How to Beat Plague Inc. Nano-Virus on Normal

Plague Inc.'s Nano-Virus

Plague Inc.'s Nano-Virus is a pesky little bugger. It took me two weeks to build this tutorial and I have finally done it. It is a hard level, so if you don't get it the first time, don't worry. I do apologize. I have done it twice now and used a few genetic codes this time to make it a little easier and faster. This method will work if you do the same. Good luck!

Start your Nano-Virus with the following genes:

  • Metabolic Hijack (Optional)
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Aquacyte
  • Extremophile
  • Ionised Helix

Note: This plague is kind of tough. Keep in mind firstly that you'll need to allow your symptoms except insomnia.

  1. Start your plague in Brazil.
  2. Build your DNA points to 5. Abilities: Code Fragment Interception.
  3. Build your DNA points to 10. Transmissions: Water 1; Symptoms: Cysts.
  4. Build your DNA points to 10. Abilities: Code Segment Interception; Symptoms: Abscesses.
  5. Build your DNA points to 10. Transmissions: Insect 1.
  6. Build your DNA points to 10. Abilities: Radical Elements Stabilised.
  7. Build your DNA points to 10. Abilities: Cold Resistance 1.
  8. Build your DNA points to 15. Abilities: Drug Resistance 1.
  9. Build your DNA points to 15. Transmissions: Bird 1.
  10. Build your DNA points to 25. Abilities: Encryption Breached, Genetic Hardening 1.
  11. Build your DNA points to 20. Abilities: Genetic Reshuffle 1; Symptoms: Sneezing.
  12. Build your DNA points to 30. Abilities: Cold Resistance 2.
  13. Build your DNA points to 18-20. Transmissions: Water 2.
  14. Build your DNA points to 20. Abilities: Genetic Reshuffle 2.
  15. Build your DNA points to 35. Transmissions: Insect 2; Symptoms: Fever.
  16. Build your DNA points to 60. Abilities: Genetic Reshuffle 3, Genetic Hardening 2; Symptoms: Skin Lesions.
  17. Devolve any uber deadly symptoms that may evolve until everyone is infected.
  18. Build your DNA points to 100. Symptoms: Insomnia, Paranoia, Inflammation, Paralysis.
  19. Wait until everyone is infected or very close, then use the deadliest symptoms to start murdering your people.

Be sure to like and comment. I want to know how fast you killed everyone!

Video: Plague Inc. Evolved Nano-Virus Normal Walkthrough

About the Author

Hey guys, I'm ChillBilly aka Ashleign. I have been playing video games for more than 20 years. I enjoy a good bit of strategy style games mixed with online economies. MMOs are my specialty, but I do enjoy all kinds of games. My experience with Plague Inc. started when I picked up the game on my mobile phone. I immediately was hooked due to a long interest I have had in biology. I posted my first tutorial here on HubPages and it was so popular that I decided to make more.

I love helping people, and when I receive good comments and compliments, I feel that I have accomplished something. Please let me know what you thought of this tutorial in the comments below!

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Comments 557 comments

Jay 12 days ago

582 days with 55% cure

I used teracyte, ionised helix and atp boost

Also used some of the special nano virus abilities. Thanks so much for the guide!

ThunderChicken 13 days ago

Followed the guide except for starting it in Saudi Arabia. 452 days, 45% cure

Tony 3 weeks ago

490 days cure at 39% on my first try. Youre awesome!

NeverBorn 3 weeks ago

First try, 548 days, 51% cure, 18540 total score!

I also only had Metabolic Hijack and Aquacyte genes.

Chad 3 weeks ago

857 days on brutal.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 6 weeks ago from Alabama Author

No, you're amazing. Thanks for the comment!

Eljay77 6 weeks ago

First try! You are amazing

566 days, 53% Cure, score 12450

ThatGuyOnTheInternet 2 months ago

591 days

54% cure

11220 points

no genes


Abby 2 months ago

No Genes used

374 Days

60 % cure


Zombies 2 months ago

535 days 50% cure 16350 points

Braydon 2 months ago

510 days, 50% cure and most of the symptoms

Luc1F3R 2 months ago

No genes used, 641 days 60% cure

Humn 3 months ago

491 days 46%of cure dome

SmugLittleF*** 3 months ago

603 days, score is 13980.

