25 Tools to Make Your Own Games

Updated on June 8, 2018
Realm created in CryEngine 3
Realm created in CryEngine 3 | Source

1. 3D Game Studio A8

Having used 3D Game Studio since the A5 version I can say it is a very powerful tool for creating 3D games. So if it be FPS, adventure games or other types you wish to create 3d Game Studio A8 may be your all in one solution. This package has two main programs a 3D world editor and a 3D material editor.

While in the world editor you can create normal flat surfaces or other types of unique terrain, architecture, you can make many types of lighting, import your own textures and add scripting to your world. The material editor is specifically for characters and objects that you will place in your world.

After creating the shapes of people/objects you may import a skin and apply it to your creation. If the object/person needs to be animated you can do so in the material editor and the animations can be called in the script for your world as a command by the player(such as walking, jumping, swimming, etc) or for other events needed in the world.

A8 comes with a sample game that you can dissect to check how scripting is done as well as prefabricated materials, structures and scripts to help if you are a novice. So you could construct a game with little to no scripting knowledge. A8 also has a huge community, newsletter and site with many resources, check it out. 3D GAME STUDIO A8

Adventure Game Studio Editor
Adventure Game Studio Editor | Source

2. Adventure Game Studio (ags)

Used primarily to create graphic adventure games that use point and click like many classic series like Sierra's Space Quest, Kings Quest or Lucas Arts Day Of The Tentacle.

I have used this editor to create an adventure game of my own and must say that if you are intent on making a point n' click adventure AGS is the best you'll find for the project. Everything from rooms, characters, inventory items, dialogue, sounds, voice overs, cut scenes are all done from the one editor to create an entire game. Best of all AGS is completely free.

The editor and many games made from the program are available for download from their website, check it out. ADVENTURE GAME STUDIO

DX studio Editor live view
DX studio Editor live view | Source

3. Dx Studio

Following the same core principles as 3D Game Studio A8 in which you can create worlds and characters scripting is done in Java. This allows for not only games to be made bt also applications, browser based and otherwise.

There is a free and commercial version, check it out. DX STUDIO

4. The Blender Game Engine

The Blender Game Engine allows you to create games in 3D and otherwise. Primarily a graphic interface for creation, uses what they call logic bricks to assign actions/movements etc. Check it out on their site. THE BLENDER GAME ENGINE

5. CryEngine 3

CryEngine 3 is free for non commercial use but a commercial version is also available. Primarily used to create 3D games. The results from this engine border on photo realistic. If you are thinking of using this engine to create a commercial game or location I would recommend downloading the free version to learn the basics before purchasing to be sure you have the necessary skill set to use the product. Check it out on their site. CRYENGINE 3

6. DarkBASIC Professional

Free for home use and available for commercial and educational purchases through a license purchase. This creation software made by The Game Creators uses Direct X 9.0c . Allows for the creation of any type of game including multiplayer. You can edit your game as you write script in one window and check that it follows your task in the test window. Check it out. DARK BASIC PRO

7. The Games Factory 1 & 2

Based around creating primarily 2D games. It is a good introduction to creating games. You can piece together a game from what is included or create your own importing your own objects (illustrations, sound, etc) to make it unique to you. This system is primarily windows based. THE GAMES FACTORY 2

8. Game Maker (yoyo games)

Programming experience isn't needed with Game Maker now owned by Yo Yo Games. You can make your own games and have them hosted on the Yo Yo Games website. Many upgrades have taken place recently and support has been added to create I-phone and I-pod touch and I-pad games to be sold through the apple store. Game Maker

multimedia fusion 2 editor
multimedia fusion 2 editor | Source

9. Multimedia Fusion 2

Made as a drag and drop creator you don't need previous knowledge of computer programming in this case but it does have a programming language that is learned can help you create even better games. Multimedia Fusion can be used to create other applications as well as games. MULTIMEDIA FUSION 2

10. Engine 001

This game creation system allows you to make games that can be used on PC or other systems such as I-phone. Primarily used for making 2D games. If you want to sell your games commercially you must purchase a license that costs you monthly. Check it on their site. ENGINE 001

11. RPG Builder 3D

Used to make RPG themed games. 3D development is it's primary focus will run on PC and other systems. Check out the website. RPG BUILDER 3D

12. FPS Creator X10

Much like the 3D Game Maker this product is primarily for beginners and lets you use prefabricated objects and structures assign them actions. However the uniqueness is somewhat lacking as it is difficult to customize and add your own objects. FPS CREATOR X10

Game Created in Engine
Game Created in Engine | Source

13. Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker

This engine is open source and free to use, primarily 3D first person games are made with it. The engine does have a lot of the same features as more advanced commercial engines and I have played a few beautiful games that were made using this engine. Like anything it does require some learning the use it to it's full potential. PLATINUM ARTS SANDBOX FREE 3D GAME MAKER

