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Why I Refuse to Buy Triple-A (AAA) Games at Release

This is an example of a sale on the Steam store.

This is an example of a sale on the Steam store.

Why I Refuse to Buy Triple-A Games Upon Release

I love playing video games. I’ve been playing since I was 12 years old. While I don’t have a large physical collection, I do have 167 games on Steam. I very rarely pay full price for games, and now I’ll explain why. It’s not very complicated, and I do have to deal with delayed gratification, but for me, it’s worth not paying full price for some of the newest games since they depreciate very quickly.

Game Depreciate at a Ridiculous Rate

We all know video games are expensive—especially the Triple-A titles from major developers and major publishers. They’re ridiculously expensive, and if you buy three or four titles in a year, you’re spending $250 plus on games that you might play for a little while and then move on from.

I can count on my hand the titles that I’ve actually paid full price for. Because games are so expensive, I usually wait for sales on Steam or Steam has great sales throughout the year, so I usually just put games on my wishlist and then wait for either the spring, summer, fall, or winter Steam sales.

While physical games don’t usually have too many discounts outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can still buy them at a lower price if you wait a year or two. That is not convenient for multiplayer games since the servers are basically dead on after a while, but it is convenient if you’re buying a single-player game because you won’t have to pay as much for a new game that is slightly older.

I don’t recommend buying physical PC games, as they’re just there to give you a Steam key that you’ll use to download and activate the game on Steam. You should buy physical console games for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. If you want to get the best deals for PC, you’ll have to do digital downloads.

The Upside of PC Gaming

The major upside of PC gaming is that you can get great deals on games that you can purchase digitally. The PC gaming scene has great sales for digital copies of games. While you can’t get a refund if you play the game for more than two hours, you can still get a great deal on a game if there’s something you’ve wanted to purchase but couldn’t afford.

Building Your Own Gaming PC

If you're looking into building your own custom gaming PC, there are hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to how to build PCs based on budgets. You can find videos about how to build PCs with budgets ranging from $300–$2,000 plus, so just figure out how much you want to spend and check out the videos.

Keep in mind that the prices of computer parts do fluctuate, so it might be more or less than the budget on the title of the videos, but just make sure you know how much you want to spend before buying. you can also find coupons to receive discounts on those parts, so remember to use coupons if possible.

There are also many videos on how to build your PC, so you can watch those. Make sure to read instruction manuals that come with your parts too. Just don't be like the guy on the Verge YouTube video who built his PC poorly and has now deleted the video, and you'll be fine.

Game Stop is arguable the most hated used game store among gamers, but you can still get games there.

Game Stop is arguable the most hated used game store among gamers, but you can still get games there.

Be Careful When Trying to Request Refunds

Refunds for digital games are very tricky because of the digital distributors' refund policies. But whatever you do, don’t spend full price at EA Origin; I’ve heard horror stories of people trying to get refunds for digital games because they didn’t like them. If you’re going to pay full price for a game, do it with the Steam store so you can at least get a refund if necessary.

With physical copies, you can take them back to the store, but they have to be physically defective for them to give you a refund.

Refurbished Consoles and PCs Are Risky

I am writing this review on a refurbished gaming PC, but I did check the eBay seller’s ratings, and they’re mostly good. The Wi-Fi dongle they sent me doesn’t work, but I had an Ethernet cable, and I am connected to the internet now. The computer does work, and I’m very happy with the mid-tier gaming PC that I got refurbished, but I’m very lucky because not all refurbished PCs or consoles work well.

I have seen YouTube videos of people who have dismantled the refurbished video game consoles and found that basically nothing was done to some of them, while others are like-new. You’re better off buying a used console than a new one if the seller shows that it’s in good condition.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are Great for Both Physical and Digital Deals

You can find fantastic deals shopping for video games on Black Friday and Cyber Monday if you live in America. Sites like Amazon have week-long sales, and you can find great deals on games and console accessories if you’re willing to wait that long every year to save up for them.

Many digital stores have big sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday too, so you should always check the different digital distributors to see if they’re having a sale for a game you want to buy. It’s also a great time to buy a game console if you’re looking for a great deal because they do go on sale on Black Friday. You might have to wake up extremely early and wait in long lines, but you can get one if you’re determined to get one.

This is an example of a sale.

This is an example of a sale.

Always Look for Coupons

Coupons are your friend. Whether physical or online, coupons help you save money. Finding coupons on the internet can be more difficult, but you can use WikiBuy or Honey extensions on your internet browser to help you find the coupons you need.

If you buy from sites and sign up for their newsletters, sometimes they send you coupons, but I’ve never gotten any exceptionally good coupons from the sites I’m signed up for, so you’re better off using browser extensions in my opinion.

You Can Buy Used

You can also buy used games either online or at a used game store, but the thing about buying used is that you never know what shape the game disc is in unless you get to look at it first. I haven’t bought a used physical disc in ages because I wait for the physical release to drop in price so I can buy an inexpensive new copy.

If you’re buying a used copy online always make sure to check the seller’s feedback page on sites like eBay or Amazon. If their rating is 100%, you should be fine because no one has given them negative feedback, but 98-99% is always something you need to check the negative and neutral reviews for, especially if buyers are saying the discs arrived and don’t work in their consoles.

It’s always a little risky to buy used, so you should always buy new if you can for physical games.

You Can Find Great Deals, But Be Careful When Buying Used

Searching for that perfect game discount or buying that new video game console or gaming PC on Black Friday or Cyber Monday can land you wonderful deals for gaming.

You can choose from either new or used options for buying games, consoles, and accessories. You can find some great deals if you really try to look for something, whether it’s the game console you’ve been saving up for or that massive discount on that digital download of a game you want. You’ll find it if you are patient and know how to look for great sales.

There are so many ways you can find great deals, but always be careful when purchasing used products, as you are always taking a risk when it comes to the quality of the items.

If you’re persistent and keep an eye out for what you want, I’m sure you can get that item you’ve been wanting. Just be patient and keep searching—you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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