I did it first try.

Carrie 3 months ago

NO genes used

cure at 57%

killed all of humanity (outside of earthquakes and flooding) in 659 days.

10/10 would kill humanity again

MandyLeigh 3 months ago

Took me 641 days at 56 percent cure rate.

Had to start in Greenland, because of the boarders closing. I just shaped the cold with the heat. But followed all the same steps.

Jen 3 months ago

Got it on my first try...422 days, 30% cure


Paul Richard 3 months ago

446 days and 30% cure

Justin 3 months ago

YES!!!! I´ve completed it in 576 days with 59% cure research, and it was from my first try! Thanks!

rappy 3 months ago

551 days

51% cure

15800 pts

tnx a lot!

Raven 3 months ago

Starting in Brazil didn't work for me, Greenland shut down their boarders before anyone got infected, those bastards. However, starting in Greenland and "buying" Heat Resistance I instead of Cold Resistance II worked just fine

Liz 3 months ago

577 days

55% cure

Score - 11890

Thank you!

Ben 3 months ago

531 days

Rachel M 4 months ago

YEESSSS!!!! First try! Thank you so much! I only used one of the genetic modifiers (only had the ionised helix). Finished in 755 days, cure 59%, score 10,740. I've used almost all your tutorials whenever I wanna pull my hair out and you've never let me down. Thanks again :)

Jason 4 months ago

Thank you.

554 days,

54% cure.

Total score 15,590.

Cyan 4 months ago

498 days, cure = 55% score 16250

Wes 4 months ago

607 days

55% cure

12620 points

GloriousFin 4 months ago

Hello I would like to ask if you have tutorials on how to beat nano-virus w/out genetic modifications? I haven't cashed on the premium yet and I have reached nano-virus w/out genetic modifications until now because of your help.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 4 months ago from Alabama Author

Check out my youtube channel I recently did an update to the prion. Haven't yet updated the written tutorial yet. There should be a video that was actually a live stream and did 3 of the tutorials prion was a bit iffy.

Rivish 4 months ago


I got this on my first try with no extra genes in the beginning since I haven't purchased the game. The way the cure was flying up in the beginning I thought for sure I wasn't gonna get it, but with your steps I was proven wrong :-)

603 days

58% cure

10850 score

I've been using all your tutorials so far and the one I had issues with was actually Prion. I did your steps as suggested and the cure kept overriding me. I tweaked up the strategy after several tries and got past it. Couldn't have gotten past all so far without you! Thank you!

Auriel 4 months ago

Done in 524 days with cure at 47%

Kuba 4 months ago

Wait... I'm have to evolve sneezing when I don't have coughing?

Ricky Boby 4 months ago

Either Madagascar or Greenland does not get infected every time I play

Random guy# 4 months ago

My fifth time playing nano virus finally did it completed it 584 days and 57%cure

Kevin 4 months ago

THANK YOU I hade the game for about a month trying to beat nano-virus, ended up rage quitting, and now i only play the game when i have a cold (haha) but it took me 668 days on normalim gonna try it on brutal rn 10/10 A+

alexysz 5 months ago

took 574days, cure progress 55% complete , thank you so much :)

Radny 5 months ago

589 days

score 12400

Brian 5 months ago

538 days, 53% cure

Anne 5 months ago

589 days, cure 55%

Sam 5 months ago

First few minutes, I'm thinking " OMG THEYRE ALREADY CURING!!!!!" Then I started seeing the effects, and BAM: 545 days cure was 30% but I used different genes...

10/10 would recommend

 5 months ago

35% cure, 549 days

Chapey 6 months ago

Perfect strategy! I dit it in 542 days / cure progress at 50% and a score of 16110.

As as side note, I used the 2 first genetic reshuffle later than your recommendation. I could even have spared the last genetic reshuffle, cure progress was pretty slow at this point.

Cheloidpro90 6 months ago

Did it in 587 days with a 56% of cure! Awesome

Wolf 6 months ago

615 days

Valy 6 months ago

I did it in 522 days.....without any gene

Hayley 6 months ago

527 days! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was struggling so much with this.

