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Updated on October 4, 2014


Bloon Battles isn't for the lightest of heart. You need to be ruthless in order to win, in Assault mode that is. This isn't Assault mode, this is Defend mode. You are limited in your resources, and the Bloons are a coming.

Being smart, and outlasting your opponent is the most important thing. That means you need to survive. Surviving is easy when you have a plentiful income, but when limited to a $50 income, you don't have much to work with. You start with $650, and end up with around $750 by the time the first few Bloons start coming out.

In this guide I will be focusing on the mobile version of this game. Defend mode on the Flash, or Computer, version is fun and all, but for me, its just really repetitive and you really can't win a game with no lives lost, unless the other guy surrenders or disconnects. This has a lot of applicable tips to the flash version, but really it's just for the Mobile version.

Using energy to buy the Hot Spikes

All about Energy

When you start the game, you begin with 20 energy. You do not need any Energy to start playing the game, but if you would like an extra, random, tower, you may spend one energy for the tower. While choosing towers, you may spy on the opponent for two energy. You get to see all of the towers they pick, as well as the random one. The opponent also has the ability to do the same to you.

Once you start playing the game, there are two uses for battle energy. The first is a "Battle Energy" and the second "Hot Spikes." Both cost one (1) energy. The hot spikes have a limit of 10 uses, and can be used as fast as you can put them down. The hot spikes pop 20 bloons each, one is enough for the whole first round, while around 5 is enough for the first 3-4 rounds. They are also very helpful with taking down MOABs. On the other hand we have battle energy. You may use battle energy every 15 seconds, and also have a limit of 10. The battle energy doubles the speed of attack for every tower on your side of the map.

You may get more energy by either watching ads, unless you disable them, or you can but them. The ad that usually plays at the end of the game does not count towards energy.

Buying Towers and Bloon Camos

Medallions and Battle Score

Medallions: have a few cool uses, most importantly upgrades. You get 2 medallions for losing a game, but no medallions for disconnecting. When you win, with no lives lost, you get 7. If you lose 1 or more lives you only get 5.

Medallions can be used to buy towers, as well as upgrades for them. When you buy a tower you get the first two tier's unlocked. The third tier's price depends on the tower. It can go from 5 to 25 medallions. On the other hand, the fourth tier upgrades go from 30 medallions all the way to 60! Unlocking towers also takes from 20-60 medallions.

A fun thing to do with the rest of your medallions is to spend them on things like decals. Have the Bloons you send out have your countries flag on it, or if you're into showing off but one of the premium decals. Have fun with these, and try to figure out some tactical strategies with them. Some decals can hide camo on Bloons.

Battlescore: This is essentially a measure of how good you are. It increases by 10 after a victory, and 2 after a loss. Some things cannot be unlocked until your battle score is sufficiently high.

Tower Selection: Graphic

Bloon TD Battles
Lead Popping Power
MOAB Popping Power
Dart Monkey
Ninja Monkey
Monkey Apprentice
YES+ = Really good, reason why tower was picked. YES = Works, but might not be the best at this. NO = Might just work, but not very good at it at all.

Mobile Game

Tower selection

There are many different things you can use to play, but this loadout is the best all around. It can take care of the bloons early game, mid-game and late game. You can make many variations to the loadout, but make sure that the towers can do the same, or better job at a similar or lower cost.

Dart Monkey: Early game savior. With the very cheap and insanely good upgrades, the Dart Monkey has to be in every loadout you make up. Some people use the Monkey Engineer. While it's first left side upgrade is really nice, allowing the tower to create mini sentry guns, It costs 450, and the upgrade costs 500. This is about $130 more than the Dart Monkey. This doesn't seem like much, but $130 can be around 18 seconds of wait time, and if you bought the $70 economy increase at the beginning the wait time is still at 12 seconds. In 12 seconds, or 18, a round of bloons can be halfway through the map.

Ninja Monkey: Silent Mauler. Destroys everything and anything passing by. Has it's limits, but they are really high. The massive advantage that a ninja allows you to have is amazing black and pink bloon popping power. A fully upgraded Ninja can take out a MOAB if it has enough hit space. Ninja's are also good for very late game. They have an ability that slows down Bloons that come out by 50% for 15 seconds. This is good when getting other towers to use their special abilities.

Monkey Apprentice: Brings bright and roaring destruction to the bloons. As i like to call him, Magic Monkey, is an amazing, and sometimes overpowered tower. The Monkey Apprentice's only job is Lead and Camo-Lead Bloons. This is the only tower I recommend using the "strong" setting on, so they can hit the strongest Bloons, usually the Leads.

Random: Weather its the Ice Tower, Super Monkey, or Banana Farms, don't use it until higher rounds. Usually the tower is quite useless for most of the game, but if you do manage to get to a higher round, then use it.

Assault vs Defend vs BTD5

Whats the best?

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Noobs and Intermediate Platers

Noobs: are easy to beat. They usually don't have many things unlocked, so all you have to do is outlast them. Really outlasting the other person is the objective of the whole game, but still, you probably won't have to go much past round 20.

Intermediate: can be really good. I know that I only recently started playing the defend mode, and I have been playing Bloon Battles for around 6 months. This doesn't sound like much but 10+ games a day has gotten me to a total of over 3100 games. I am proficient in Assault, and most of my losses have actually been either a connection loss or me surrendering because I don't like the map. Good players can stay alive up until around round 25, when the first few MOABs come out. This is where you need to be different than most players. You need to have bought the $700 economy boost. This is just be able to afford some higher level towers.

