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Updated on March 12, 2018
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The WSOP main event is one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. Most people don't get to play in the tournament due to the cost of buying in. Very few win it and take home the bracelet. But anybody can play for free on the WSOP Poker play chip website. This guide will go over how to earn the most points to earn the virtual bracelets on the play chip website.

The WSOP Poker loading screen.
The WSOP Poker loading screen. | Source

This Is Not a Poker Strategy Guide

But before I start giving advice on how to get your virtual bracelets I have a point to make. This guide will not go over poker strategy. There are far too many guides covering poker strategy, and I am not sure I could do it in a better way. The most basic advice I can give is to try to have some sort of bankroll management. Without one, you won't progress very far. This guide will focus on earning bracelet points (BP) and the strategies to earn the most BP.

Why Bother Working Towards Earning Bracelets?

I used to follow WSOP Poker. I thought it would be cool to have that bracelet (and the prize money). Well, the fantasy of being that good was a dream. But I figured I could earn the virtual bracelets on WSOP play poker.

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WSOP main event bracelet from 2017.
WSOP main event bracelet from 2017. | Source

As of right now, there are four bracelets. Poker Pro, Mahogany, Chromium, and Cobalt. I have seen many people with the Poker Pro bracelet. I see people with the Mahogany bracelet rarely. I have only seen one person with a Chromium and Cobalt bracelet. You have a collection of ten chips you need to earn. Earning each chip earns you a bonus in chips. Completing a whole collection also earns a nice bonus.

Current bracelets available.
Current bracelets available. | Source

It takes many BP to earn the bracelets. You have to play many hands and play consistently. Winning that many hands will take the skill to play this much and be able to win this often. I will now go ways you can earn points.

The WSOP Poker missions screen.
The WSOP Poker missions screen. | Source

The Key Strategies to Earning Bracelet Points

You earn bracelet points by winning hands. The amount of BP you earn is based on the stakes. Here is the strategy for earning BP.

  1. Take advantage of momentum.
  2. Take advantage of missions.
  3. Take advantage of events.
  4. Play higher limits.

I will discuss each of these topics. Taking advantage of these topics will make sure you get the bracelets as long as you play poker well.

What is Momentum?

You earn momentum by playing hands and staying at a table. Momentum builds up over time like the name implies. As your momentum builds, you earn a higher momentum multiplier. Having a higher multiplier earns you more bracelet points (BP). If you want to earn the most bracelet points you need to play as long it takes to get the most momentum. Normally you start with a momentum multiplier of three. To get a higher momentum multiplier, you need to take advantage of events and mission rewards.

What Are Missions?

Missions are things the game wants you to do while playing poker. There are two types of missions. Daily and weekly. You get one weekly mission and multiple dailies. The game shows you the time limit you have to complete missions. So far these are the mission types I have seen.

  • Play x amount of hands.
  • Win x amount of hands.
  • Earn an x amount of experience points.
  • Earn an x amount of bracelet points (BP).
  • Get x hand. For example make a flush, straight, etc. Note while the game says to make the hand if somebody else gets the hand and you are on the table it counts as well.
  • Win x amount of chips at the slot machine.
  • Collect the x amount of free chips.

What Are the Mission Rewards

You can complete multiple missions at once. Missions give multiple types of rewards. Here is a list of the rewards I have seen so far.

  • Bracelet points (BP).
  • Bonus momentum points.
  • Bonus momentum multiplier.
  • Free slot spins (at a low bet).
  • Extra golden wedges on the mega bonus wheel.

Hours of Turbo Time. You get to collect free chips considerably faster for a while. You also get you mega bonus wheel spins faster.

How to Use Mission Rewards Effectively

Know what completed missions give as rewards. You need to look at the icons. Mouse over them and leave it there for a second and the game will tell you what they mean if you forget. The game will also tell how long each effect lasts for.

You do not need to use mission rewards the moment you complete a mission. There is a time limit on how before mission rewards vanish. Knowing about this allows you use multiple mission reward effects at once. I have found this tactic is the best. I save up multiple momentum multipliers and bonus points and use them at the same time.

Once you use an effect, you want to play on a table for a while. You want to take advantage of the effects while you can. The effects normally last about an hour. Playing poker for 30 to 45 minutes at least is a good idea. Remember that once you leave a table, any momentum you have disappears. If the bonus effects you have are expired, they are gone as well. I have been on tables that are empty, and nobody joins. I eventually leave the table and try to find a new one. But since I lose momentum leaving tables is a huge annoyance.

The different WSOP Poker mission reward icons.
The different WSOP Poker mission reward icons. | Source

Taking Advantage of Events

WSOP frequently has events. All events are not all related to earning more bracelet points (BP) however. Some events do give a bonus BP multiplier and other things. There also some events where all the missions are based on earning BP. These BP focused events are a great way to track your progress. There are also other types of bracelets to earn. There are also Cash Dash and Roulette Bracelets. Each bracelet has their own chip collections to earn.

Last Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind to get the most bracelet points you want to use and take advantage of momentum as much as possible. Remember that you will need to play poker often and win many hands. Playing higher limits earns more BP. This strategy is risky depending on how many chips you have. I advice playing cautiously. Of course, play how you want, but I recommend being cautious.

As long you remember the advice given you will eventually earn the bracelets. Can you acquire all of the bracelets?

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