Carlena 6 months ago

Did it in only 558 days! Great tutorial. Couldn't do all the gene mods but did modify what I could. Thanks!

Adam 6 months ago

Everytime I try this Iceland locks off all of boarders before I can infect it :( Fantastic method however! Very impressed 10/10

Rob B 6 months ago

I have to admit when I started I thought it would never work because research on a cure started almost immediately and I thought I was screwed. It worked just great even with no genetic codes. 748 days. Man once it started infecting it spread like wildfire, even in Greenland where I've had problems before.

Poop 7 months ago

It worked for me but never spread to greenland before they closed borders

Joe Hughes 7 months ago

First try; 606 days

Kira K Brown 8 months ago

545 days, 16180 score. Love it.

walter 8 months ago

604 days.. quickest win ever.. i could never have done it without you. awesome advice.

snowleaf 8 months ago

thanks dude. 602 days and 54% cure complete without genetic codes. excellent guide!

guest 8 months ago

485 days, 44% complete and 20520 score. :)

Assgape 8 months ago

First try 536 nice tutorial

Olann 8 months ago

Finally a real and a true help !!

Thanks a lot for your tuto !... It works even in a brutal mode ! :-)

I love it !

ginger 8 months ago

572 and I didn't even have any of the genes

JasDawg 8 months ago

579 days, but I used Hydrophile instead of Extremophile, and ATP Boost instead of Metabolic Hijack on this one. Thanks for the tutorial!

Freak 8 months ago

I killed everybody in 599 days! This tutorial helped me so much cuz normally it would cure me in like 250 days lol. Thanks so much this helped a lot!

Atomic-Leader 8 months ago

Normal Difficulty

Time: 562 Days

Cure Progress: 54%

Total Score: 14370

ze 9 months ago

this also works on mega-brutal !! :)

mrit 9 months ago

on my first try i completed it with no difficulty and no genes! you habe the best collection of guides for this game ever

ArKeoAito 9 months ago

Work in 617 days!!!! thx dude!!

Sally 9 months ago

Finished in 666 days on the first try! Thank for your tutorial!

joe shmoe 9 months ago

i beat it in 632 days

Your Name 9 months ago

I finished in 508 days and my cure was at 55%! I've been stuck on Nano-Virus for the longest time, thank you for this!!

Gelik 9 months ago

539 days, cure 35%

George 9 months ago

579 days and 54% cure


Josh 9 months ago

Worked great! I didn't use any genetic upgrades and still won in 536days with 51% cure

Rozack 10 months ago

20% cure!

Ryan W 10 months ago

That was nerve racking I won in 702 days, and the cure was at 59%. Seeing the cure increase as fast as it did annoyed me. But thank you for the help

MIMOMISU 10 months ago

I have no idea how you came up with this tutorial but it worked, amazing.

Well, sorta worked. I missed Caribbean but I managed to get some points in the end to evolve the animal transmission in a desperate hope and it worked! There was only about million people left and I pretty much gave up and then those stupid islands got infected. Awesome

Bossassbitch 10 months ago

502 days 50% cure

David 10 months ago

540 days 19570

Laura 10 months ago

656 days on brutal mode!

Tommy Sweden 11 months ago

567 days, 53% cure

Anonymous 123 11 months ago

Is it possible to make one without using genes. I dont have the genes needed.

Lori 11 months ago

528 days!

Angel Eyes 11 months ago

655 days, Cure at 55%, Total score 11970

Thank you so much! I was stuck on this one for so long!

Tøny 11 months ago

Lol I got 555 days 46% cure

Silas 11 months ago

Thanks, 494 days

joel 11 months ago

nice statagy. couldnt have done it without you! 556 days, god damn

bmk318 11 months ago

This was awesome, only took 630 days

ChinskiChick78 12 months ago

Awesome, thank you!

636 days

56% cure complete

42ndsheep 12 months ago

502 days

Severity at end 146

Legality at end 75

45% cure



Chris 12 months ago

17800 483 days subbed air for water and started in india.

kirbi 12 months ago

699 days! Got it on my first try :) THANK YOU!

