on level.

When it comes to playing as Four Eyes, I wouldn't want to play any other way. Her secondary support role is just the niche I like to fill, because her skills take more thought and skill than characters with strictly offensive capabilities. To really understand why I connect with this character so deeply, however, you'll have to play as her and stand idle for a minute or two. After those few idle minutes she will say, "This outbreak is amazing!" and that truly reflects a part of myself that I've been able to explore in relatively similar situations.



Ready to Join Wolfpack?

By my standard, there is no better Resident Evil game out there than RE: ORC, and I know you have to be itching to join Wolfpack on their gruesome adventure through Raccoon City. My friends and I used to play this game for hours on end, they'd whine at me for not choosing a better character than Four Eyes, and I'd laugh when they begged for me to revive them as I tanked an entire swarm. Just imagine, you could be blowing up some zombies, exploring a dystopia-wonderland, and doing so with some of the most beloved characters in the Resident Evil series.

Time to get out there and get to work, the Umbrella Corporation is always looking for operators and you'll have a special place waiting within the Wolfpack. Umbrella Security Service needs you!


Kyler J Falk (author) from California on April 17, 2020:

You totally should pick yourself up a copy, Ivana, if you like "Resident Evil" games you will love this awesome addition to the franchise!

Ivana Divac from Serbia on April 17, 2020:

This is a great article. Makes me want to try this game out right now!