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Top 5 Badass Female Characters in Video Games

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Are you looking for your next gaming obsession? This article includes five of the most badass female characters from games you are guaranteed to love!

Are you looking for your next gaming obsession? This article includes five of the most badass female characters from games you are guaranteed to love!

Gaming isn't (and never has been) just for men. There are plenty of female gamers out there, and the growing community has warranted the addition of strong, multidimensional female video game characters.

So here are five of the best to have you feeling badass while kicking ass.

Top 5 Badass Female Video Game Characters

  1. Chun Li from Street Fighter
  2. Samus Aran from Metroid
  3. Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark
  4. Lucca from Chrono Trigger
  5. Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

If you are looking for fan service, look elsewhere. These characters are independent, capable, and ready to save the day.

1. Chun Li From Street Fighter

A kick from this woman would knock you out for days. Being the only female character in the massive hit Street Fighter 2, Chun Li has endured as an iconic fighting game character that is still on the Street Fighter roster today. There were only eight characters in the original, and Chun Li could hold her own with a giant wrestler or a guy that throws fireballs out of his hands. Her backstory is tragic—she lost her father at the hands of Bison, the main antagonist in the series. But if you were good enough mashing the kick button, she got her revenge.

Chun Li has been in every major Street Fighter game over the last 25 years and was even tier-one in Street Fighter 3. She also got her own movie!

2. Samus Aran From Metroid

In 1986, the Metroid franchise introduced us to Samus Aran. Samus was born human but had her DNA infused with Chozo DNA to make her more athletic and durable against the elements. This is the reason she can roll into a little ball in the game, a feat that gives me back pain just thinking about it. If you have played any of the Meroid games, you have seen the worlds she has explored and the extreme weather she has faced. Her power suit does help, but under that shell is a kick-ass warrior under there that can fight a giant dragon named Ridley and survive to make a couple of sequels. What really makes her impressive is not only does she travel to these foreign planets to battle Metroids, but she does so by herself.

Samus also holds the record for being the first playable female character (according to Guinness). If you finish the game fast enough, it is revealed that you were playing as a female protagonist. What an amazing moment in gaming history! Though this was ruined by the fact that if you beat it even faster, you got to see her in a bikini. Still, you cannot deny the fact that she is one of the toughest video game characters out there.

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3. Joanna Dark From Perfect Dark

Dark, Joanna Dark. There was only one FPS game on the N64 that was as good as GoldenEye, and it starred the secret agent Joanna Dark. Unlike GoldenEye (a great game) that had a movie franchise to go off of, Perfect Dark was an original IP that really could use a reboot. James Bond is badass, but he has yet to stop an alien invasion as Johanna has.

Joanna is a super spy that can handle any mission. She also has much cooler gadgets and weapons than bond did. One of her weapons is a one-hit sniper rifle that could see and shoot through walls. It was not the most balanced weapon when it was introduced to online play, but still, it was cool.

4. Lucca From Chrono Trigger

You don't need to physically strong to be tough. Chrono is such a cool protagonist that you might have overlooked how important and smart Lucca is. Despite being from a time period where robots do not exist, she is able to fix Robo, a member of Chrono's party. Without her help, your character would probably be stuck in the past somewhere.

She also kicks ass on the battlefield with a gun and a hammer. She also uses her various inventions to do some good damage. Also, give a listen to her awesome theme song is. So uplifting.

5. Jill Valentine From Resident Evil

"I'm a member of Stars."

How tough do you have to be to survive in a mansion filled with zombies and other T Virus-infected creatures? Jill is part of a special force that goes by the name of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service). She doesn't have any special powers and is only armed with a pistol and her wit. Somehow, she makes it through hordes of flesh-eating zombies and takes on a giant snake, a creature that she was definitely not trained to fight.

There are only so many characters who made it out alive from the Umbrella corporation mishap, and Jill was one of the original survivors.

Get Kicking

Are you looking for a great game that includes female characters who do more than get kidnapped (looking at you, Princess Peach)? If so, these badass characters all belong to classic, story-driven games. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get to kick some ass!

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