Xandania 12 months ago

Day 542 with 49% cure progress / 15520 points.

Thanks a lot for the great tutorial - though I did degress a bit and went quickly for necrosis after building up the resistances :)

A guy 12 months ago

Bees die in a couple dies, humanity dies in 536 ;)

josefine 13 months ago

I didn't have those genetic codes but made it in 591 days, 56% cure and 14970 point.

someone 13 months ago

It took 509 days, cure was 45% complete. First try, thanks so much!

Nita 13 months ago

539 days, 51 percent cure. Thanks, mate!

Damon 13 months ago

Normal Difficulty

566 Days

Cure 47% complete

Score 15,490

Upgraded all but 3 or 4 symptoms by the end, people were dropping like flies:-)

Aspiration 13 months ago

595 days, 56% cure, only the first 3 gene boosts unlocked. The infection overload boost was incredibly effective

pindakaas 010 13 months ago

698 days

65% complete

9579 point

Corey 14 months ago

561 days, 51 % complete. 16,250 pts.

frisbeeorbust 14 months ago

560 days, 58% cure, didn't use any of the genetic mods

TDog19 14 months ago

Took me 769 days using this as a general guide! I kept upping everything once everyone started dying!

Frank 14 months ago

516 Days, 48% complete, 20,350 points. Thanks man.

The Phantom 14 months ago

I did it in 587 days!

GoddessTripp 14 months ago

Worked like a dream thank you so much! 553 days!

TMS 14 months ago

Worked for the xbox version.


Kester135 14 months ago

492 days and 50% cure 17940

brodie 15 months ago

Perfect guide! I had to resort to using a guide after failing four or five times on my own...

I did it in 617 days

Cure 55%

Score 11,160

Josh 15 months ago


I didn't have all of the genetic mutation that you suggested but I did have enough to get the death of humanity on the second try.

56% for cure

579 days for total extinction

12470 score with three plague symbols

Kaz 15 months ago

611 days

Cure 52% complete

Score 12290

First try too, thanks for the help

HarleyQuinn 15 months ago

First go.

587 Days

cure 50% complete

11430 Score


Judas 15 months ago

652 days 60% score 8140

Your Name 15 months ago

Amazing guide

Liew211 15 months ago

488 days, cure 55% complete, score 12560

Erica Taylor profile image

Erica Taylor 15 months ago from New York, NY

first try: 537 days, cure 50%, 14810 points. thank you!

Crysis 15 months ago



50% cure progress

all dead but greenland

Sarah 16 months ago

First try, 581 days 65% cure. Couldn't have done this one without your tutorial. Thank you!!

SS 16 months ago

605 days

58% cure

Score. 11940

3 genes

First try!

PAX-12 16 months ago

DNA Sequence : Complex

Difficulty : Normal

Disease Type : Nano-Virus

Time : 554 days

Cure Progress 38% complete

Score Total : 17630

3 Bio-hazards

First try Thank you so much, Ashleign.

Rei 16 months ago

first try, 679 days, cure 65% complete, score 11270

kenchan 16 months ago

Mega Brutal. 696 days, 94% cure complete, 16420.

Darkomen 17 months ago

477 days with your advice

ddubb 17 months ago

Wow didnt use any genes because i have the free version. Killed everyone in 537 days with only 51 percent cure. This is by far the fastest wish i could have used genetic codes would be even more rediculous... ur methods are so incredibly fast dont know how u figure it out!?!? This one is supposed to.take longer but killed everyone so fast. Thanks!!!

Julie 17 months ago

I didnt have any boosters

On my first try:

488 days

Research 46% complete

Score 19440

Youre awesome!

deyoung99 17 months ago

521 days, 49% cure, 16860, 3 stars. Didn't have all the mutations you referenced, so subbed in some different ones.

Karmen Bot 17 months ago


734 days

no codes

61% cure

Thank you soo much

would not have been able to do without you :D

Harry Hart 18 months ago

512 days

mememememe 18 months ago

Nearly worked but couldn't infect greenland

Darth Plagueis 18 months ago

Excellent tip.

