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Deadman’s Cross: 5 Tips and Tricks to Win Card Battles

Updated on August 6, 2014
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Deadman’s Cross is a fun zombie-themed card battle game developed by Square Enix. Gameplay mechanics are similar to Guardian Cross: you will be shooting zombies, exploring places, and defeating AI deadmen and random human opponents in card battles.

If you are familiar with Guardian Cross’s gameplay, then you won’t have to work too hard organizing decks, managing your “horde," or shooting zombies. But if you are new to this kind of game, and are eager to win card battles, follow these tips and tricks.

1. Capture the Maximum Number of Deadmen

The timer-based shooting mode called “Hunts” lets you shoot down and capture common, uncommon, rare, and legendary zombie cards. Tapping on a zombie sets off a timer; you have only 60 seconds to capture as many zombies as you like. Just make sure you don’t cross the maximum limit while shooting. Here are a few tips that will help you capture the maximum number of zombies within the 60-second time limit:

1. Quick zombies can be killed with two shots. Shoot the unaware zombie anywhere in the first attempt, and then when it comes near you, shoot it in the head at point blank range. Just make sure your sniper rifle does not auto-reload when the tracker turns red, because that will give the zombie an attack opportunity.

2. You can kill zombies with a single shot when they are “vulnerable”, i.e. when they turn red in color. Hunt for red zombie silhouettes to make an immediate capture.

3. Look out for yellow deadmen silhouettes. Shooting them down will give you ten bonus seconds which will be added to the 60-second timer.

4. Shoot at barrels, if you see one or more zombies near them. The explosion will kill them instantly.

2. Create a Stronger Horde With These Tips

While hunting, you will capture several cards belonging to different strains of the deadman virus (Charmer, Chiller, Burner, and so on). Each strain is color-coded. For example, a card belonging to the Charmer strain will have a pink heart at the top right of the screen. To make cards more powerful and level them up faster, follow these steps:

Try to level-up uncommon or rare cards first.

There are two ways to level-up faster:

1. Sacrifice cards with a virus strain that matches the strain of the target card. (Only the strains should match, not the card design.)

For example: combine all Charmer cards in your horde with the target card (Nurse, for example) to make her more powerful.

2. If you have multiple copies of one uncommon card, combine all of them with the target card to level-up faster.

3. Feed chicks to deadmen to gain additional experience points and level-up faster. Make sure you choose the silver chick (three-star rarity) to get higher amounts of EXP.

Leveling-up deadmen will also unlock an additional ability. Abilities are just special attacks that inflict maximum damage to an enemy deadman card. As your deadman’s level increases, it learns new abilities. A deadman can use up to three abilities. To use the fourth ability, you will need to unlearn one of the three active abilities first.

3. Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Strain

Each strain of the deadman virus is stronger than some other strains and weaker than some others. This virus strain chart will help you determine stronger and weaker cards.

4. Managing Your Horde

To organize, enhance, and sell your cards, tap on the Deadmen menu. Here are some tips to manage your cards and organize your decks.

Instead of organizing cards manually, use the “Suggest” option to sort out cards based on their stats. "Suggest" makes it possible to have stronger cards at the top of the deck and the weaker cards at the bottom. Press the OK button if you want to use the suggested horde; the changes in stats will then be displayed. At any time, if you change your mind and decide you want to manually create your horde for city and boneyard battles, you can select cards by tapping on the “Change” button below each card.

Before heading out to battle, enhance card stats and level-up cards by combining similar-strained cards with the target card, feeding them with chicks captured in hunting missions, or equipping cards with items to boost their stats. Make sure you follow the above steps before fighting players at the Boneyard Battle Arena.

When feeding or boosting Deadmen, you will notice letters “C” and “D” on each card. Those letters indicate that your card is currently in your city and boneyard decks (hordes) respectively.


The Catalog section, just below the Sell section, displays the cards you’ve captured in the shooting mode. Collecting all cards on the page will earn you rewards. In the screenshot above, I am just one card away from receiving my first Catalog reward.

5. Additional Tips and Tricks

You get one free daily hunt pass for the standard course hunting area. You can get additional permits while completing search-based jobs. Hit the jobs button, tap on the Jobs Board, and “accept” search-based jobs. While exploring, you will come across standard course permits as well as free Boneyard passes.

Boneyard Battles lets you fight players online. Winning card battles will earn you bigger rewards, such as special items, epic and legendary cards. While choosing a player to fight, select a player with an Average ATK rate lower than the rest in the player pool.

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