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Is G2A a Reputable and Trustworthy Source for Purchasing Video Games?

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This article aims to address some of the arguments surrounding G2A, which is an online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand keys of digital games.

This article aims to address some of the arguments surrounding G2A, which is an online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand keys of digital games.

What Is G2A?

G2A is a company run out of Hong Kong, but its operations extend to numerous countries across the world. At its core, G2A is simply a digital marketplace for the selling and reselling of digital keys for various video games. It is not unlike sites such as eBay in which users are able to sell goods with sales being primarily moderated by the owners of the website. This is a proven business model, and also the main source of G2A's success.

Where Does the Controversy Come From?

For a company like eBay which deals primarily in physical goods, moderation of sales is a time-consuming but relatively simple task. One user sells an item, and if the buyer receives the correct item in the condition they expect, then the sale is generally considered complete.

Sales of digital video games are much more complicated for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for G2A's continued popularity is that the games it sells are typically much cheaper than one can usually find them on other digital marketplace platforms. There are a variety of reasons for this:

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  • Users often buy keys for their digital games in a country in which the sale price is relatively low, and then sell them via G2A to users in other countries where the sale price is significantly higher.
  • Many other digital marketplaces have frequent sales on their products, in which users will buy large quantities of digital game keys and then later resell them on G2A once the prices have returned to their normal rate.
  • Sometimes, digital keys can be acquired through illegitimate means. This can include scams in which people order large amounts of video game keys and then back charge the purchase on their credit cards, but not before selling these keys on G2A.

This last point is one of the main concerns people have with G2A and other third-party key re-sellers. Because of the ephemeral nature of digital goods, one can never be entirely sure if the keys they purchase on these sites are guaranteed to work.

What Do Consumers Think?

G2A's continued success despite frequent controversy is a testament to the fact that many gamers are willing to place their trust in its business model.

The company has frequently taken steps to address concerns about fraud and other suspicious activity on their marketplace. In addition, G2A offers a service in which customers who receive a faulty game key can request a new one at no charge.

G2A has a number of features in place which allow users to gauge the trustworthiness of the seller from whom they purchase their keys, such as displaying the number of products that the seller has distributed as well as the satisfaction rating of their customers.

Despite these factors, many consumers and game developers still maintain a significant level of wariness about the practices of G2A.

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