886 days

Fordham 18 months ago

Time: 560 days

Cure progress: 56%

Score: 15,740

The most kills I had in one day was 410, 000

I also took screenshots of my symptoms if anyone wants to see what I had.

Daniela 18 months ago

578 days, cure 53%, 16850 :D!! thank you!

Gaby 18 months ago

578 days. Hehehehe.

Lambzz 18 months ago

584 days

41% cure

16910 pts

no genes

but will it work on Brutal?

Gabriel 18 months ago

568 days, thank you, it worked like a charm.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 18 months ago from Alabama Author

It seems to work for others. Try the youtube video.

tim 18 months ago

It took me 611 days

Shade 19 months ago

This guide is crap, tried 2 times doesn't work

Reverend Benzo 19 months ago

653 days, Cure Progress 53% complete

Jhoward 19 months ago

553 days, cure at 55%

Love it

kitsun 19 months ago

also no genetics used

kitsun 19 months ago

522 days

cure 49%

it was marvelous

stratum 19 months ago

567 days without your help since it was useless because I haven't bought how to beat it Iceland and add birds,water,medicine and your set

T.R 19 months ago

603 days without any genetic codes!

Always find your strategy to be the best - thank you very much =)

Shane again 19 months ago

Forgot to say I got 17k score. 40% complete forgot to say that last second, I bought the last 2 unique upgrades that wasn't in the step by step and it shot the cure from 54 to 40% just before victory. And i had all 6 middle symptoms upgraded. (Since it said pick your own) I devolved all non lethal symptoms

shane 19 months ago

Mine only took 560. I have screenshots, no genetic boosts... idk how... I used your walk through step by step. And it just infected fast. I haven't bought the game.

_nomad 19 months ago

580 day, cure 54%, first time thanks after about a week of trying

Brandon 19 months ago

Only took 583 days with cure at 53% using cytochrome surge, terocyte, and xerophile genetic modifiers

Martin 19 months ago

696 days First try. Thanks!!

Edward 19 months ago

579 days cure 54% and score of 11850 on first try. many thanks

KDM 19 months ago

Thank you soooooo much. You never fail. I beat this on first try with no genetic boosts and within 593 days. You are awesome. Keep it up.

Melly Mel 19 months ago

Followed it to a T. 586 days 55% cure completion. TY!!!!! :-D

watdatsun 20 months ago

did it in 501 days with 52% cure completion

Fireflick 20 months ago

It took me 561 days on the first try and I didn't use and genetic code modifications. Thank you very much.

May 20 months ago

539 days!!! Your guides are the BEST.

Maher Najjar 20 months ago

First time in 594 days with only 3 out of 5 genes and 53% cure. You are really amazing. Do you figure these out by trial and error or is there some particular reasoning behind choosing for example brazil v india like the last level. I think this level is pretty intimidating because at only 100 milion people the world is pouring resources into the cure but then cure research slows a whole lot :P Thanks for the guide

Ryan Henk 20 months ago

610 days

60% cure

11000 or so points.

thanks so much. All of your strategies are amazing

Lrxx 20 months ago

55 days

56 % complete cure


Aly 20 months ago

Thanks it worked awesomely.

544 days

Cure 52% complete

16170 total score

Ominous 20 months ago

618 days!

Kathrina Cruz profile image

Kathrina Cruz 20 months ago from Swansea, Illinois

Thanks for this tutorial! I finished in 495 days with a score of 21330. Your tutorials are great!

XYZ 20 months ago

582 days holy s**t! Even sometimes being sceptic your walkthroughs were never wrong (maybe some miscalculations, about 1 or 2 points). I completed this one extremely fast even while being scared that they know about me from start and i couldn't modify my starting DNA! This stuff is great! Thanks!

Nina 20 months ago

666 days without using the beginning genes with 60% cure progress 12420 points

Emma 20 months ago

Didn't use any genes

588 days

51% cure progress

13570 points

Epsrrior 20 months ago

With no genes I made it in 489 days with 49% cure.

Im so happy right now because I also made Prion and that was your only tutorial that didn't work, but I got it fast, really don't know how, I learned a lot of your tutorials.

Thanks a lot!

