ZombiU Walkthrough, Part Nineteen: Beneath the Nursery

Updated on January 27, 2017

In a stunning move of poor judgement, your survivor has fallen through the floorboards of the nursery. You now need to find an alternate way out, through the dark.

All of the doors here are open, so take one of them until you find your way into a large room. You'll hear a scream - and your radar will kick out. Head into the largest room here and you'll quickly realize you're not alone. Prepare to fight your first boss!

Fortunately, this thing isn't very hard at all. Back yourself into a corner and pull out the best weapon you've got. The zombie has a strange electro-magnetic power that allows it to phase in and out. Beyond that, however, its tactics aren't much different from a normal zombie. Wait for it to appear, let it come at you, and shoot it in the head. If your gun is strong enough (namely the shotgun or a carbine) you can probably kill it in one hit.

Once it's dead, scan the walls for a secret code, then head out the back door to find a laundry room. In a moment of absolute trippiness you'll find the body of the zombie boss you just killed, suspended from the ceiling. Ooookay... ignore the weird implications, grab the Carbine Ammo from the floor, and go up the stairs. You're now behind a room where you've probably been picking up radar signals for ages. Fortunately for you they're all rats, and they're raiding the kitchen. Check the room for Shotgun Ammo, a Flare, a Medium Medipack and Handgun Ammo - and watch out for the explosive zombie on the floor near the back door!

As soon as you unbar the door to the kitchen, Prepper will chime in about a horde on its way into the nursery. Naturally. Take out your best gun and blast through the first four zombies in the next room, which are blocking your way. Once they're out of your path, sprint up the stairs to the ground floor, then further up to the second floor. Don't enter the first floor room, you'll just be tied up with tons of zombies. If you explored the top floor of the nursery earlier you'l encounter no resistance here - head for the exit door to the catwalk outside. Safe!

Despite word of the horde in the nursery, the front of the school is practically untouched. Leave the nursery behind and cross Baconsfield to the manhole - but only after you've set one or two Medipacks in your hot keys. When you get to the building you'll discover that the stairs up to the manhole are busted, and the door leading inside is still locked. Prepper tries to get it open... but he's not fast enough to do so before a ton of zombies show up on your tail.

This next fight probably shouldn't be a fight, unless you feel very confident in your ammo stores. It's much easier to spring around the area and outright avoid the zombies rather than battle. By doing this you'll completely avoid most of the attackers, as well as the ranged sprays of the spitters. If you really want to do damage, wait for the zombies to pile up, then toss a Flare in the middle of the grass and use a Molotov to burn a ton of them to cinders. Flares on their own are a good distraction for this part.

Once the door's open, zip through and close it behind you before the zombies can stream in. Make a beeline for the manhole and return to the Safe House. After all that, you should probably save your game.

Return to Baconsfield through the manhole. The horde will be done by this point. Go back to Spitalfields Green and, along the way, you'll hear a radio transmission from a little girl asking for help. She's been trapped in a church on Brick Lane. That's your next stop, of course, but first - the gas! Head for the gas station.

As soon as you enter you know something's amiss, as the door's open. Go inside and you'll find Vikram eating his son. Shoot him dead. So much for trading. Check the chair off to the side for a Pad Upgrade which will allow you to scan-hack things on your own. Go outside the gas station and around the other end and you can test this on a door to the gas. Note how long it takes to scan - you don't want to do this when zombies are around. Look inside for a Model 870 Shotgun, as well as the Petrol you wanted all along. Also here is a door leading to the Baconsfield manhole; use it to return to the Safe House.

Once in the Safe House, head into the bathroom and Activate the generator in the back corner. You'll get the lights back - and your next mission objective will, officially, become saving the little girl and her family in the church.


By this point you will probably have two shotguns: Double-Barrelled and Model 870. Which should you use, if either? That depends on your preferences - but in many cases, the Double-Barrelled is overkill. It hits a lot harder, yes, but if you're aiming at a zombie's head you won't need quite that much force. More, the Model 870 allows for a base capacity of four bullets, which can be upgraded. You can never have more than two shells of the Double-Barrelled ready at once.


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    2 years ago

    I died in the kitchen, so obviously I went back to restore my the things from my backpack. But now the door won’t open, and I’m stuck. I’ve been trying to do something for a couple days and still I’m stuck.

  • profile image


    4 years ago



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