What Are Twitch Bits?

Updated on April 8, 2020
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Learn About Twitch Bits

Twitch is a popular streaming service that many people watch often. One of the features of Twitch is that viewers can donate Bits to streamers. What are Bits and how do you get them? Read on to find answers to both questions.

How Do Twitch Viewers Use Bits?

What Are Bits to Viewers?

From a viewer's perspective Bits are an easy way to support a streamer you like. Bits are currency on Twitch. Viewers can get Bits to donate to streamers on the platform.

You can use the popular payment services Amazon Payments and PayPal to buy Bits. Chances are if you shop online you already have an account with one or both services.

100 Bits Is Not Worth $1

Twitch charges higher than the value of the Bits to users. They do this to make a profit and cover transaction costs. You spend $7 to get 500 Bits on the website. On the Twitch Android application Bit costs are slightly higher as well.

There Are Sometimes Discounts on Bits

Sometimes Twitch offers discounts on Bits though. There is a first-time buyer’s package that gives 1000 Bits for $10. I have seen other deals during major shopping related holidays as well.

Here is an example of me getting ready to cheer four bits.
Here is an example of me getting ready to cheer four bits. | Source

How Do Twitch Streamers Use Bits?

What Are Bits to Streamers?

From streamers, prospective Bits get added to the earnings they make on Twitch. This includes earnings from viewer subscriptions as well. Viewers can subscribe to streamers on Twitch for multiple benefits.

Bits Are Safe Donations

Bits are good for streamers as they have chargeback protection. This protects the streamers from fraud. There are some people who give fake donations on Twitch and then charge it back.

Why Would I Use Bits on Twitch?

Cheering on Twitch

The official term for donating Bits is cheering. So, when somebody donates Bits on a Twitch stream, they are cheering to the stream. When you donate Bits, you pick an emote based on the number of Bits you donate.

Why Do People Cheer on Twitch?

You might be thinking “Why would I pay money cheer on Twitch?!” Well, people do this often, and there are multiple reasons to do this.

I cheered four Bits on the stream I was watching. A notification was displayed to the whole stream.
I cheered four Bits on the stream I was watching. A notification was displayed to the whole stream. | Source

Support a Favorite Twitch Streamer

Support with Donations

By donating Bits to streamers, you are supporting them and encouraging them to do better. This is the main reason I donate Bits myself. Often newer streamers are still growing a community, so any support feels amazing.

Streamers Support Each Other

I have also seen some streamers donate Bits to other streamers as a sign of support as well. This is a potential to network with other content creators too.

Make the Stream Exciting

Donations Hype a Stream

I have seen people donate Bits to get the stream hyped. For somebody unfamiliar to Twitch this concept is somewhat hard to explain. Often in very exciting moments of a stream people may start to subscribe or donate Bits to keep the action going.

Like a Crowd in a Sports Stadium

A good example would be a crowd at a sports stadium. When the players do something exciting the crowd may start to cheer or chat. People on Twitch do this as well.

A Twitch Channel Chat Is Also Part of the Entertainment

It is important to remember chat in streams is a part of the entertainment value. Sometimes the chat makes the stream more interesting by the things they do.

Get the Streamers Attention

Make Your Message Seen

Some people donate Bits to get the streamers attention. Not even the most attentive streamer will be able to respond to everything. By donating Bits, you make sure your message gets seen.

This May Seem Odd

Donating Bits to message steamers may seem odd or not worth the money. Well, some people view Twitch streamers as celebrities. Some Twitch streamers are very popular and have huge audiences.

This Is Worth the Money to Some People

I would say people who donate for attention may feel the same way about somebody who gets to meet their favorite actor or singer. In their minds, the donation is worth the cost.

Watch Video Ads for Bits

You can watch videos for Bits on Twitch if you live in the United States. You earn Bits for watching short video ads. Go to get Bits window. If available there will be a watch ad button.

Complete Surveys on TwitchRPG

How to Use TwitchRPG

To earn Bits completing surveys join TwitchRPG. This is a research program Twitch runs. Note this is a different account than your Twitch account and you need to sign up for this program.

You earn Bits for answering questions about streamers and other related topics.

What Kinds of Surveys Are on TwitchRPG?

Some of the surveys I have done were about certain streamers. I watched part of a stream and answered questions about if I liked the person or how they stream. There usually were questions about product sponsorships as well.

How Bits You Earn Each Survey

You get 500 Bits from completing surveys. This is about $5 in Bits. Some surveys don’t pay Bits but are demographic surveys. There is also a sweepstakes system you can enter by completing surveys.

This is the Twitch RPG home page.
This is the Twitch RPG home page. | Source

None of the Free Bit Methods Work!

Sometimes There Are Not Videos

I am not sure how Twitch determines the availability of video ads. If there are no ads to watch I know this is frustrating, but I can’t do anything about it.

I Earn the Most Bits from TwitchRPG

I have earned the most Bits from doing surveys on TwitchRPG, but surveys are not too common. If you do get a survey, make sure to do it as soon possible to make sure you get the Bit reward.

Do You Watch Streams on Twitch?

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      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 

        16 months ago from Norfolk, England

        Well, I've not watched any streaming on Twitch lately, but I have done in the past when a friend of mine used to stream his gaming. I quite enjoyed it. I didn't know about Twitch Bits or how they worked though, so thanks for the article. =)


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