Eneficus 20 months ago

579 Days Cure: 58% And I didn't use your reccomended genes

Josée 20 months ago

DNA sequence: Conplex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease type: Nano-Virus

Time: 624 days

Cute progress: 57%

Score total: 11100

Thank you so much

Blahblah 21 months ago

Took 666 day. How fitting.

meeko 21 months ago

50% cure 538 days first try!

Andy 21 months ago

Spectacular! Worked perfectly the first time, thank you so much.

Me 21 months ago

502 days! thanks

Yoeri 21 months ago

I did it in 587 days!!! Thanks for the guide

Nikki 21 months ago

took me 526 days cure progress 50%

Luke 21 months ago

565 days! Thanks

Fabienne 21 months ago

It took me 631 days, with cure progress 56 % on normal setting and on the first try. My score was 13420.

Thank you! You are awesome! I love you!

Annie 21 months ago

528 days, 18 030 score! awesome, thanks a lot.

Chas1808 21 months ago

539 days 16040 thank you so much been trying to beat this for 6 months

jono 21 months ago

its took 587 day,thanks

BanterBug 21 months ago

446 days!

Doug 21 months ago

424 days first try

Kyle 21 months ago

500 days!

Nate 21 months ago

I got 557! Great video.

Anna 21 months ago

414 days on my first try.

Ben K. 21 months ago

On my first try it took me 500 days exactly!

Communist America 21 months ago

Took me 730 days to win got 3 bio hazard level and was my first try using this guide. Cure progress was 54%

McUniter 21 months ago

Hey dude in real time took me 20-50 min to beat it 1st try and the games days 500 something thanks dude

Nasty 21 months ago

Wow. I beat only in 400 days. Real work. Thanks for the guide. But Do you play Five night at freddy's 2??? If yes tell me how to beat 6th night? I always died because of Foxy..!!!!! T_T

Ace 21 months ago

503 days 18730 beat it first try

Steve 21 months ago

543 days with genes with score of 16450

Kelc 21 months ago

Took me 487 days in the first try! Thanks!

Canny 21 months ago

569 days :)))

twisted44 21 months ago

685 days

thank you so much!

Hellreject 21 months ago

Fantastic guide, managed to wipe everyone out in 537 days on my first try on Normal. 13200 points, cure 57%. I think I got lucky with a couple of genetic mutations, which saved me a couple of DNA points.

KNT 21 months ago

481 Days

spectreSD 21 months ago

This was a great guide. On my first try with this it took me only 555 days to wipe the slate clean. I got lucky with a massive bird migration (so I took Bird 2 instead of Insect 2 like the guide suggested), and that really sped things up a bit.

Robert 21 months ago

617 days

noname 21 months ago

576 days, first try. Cure 57%, score 14,000. Awesome tut :D

Sam 21 months ago

544 days

Gen. Syams 21 months ago

550 days, cure 52% without Genetic Code

Kayabunga 21 months ago

damn nano-virus is damn hilarious to play. Thanks for the guide, I was shocked first because the research went so fast, got'em in 635 days :)

Tana Yelverton 21 months ago

578 Days and 15350 points on the first try!

Jack 21 months ago

587 days on first try :) thanks

Jenn 22 months ago

Haven't unlocked the game so I couldn't use boosters. Followed your instructions to the letter. Killed off the world in 530 days. Didn't need to devolve anything. First try. Thanks!

Thatdarnkat 22 months ago

567 days!

LRAndrade 22 months ago

538 days

Score 16460

Good stuff!

plaguedoctor 22 months ago

544 days score is 13190

DaFool 22 months ago

550 days and the total score 15370

Janny Valentine 22 months ago

First try. Genes used: ATP Boost, Teracyte, Ionised Helix, Darwinist.

748 days, cure 66%, total score was 15020.

Your guides are HELLA awesome! Thank you for making them!

HK 22 months ago

My nano - virus, just wiped out the world in 609 days. Cure progress stalled at 53% and the total score was 10580.

Annie Lyon 22 months ago

It took me 462 days to wipe out humanity on my first try. Thank you for the tutorial!

rafaelleo 22 months ago


567 days on first try!

