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The Top 10 Sexiest PlayStation Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest PlayStation-exclusive characters of all time. It provides a brief overview of each lady, followed by a discussion of their abilities, personality traits, and general appearance.


Visions of Hell in Video Games

Hell has inspired video games since the earliest days. Here’s a quick look at how games have depicted the infernal underworld over the decades.


Must-Play Video Games About Cryptids

With so many video games about cryptids being available, it can be hard to find the ones worth playing. Let me make it easier for you.


150+ Super Cool Girl Gamer Names

Are you trying to think of some cool girl gamer names for your gamer tag? Explore our full range of gamer names right here.


Top 10 Hottest Danganronpa Girls

Countdown the ten best-looking gals throughout the murder mystery Danganronpa video games!


The Top 10 Sexiest Capcom Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest Capcom characters of all time. It provides a brief overview of each lady's background, characteristics, and general traits. Did your favorite Capcom character make our final 10 list?


The Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest video game characters. It provides a brief overview of each lady's history, powers, and abilities (when applicable), as well as their overall appearance.


Gamer Name Ideas to Make Yourself Cooler Than Cool

Have you ever noticed that the really cool gamers have really cool gamer nicknames?


Welcome to the World of Relaxing Video Games (Cozy Games)

Relaxing games are finding a new audience, and they are gaining in popularity. If the idea of a chill game seems interesting to you, stay tuned to be introduced to the world of cozy gaming.


500+ Best Usernames for Roblox

It pays big to have a Roblox username that stands out in a crowd. A creative name definitely changes the dynamics theatrically. This article provides a detailed perspective on ways to come up with names creatively along with a diverse collection of usernames to up your Roblox game.


Top 5 Text-Based Mafia Games

Looking for a great text-based mafia game to play? If so, check out our range of the top 5 text-based mafia games right here. Let us know which one you choose.


"Dark Nights With Poe and Munro" Review

A review of the indie adventure game that uses FMVs to tell its story.


Top 50 Hottest Girls in Video Games

Countdown the 50 prettiest gals throughout video game history!


17 Video Games That Provide Endless Entertainment

An article looking at video games that provide players with endless entertainment


Top 5 Badass Female Characters in Video Games

From Samus to Chun Li, there have been some kick-ass women in gaming over the years. Here are five that you would not want to mess with.


Top 30 Video Game Masks

A countdown of thirty stunning masks that appear throughout video game history!


12 Fun Video Games That Are Suitable for Small Children

Many kids like video games, but which ones are appropriate for little ones? Here are twelve games appropriate for children under ten years old.


Top 50 Hottest Female Video Game Characters

This list includes the top 50 hottest and prettiest girls in video games that fans wish were real!


4thewords Review: Turn Writing Into a Game!

4thewords is a fantasy game that has users travelling across a detailed and expansive world while fighting monsters, crafting weapons, and completing quests. And the best part? The only way to advance is by writing.


Top 10 Party Member Betrayals in Gaming

A countdown of the ten video game backstabbers who betray you from within your own ranks!


Top 10 Video Game Villains

Count down and review 10 incredible antagonists throughout video game history!


Ten Dumb and Hilarious Stealth Game Tropes

You don't see me, you were in the other room how did you see me!?


Cel Shading: Graphics That Never Fade

Every gamer longs for their investment to never depreciate. This style has defied the hands of time.


9 Most Badass Good Guys in Video Games

The toughest and most awesome male protagonists and playable characters in video games.


The Brotherhood: Hooded Characters in Video Games

An article on hooded video game characters. Where they began and where to from there.

Joachim from Shadow Hearts 2 (not pictured: his magical butterfly superhero mask)

LGBT Video Game Characters

Have you ever wondered if there are any LGBT video game characters out there? Read here to find out about LGBT video game characters that you might have missed!