Typical Game Against Intermediate Player

Three Problems, Three Solutions.

There are three big problems most people have when playing the Defend mode. They usually don't play enough to get better at it, so therefore they don't know any of the really good strategies. I recommend playing Assault Mode until you unlock all of the tiers for all three of the primary towers: Dart Monkey, Ninja Monkey and Monkey Apprentice, and also most of the other towers. At this point you should have a past-basic understanding of the game. Once you know what mostly all of the towers do, and what each of the upgrades for each tower are, you should start playing defend mode. If you are also struggling on the Assault mode, then click here for my Assault mode Tutorial. Now to the three problems.

Problem 1: The beginning - Economy: The start of the problems begins when you just begin the game. The start should be heavily based on the economy. I don't recommend using a tower, actually, until you have bough the $70 economy boost. After you have bought that, you should be off to a nice economy start of $120/6 seconds. I know that losing about 120 lives or so with that is a bit of a disadvantage, but if you use the hot spikes you can get around 4 rounds popped with 5-7 stacks. That's a lot of energy, but energy is renewable, and you probably wouldn't be playing more than two or three games every couple of hours anyway, plus I don't recommend it. If you use this strategy, you should have a dart monkey set up at about round 5.

Problem 2: Zerbra bloons at round 14: I have died to round 14 so many times in the beginning due to over-buying economy. You should have roughly 200 by round 14 and at least 3-4 Dart Monkeys evenly placed through the map. Do not cluster all of the dart monkeys in one spot due to the fact that they will all go for the same Bloons, and eventually all of the Bloons will pass through your Dart Monkeys' range. This is especially bad

Problem 3: Lead Bloons on Round 20+: Following all previous tips, you should have around 4 Dart Monkeys at round 15. Try to get your economy to around 260, then start the grind to about 8 Dart Monkeys. Once you're at round 18 buy a Monkey Apprentice. Don't get all of the upgrades until round 22. All the while, keep buying the $70 economy boosts, and while those are recharging you can buy more and more Dart Monkeys. 15 Dart Monkeys is more than enough. Once you get to a $750 economy you can start saving up for the $700 economy boost. After you buy that, you need to get some massive upgrades to be able to survive the later rounds. The 15 Dart Monkeys should be able to handle the earlier MOABs, but that's not all that's coming out.

Tip: While on round 23 start building up a Monkey Ninja into a 4-2 build. Make sure it's in a good position, so you can get as many hits as possible on the MOABs!

Expert Level Player

Getting past round 24 and onto round 25? At this point you should have 1 Ninja and Magic Monkey, as well as 10-15 Dart Monkeys. Your economy should be somewhere between 600-1500, depending on the game. Sometimes you just won't be able to do what you want, so make sure you don't make any mistakes. There is no easy-way-out-rushing, so you're gonna have to outlast.

Round 25: MOABs!: Most players will be defeated on this level, weather Noob or Expert, the MOABs are just too strong. Defeating them required a lot of Dart Monkeys and a 4-2 Ninja. Getting an economy of 1500 should be just enough to get past round 30. Collect $8000 and then buy the Super Monkey Fan Club Ability. This ability will be a lifesaver throughout the rest of the game. You might be able to get more than one just to be safe. Don't use more than one at the same time, or else it might cancel the previous. A good strategy is to get 3 or 4 and use them continuously for just awesome results! Don't forget to do economy whenever you get the chance.

Round 30: Staying alive: The rest of the game is quite simple. Keep doing Economy, but not too much. Keep expanding the constant development of your defenses. Make sure to have enough MOAB as well as Bloon popping power. Use all four towers in their optimal spots, and wait to either win the game, or after about round 60 you should start lagging, intensely.

Be the guy on the left. Not the guy on the Right.

Extra Information!

At this point, I hope you have learned a lot from me and can now get some really good wins on Bloon TD Battles: Defend Mode. I hope that you enjoyed one of the tips on this article. There are some extra things I wanted to say but there wasn't any good placement for it:

- The cost of all of the tower is really good. That's why all of the ranking on the graph above for the "cost" column are "YES+."

- I prefer to play Assault even though I play a LOT of Defend mode. I like Assault more because its faster paced, but Defend is much more challenging.

- I have an Assault Mode Strategy Guide here! It's very similar to this one, but it's more basic. It explains the economy and is designed primarily for the Flash version of the game.

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      zwstian 19 months ago

      I don't get a point for why both ninja and wizard. Anyways here is my way of passing round 85 in some defensive map. Use dart monkey, cannon, and super monkey. Start the game with all 10 spikes, buy +70 boost, then get a 2-3 dart monkey. keep buying +70 boost, and in the same time make 3 2-3 dart monkey and 1 4-2 dark monkey, place it in a stright line to make it deals tons of damage. After get your income to 750, save for +700 boost. Main while build 2 more 2-3 dark monkey and 2 more 4-2 dart monkey. After get the +700 boost, keep buying +70 and + 700 boost and go buy a super monkey. Get it to 3-2, then get 2 2-3 cannon around your super monkey (2-4 cannon is fine if you have 2000 eco before round 25). Keep getting your eco up to 3000+, then add 2 4-2 cannon and save up for monkey temple. By round 37 you should get your first temple with 3500 eco. Keep getting eco up and keep building temples. After you build the maxium amount of temples, go build lot's of 2-4 cannons and a few

      2-3/0-4 super monkey.