14. Scrolling Game Development Kit

As shown in the title this game creation system is primarily for building 2D side scrolling games. It runs on PC. It is a free open source program and is appropriate for a beginner, intermediate or advanced creator. You can create fully functional games without coding and if you are more knowledgeable you can use scripting to make a very specific game. Check it out. THE SCROLLING GAME DEVELOPMENT KIT

15. 3D Adventure Studio

Primarily for creating 3D worlds used to make adventure games. Works on PS. Check the Site. 3D ADVENTURE STUDIO

17. AGE Adventure Game Engine

Used to create first person perspective games like Myst or Journeyman project. Allows you to have inventory, add your own world incorporate cutscenes and have realtime conversations with characters. Check the website. AGE ADVENTURE GAME ENGINE

Law Maker Game Engine Editor
Law Maker Game Engine Editor | Source

18. Law Maker Game Engine

Law Maker is a game engine for making 3D games, focusing on FPS but other games are possible if you know it's scripting. It rivals most features contained in other big name commercial engines. Check it out.

19. Game Editor

Primarily for creating 2D games but if you are knowledgeable of 3D you can incorporate 3D elements as 3D sprites. You can create games for PC, Linux, Mac, I-phone or I-pad. Check out the GAME EDITOR

20. Reality Factory

Another 3D engine which like many includes everything of most top grade commercial engines. It will allow you to create FPS, adventure, RPG and any other game you could think of. Advanced graphics and lighting are it's claim to fame. Check out more on the website.

Adventure Maker screenshot
Adventure Maker screenshot | Source

21. Adventure Maker

This is a very good game system for creating adventure games first person and third person perspective is possible and 3D & 2D games can be made. I personally have used this program to create a few games of my own. If you are interested in creating games like Myst or Journeyman Project this is the programs for you.

It is very user friendly. You can can construct good full sized games without scripting but it has a scripting language to help those who want something more advanced. This program also has the ability to do panoramic scenes immersing the user in your game. So whether it be point and click or a 3d world you wish to create give this program a try. ADVENTURE MAKER

22. The 3D Gamemaker

Used primarily for creating FPS and adventure games. Keep in mind this game creation system is mostly for beginners. It is difficult to customize and so you are left putting together games from prefabricated characters and structures instead of creating your own and making it unique. It works well for someone new to creating games and allows you to see how the in game dynamics can work before moving on to a more advanced tool. THE 3D GAMEMAKER

Silent Walk FPS creator in editor
Silent Walk FPS creator in editor | Source

23. Silent Walk FPS Creator

Silent Walk is strictly an FPS creator. It works well and is very user friendly. I does have it's limitations though: only have square tiles on which to place your textures, lighting is OK but not awesome, and you only really have two types of weapon. This editor I would recommend for beginner to intermediate level game creators. It is customizable, you can import your own textures and objects.


Adventure game engine used for creating point n' click adventure games like Sierra's Space Quest and Kings Quest. For PC, Linux and MAC OS X, everything can be created in one editor, check it out. SLUDGE

25. Wintermute Engine

Wintermute Engine is used for making point n' click adventure games but is very complex. Easy to use once you know how but it has many versatile features and you have a good chance of getting something from it once you learn the engine inside and out. screenshots of what is possible with the engine can be seen on their site. WINTERMUTE

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      • SimilarSam profile image


        4 years ago

        I've only used Game Maker (not very well might I add) but I really enjoyed it. I'd also love to make something for mobile one day, I think that would be particularly fun.

      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        5 years ago from North America

        Hi, yes I was thinking of including mobile game makers :)

      • ilikegames profile image

        Sarah Forester 

        5 years ago from Australia

        I've used both Game Maker and Adventure Game Studio. It was a really fun process and I'd love to make something for iOS/Android one day.

      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        5 years ago from North America

        primarily PC

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Is this only PC's or can we also make for Browser based games?



      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        6 years ago from North America

        BlogSeno - no problem :)

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        Nice Post, i like it! Thx for sharing friend!

      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        6 years ago from North America

        Black - thanks.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        Keep up the goods mate........

      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        6 years ago from North America

        Hi, not quite sure what you mean by post to your website. Most of these game making programs would build a final game file so you should be able to upload that to your website for others to download. Is that what you are looking for?

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I love adventure maker so much

        but I can't post my game on website since I'm using the free one

        is there any free program similar to adventure maker that let you to post game on website?

        *sorry for bad grammar

      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        6 years ago from North America

        Banan - I'll check out Unity and UDK, thanks :)

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        UDK and Unity are definitely missing. They should be in the top 3 along with CryEngine. This list should be very helpful for people who are willing to start with game development :)

      • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

        Candle Hour 

        7 years ago from North America

        Hi J-u-i-c-e I will check out UDK & Unity I am not sure if I have used them before but a few years ago I was on a mission to make my own game and tested quite a few before I settledd on a couple that suited my purposes, but maybe this will be a top 27 list some, who knows :)

      • j-u-i-c-e profile image


        7 years ago from Waterloo, On

        That's a great list, terrektwo. I haven't heard of some of these engines, though UDK and Unity definitely need to be added! Thanks for putting the list together with all of the links.


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