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I discuss why I rarely buy new games at full price and how you can find great deals on both physical and digital copies of games. I also talk about buying game consoles and gaming PCs. I weigh the pros and cons of buying new, used, and refurbished consoles and gaming PCs vs. building gaming PCs.


4 Star Wars "The Old Republic" Stories That Should Be Adapted

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Top 50 Hottest Female Video Game Characters

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4thewords Review: Turn Writing Into a Game!

4thewords is a fantasy game that has users travelling across a detailed and expansive world while fighting monsters, crafting weapons, and completing quests. And the best part? The only way to advance is by writing.


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This article contains songs that fans of the "Undertale" video game have created for the game, whether the songs are fan-created lyrics to the soundtrack or original lyrics and melodies for the Underground.


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Is Rosalina Peach's Daughter? The Reshuffle Theory

YouTubers and fans alike pose an interesting theory based on Rosalina's storybook backstory in "Super Mario Galaxy." Could Princess Peach be her mother from a previous reshuffling of the Universe? Is this the connection between all "Mario" games? Let's find out!

Sebastian Wolff - Materia Collective: Profiles in Video Game Music

I talk to Sebastian Wolff about the birth and continued success of Materia Collective. They create video game music re-orchestrations and remixes as well as publishing sheet music.


Video Games as Frugal Entertainment

Though at first a seemingly expensive investment, if done correctly, video games can be an impressively frugal form of entertainment.


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Ten Dumb and Hilarious Stealth Game Tropes

You don't see me, you were in the other room how did you see me!?


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An article on hooded video game characters. Where they began and where to from there.

Joachim from Shadow Hearts 2 (not pictured: his magical butterfly superhero mask)

LGBT Video Game Characters

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