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Really Cool Gamer Name Ideas to Amaze

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Writing is one of my several hobbies, and lists like the one below help me with writer's block every now and again.


The Best Gamers Often Have Cool Gaming Names

Coming up with a cool gamer name is almost a prerequisite nowadays if you're into playing video or computer games. Almost all the games out there have an online presence where you can play with others. Heck, even board games like chess and monopoly is online these days, and it doesn't look like the trend is going away anytime soon.

Playing games online with other people means one thing—you're gonna need a good online handle that others can call you. The one thing you don't want to do is be put on the spot to come up with a cool gamer nickname quickly, as that name will probably be taken 80 percent of the time. It's best to have a little list of some unique gaming names by your side, especially if you like going into those game rooms where you don't have to sign up. The list below should at the very least give you a good jumping off point for finding that perfect gamer name for yourself; thanks for giving it a chance. Good luck on your next gaming session... unless it's against me, that is.

Gamer Name Ideas for Guys

Neon Needle

Global Point

Ninja Quest


Slick Dude


Red Mound


Deep Fry


Poison Head


Melee Hunter

Neutral Creature

Chill Demon

Key to Glory

Odd Nugget

Burly Wizard

Past Tense

Brass Cookie


Joint Damage


Bootleg Variant

Fortunate Clown

Double Clap

Kiwi Green

Long Lost Ghost


Gamer Name Ideas for Girls

Black Amber


Red Predator



Havana Brown

Ace High

Fair Shake

Light Shuck

Lady Lynch

Danger Kitten

Stage 5

Best Value

Cherry Combat

Treasure Trove

Casually Cali

Care Bear Nine

Resurrection Mary

Sun Pusher

Lady Zoom

Dark Dandelion



Lost Pilot

Eager Eagle


Misty Pine

Autumn Wiggle

Half Moon

Gamers Need Games - Nickname Ideas for Gamers From the Games Themselves

If you really like a certain game and want your gamer name to remind others of that particular game, the perfect solution is to come up with a name that has something to do with the game. The best way that I've found to do this is to have a pencil and paper while watching someone else playing the game, and writing down any ideas that come to you. This is very hard to do if you're playing the game, since you'll be concentrating on winning the game instead of recognizing cool puns or names. A site like Twitch is perfect for this, as you can pause the video to write down your idea and then continue watching the stream.

More Name Ideas for Gamers

  • Faded Tiger: even tigers that are long in the tooth are dangerous as hell
  • Loose Socks: a style of baggy Japanese socks worn by schoolgirls to express a rebellious nature against a strict dress code
  • Lucky Duck: a gamer that is as good as they are lucky
  • Mastodon: someone who is slow, large and imposing
  • Virtual Panda: someone who is a big old cuddly panda bear in the online world, but a real monster in real life
  • Mister Chief: just a play on Master Chief from the Halo games
  • Screwdriver: a gamer who really puts it to the competition
  • Trickster Spider: someone who plays weak but is actually dangerous

Gamer Names That Kick Butt

Wolf Hunter

Goblin Jumper


Ordinary Beast

Master Looter





Raider Spawn

Steel Leopard

Vapor Valve

Eve of Destruction

Barber From Amsterdam

Fatal Moon


The Digital Spy

Shadow Clone


Brooklyn Broke


Virtual Waifu



Creole Joe

First Loch

Silver Tooth

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Coming Up With the Perfect Gamer Name

  • When coming up with names within a team, try a few that are sympathetic to one another. For example, one teammates name is "Rocky", while another one's name is "Rocky's Hammer".
  • Certain words placed before or after your first name can create a very cool gamer nickname.
  • Having a mix of numbers, capitalized and lowercase letters as well as punctuation marks can make you name very unique, but may also make it harder to read and recognize. Think carefully before using too many of them.
  • Don't be determined to use a certain name, no matter what. Most gamers regret using a name with numbers or underscores in them, plus those kinds of names are harder to promote unless you are really well known.
  • One word gamer names are the most ideal, but very hard to get as most of the good ones are already taken unless you tweak them in some way. I can't tell you how many words you should use, but less words means your fans will remember you better.

How to Choose a Good Gaming Name or Find Creative Gamer Tags

How serious you should be when coming up with your gaming nickname depends on how serious you plan on making gaming (or something related) a career or serious side hustle. If you want to try and make some serious money in the future, try to come up with a name that's easy to promote and merchandise. Longer, more complicated names will cause nothing but confusion and headaches whenever trying to promote yourself or create merchandise.

Even More Gaming and Gamer Nicknames For Your Viewing Pleasure

Grassy Knoll

Zen Breeze

Kung-Fu Merchant


Combat Pet

Grumpy Bear

Out of Pocket

Squared Up

Double Blind

Reckless Wolf


Up Echo




Anima Atomic



Doctor Drizzle

Booger Fly

Super Noon




Doom Spirit



Team Names for Gamers - Gaming Team Names That Will Rock the Competition

Blank 9

Mighty Mice

Ten Klicks

Bad Eggs

Escort Light

Tier Three

Solar Octane

Lunar Gambit

Whales of the Atlantic

Death Chill Gaming

The Howling Badgers

Seven Giants

Lords of the Moor

Sirens of South Ridge

Snow Raider

The Pistoleers

Mages of Hate

Ladies of Gaming

Girlfriend Experience

Group Dynamics


Psycho Trappers

Team Tails

Green Skins

Team Mars

Mega Ninjas

Panda Clan

Everyone Has a Gaming Nickname - Even Cheaters Who've Never Been Caught

If you ever overlook a nickname that once belonged to a known cheater and decided to take it as your own, it would be probably be advisable to just take the L and re-think your situation. If people don't really know the cheater in question it may not be that big of a deal, but using a once famous gamer's nickname (even by mistake) is very risky. That's why you should always do a little bit of research.

Funny Gamer Name Suggestions

Tater Salad

Bumble See

Slasher Dasher

Fatal Frog

Nitro Dog

Id the Kid

Lazy Beam

Decoy Roy

Scary Mommy

Deuce Dice

Long Stick

Rocky Mountain Rooster


Frosty Hobbit

Toothless Granny

Dog Won't Hunt

Average Gamer


Redwood Avenger

L.A. Loser

Daylight Dandelion

Bad Balls

Yawning Angel

Rated R

Chocco Rocco

Shaggy Shark

All Caps

Gamer Name Ideas That Need A Little Explaining

  • Bad Box: to be caught in a really bad situation
  • Black Shuck: a ghostly black dog that roams England's countryside
  • Double Top: someone who has been on top of the gaming mountain more than once
  • Footloose: someone who likes to break out in dance... often
  • Good Theater: a dramatic gamer who has lots of clips made of them
  • Gray Phoenix: someone older who has risen from the ashes with a new career
  • Primordial: a gamer who has been around since the beginning
  • Rainbow Serpent: sneaky person who always wears bright, colorful clothes

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