"ZombiU" Walkthrough, Part 18: Baconfields

Updated on July 30, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Now that you've arrived at the gas station, you'll find the building thoroughly locked-up and maintained by an edgy fellow named Vikram. You strike a deal with him through the oddest one-sided conversation ever: his wife needs antibiotics, and he'll give you fuel in exchange for the medicine. Prepper isn't happy about the deal, but you have little choice.

Check the back alleys on the left side of the street from the gas station. Down the alleys, you'll come across a door. Enter the door and go through the sewers to find a path to Baconfields. Wander long enough and you'll emerge outdoors. Before you head out for the nursery—yes, you're going to a nursery—check immediately behind the door for a path to a manhole. There's also a hackable door in here, though Prepper can't open it. (You'll come to regret this later.) Go back to the Safe House, save, restock, and return to Baconfields.

When you emerge, you'll see a spitter in the distance. Sneak up on it and take it down, but don't travel too far in the doing, as there are three more zombies—one SWAT—surrounding the swamp. Take them all down one-by-one as you sweep around and through the swamp, then check the wall behind the empty containers for a CCTV junction box. Check the middle of the swamp for Carbine Ammo. The grounds surrounding the school are home to a Molotov, a Flare, and some Handgun Ammo. There's one last zombie in the basketball court; you can lure it through a hole at the side of the nursery and bash its head in easily.

Despite the life signs out front, all you'll find near the school is a bunch of crows. Go in the door and be prepared for the creepiest use of a kid's song ever as you wander through the first room of the nursery. The first room is empty, so make your way to the bathroom in the back. A rat sitting on one of the toilets will show you your next destination—an air vent. Great. Crawl in.

Unbar the door into the first room when you get out of the vent, then head down the hallway. Be wary when the creepy music starts, as a zombie is about to burst out of a locker at you. Kill her, then unlock the green door at the end of the hall. You'll find two sets of stairs, one up and one down; start by going up. You'll find another nursery room with two zombies inside. Kill them off on the stairs, then check the room for a path onto the fire escape. You'll want this path clear on your way out of the nursery in the near future.

Go back inside and go downstairs. When you reach the bottom, you'll hear some pounding, and a SWAT zombie will burst out of a bathroom. Take it out on the stairs, then go down and around behind the stairs to find an air vent. Crawl through into a small room with Carbine Ammo and a CCTV junction box. Unbar this door and go back out into the hallway.

The hall and bathroom both connect to a little party room. Prepare for a brief weird out moment, check a Recorder on a table for some creepy narrative, then check the back room's medicine cabinet for a Key Card. Use it to open the locked door in the party room. Inside is a first aid box with the Medicine you wanted. Grab it. Your survivor will turn to leave. Naturally, they will fall through the floor and into the basement of the nursery. You'll need to find a different way out, and the path ahead is darker than ever.

Flashlight Conservation

Most of the time you can set your flashlight on and ignore it. In Baconsfield's nursery, however, you quickly discover how much you need it—and how quickly it runs out. Pause every now and then to give your flashlight a minute or two to recharge before proceeding. You don't want it to run out when you're facing zombies in the dark, and in Baconsfield, there are a ton of dark places.


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