Baseball Heroes: Tips to Win Matches

Updated on June 19, 2013
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Facebook social games have covered almost all genres of gaming, be it strategy, puzzle, role-playing and casual games. The one genre of gaming players were eagerly waiting for was sports. This game fulfilled their dreams. The latest social baseball blockbuster encompasses team management, stadium management and some cool ball-hitting action.

Centered on America’s top outdoor sport, the Facebook game is heavy on social elements. There are also some interesting gameplay, including skill points that can earned and distributed to hit the most home runs, score higher and earn bonuses. If you are not aware of these fun gameplay aspects, then read on to get tips and tricks to get your Baseball Heroes fix:

How to Win Matches

Winning more matches help you to level-up and unlock advanced leagues and seasons. Here are some key tips that will help you win more matches:

1. Make the Most of Special Player Cards

It’s a team game and so you will need players with higher batting average to increase the chances of hits, home runs and ultimately, the score. So why not go for special cards. Of course, you will get a chance to collect some. All you have to do is collect the ranked ones that have a good batting average. I would recommend rank A or S cards if you really want to score more hits. To access special cards, click on the Batter Shop link in the Substitute Box. You might also want to enhance special player cards. Do this to increase their batting skills.

2. Distribute your Skill Points Properly

All three skill statistic mentioned above are crucial for increasing the chances of hits and home runs. Invest your hard-earned skill points wisely. I would recommend distributing points more on contact and luck. This way you will get more hits and may be a lucky Home Run!

3. Team Up with Your Facebook Friends

Make sure you have more friends playing this game. Add them to increase the maximum level boost in batting average. Make sure you have enough friends to be recruited as a full team. In the Lineup box, click on the + sign to add friends and recruit them.

4. Practice Hitting Bases

Make the most of the occasional chances you get to hit the ball. Timing is crucial and so practice batting to ensure you hit maximum bases. Have a look at the mini tips at the bottom of the screen that appears soon after you have missed a shot. They really can be very useful, especially for fast and other pitch styles. The more you hit, the more you score, ultimately helping your team to achieve victory.

5. Arm your Heroes with Special Gear

You will have to spend real cash (Facebook Credits) to buy special gear. Once purchased, you can equip your player with the purchased gear. Alternatively, you can spend in-game coins to buy equipment. BH gear is crucial to increase the Power skill stats.

Match-Winning Tips

Gold and XP Unlocked
Win a Match
You earn 50 Coins and 10 XP
Complete a Match
You earn 100 Coins and 20 XP
Hit 10 Runs and 20 Hits
150 Coins and 25 XP
Achieve 3 or More RBI
100 Coins and 15 XP
Winning more matches help you to level-up and unlock advanced leagues and seasons. Here are some key tips that will help you win more matches.
Special Cards
Special Cards

Tips to Make the Most of Skills and Stat Points

Stat points get accumulated after each successful match win. They can then be distributed into three key skills – Luck, Power and Contact.

Luck: It is the key to increase the chances of getting combo points, which are nothing but points accumulated with every base hit. Combo points, once accumulated, unlock the chances of hitting a home run for your team.

Contact: If you increase Contact skill stats, you get more chances to make a contact with the pitched ball. The more stats, the more the chances of getting your base hits right. When you win a game, distribute at least 40 percent of your stat point on contact skill.

Power: you cannot hit the ball far as long as you don’t have enough points spent on Power skill. The more points spent on Power, the more the chances of increasing the range of your ball hits.

Those were some key tips and hints that will help you score more and get to higher rankings in Baseball Heroes Facebook game. If you have some suggestions or questions, use the comment form below and I will try my best to answer them. Happy Home Run!


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    Gim Cah Toeban 4 years ago

    RBI=Run Batted in

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    Gim Cah Toeban 4 years ago


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    fabian 4 years ago

    hello how can sey me what must i trade a grade to get s batter

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    Michaela 4 years ago

    what is the point of training....does it help you in the games other than skill points?

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    hayat 4 years ago

    how to trade c cards and get b hero i did but 7 out of 2 time it worked but please i wanna know the trick

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    jeli 4 years ago

    frank, just ask your friend to send keys

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    frank 4 years ago

    How do you get keys to open mystery boxes

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    bhupendhar 5 years ago

    how do i get s grade

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    Kangker 5 years ago

    Myst Gold can be acquired in the mystery box.

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    DD 5 years ago

    where can i get myst gold equips? anyone plss help?

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    jake 5 years ago

    what do I trade to get S card

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    Jack 5 years ago

    when we can unlock the verxus mode?

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    David Rojas 5 years ago

    As increasing AVG?

  • Anurag2008 profile image

    Anurag Ghosh 5 years ago

    RBI = Run Batted In

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    no name 5 years ago

    what does rbi mean

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    what do you think is the best equipments?so that i can buy the useful not the useless

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    CoulMaster 5 years ago

    I wonder if there is any way to earn free credits?? thanks

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    Anurag Ghosh 5 years ago

    @Angela. Glad you found this guide useful!

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    Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

    My friend witll love this she is addicted.