Cure 58%

Score 12.510

Chris 22 months ago

570 days! With cure 51% complete. 16140 points.

Meg 22 months ago

639 days :)

22 months ago

591 days with cure at 68%.

Total score: 10760

22 months ago

Beat it first try with 637 days with the cure at 56%.

I didn't use any genes though, so this walk through is real good. :)

Tobias Kronow 22 months ago

Time: 599 Days

Cure: 62%

Score Total: 11920

Last part was unnecessary,

But, I had a bit of struggle early game, but mid-game, DNA-points was running into my account, and just ran into evolving the whole Drug Resistance substance and then i just took the symptoms which increased infectivity, and then the whole world just took a spin, and got infected VERY quickly.

Then I just took the deadly symptoms.

Sam 22 months ago

Victory on first try.

Time: 623 Days

Cure Progress: 55%

Score Total: 11420 22 months ago

591 days, first try. Started in India with cure advancing to only 49%.

Elle 22 months ago

708 days - without the genetic modifications (I haven't bought the game yet) Your guides are fantastic!!! Thank you SO much! ^_^

Velly 22 months ago

553 Days!

50% complete cure

score 13050

ATP Boost



melli 22 months ago

515 days!!! First try with your method after way too many tries of my own method. 18090 points, you rock!

jeremy 22 months ago

558 days!!! THANK YOU!

Meagan 22 months ago

532 days. I started off with using your tutorial, then I kind of went nuts and evolved like everything. (: Thanks!

thatguy4211 22 months ago

547 days

Jason 22 months ago

515 Days 14,360 48%cure

No genetic manipulation

I got lucky with the points to spend and an extreme bird migration event which got greenland (the last country to be infected) and basically wiped out all of Russia, and then lucky again with a 'lethal' cure

spot on tutorials

Razvan 22 months ago

559 Days, no genetic things that u buy, only free-gaming.

Joe shmo 22 months ago

549 Noice thank you

Cata 22 months ago

Hi man , it took me 812 days and they went with the cure to 89%...I thought I am going to fail but in the end they starting dying like 200 mils a day and the research stopped. I saw u work in IT do I ...I would very much like if we could have a chat is my address ...send me a sign whenever u have time !

Thank you for the nice tutorials !

kaan 22 months ago

Great guide. I follow every step. 586 days 13560 points. Thank you so much.

James 22 months ago

516 day (15580). Thank you!

Pablo 22 months ago

Oh yeah, used Ionized Helix as well.

Pablo 22 months ago

Worked like a charm! Finished in 503 days (15,930). Started in Saudi Arabia instead and had Xerophile, ATP Boost, Creationist, and Aerocyte.

Frosty 22 months ago

Well I kept trying over and over and decided to look for some help.. But it seems like every time i first start they find it, and by the time im five minutes in they are at 90% for the cure...

Eoin 22 months ago

Thank you. Various bits of code, normal mode.

549 days.

15500 points

50% cure.

Thomas 22 months ago

Wow! This worked amazingly! Thank you! I beat it in 667 days.

Tamara 22 months ago

I managed in my 1st try... it was easy to do... i just followed the guide word for word...

524 days

50% cured

15900 points

*** (3stars)

Peyton 22 months ago

714 days, which i find sorta funny because July 14th is my burthday and it was 714 days. yeah. lame. oh well. the tutorial was still very helpful. thanks!

diabloll 22 months ago

455 days, used ionised helix, aerocyte, cytochrome surge

JC 22 months ago

1st try, 480 days, 14060

Virus 22 months ago

I've tried using the ATP boost combined with photo-stasis to buy the cure abilities quickly. I was very aggressive evolving lots of infectious symptoms and using total organ failure before the world is fully infected. I've also used drug immunity and it infected Canada, Sweden, Greenland and other countries which are usually hard to infect in a few days. I've finished brutal on 442 days with 52% cure research but failed to beat mega brutal near the end because I couldn't afford evolving lethal symptoms (total organ failure had a cost of 77 DNA)

dave 22 months ago

613 days for 13610 points

cindy 22 months ago

641 first try. these are beautiful guides. never would have thought of half this stuff.

Jay 22 months ago

536 days. Thanks!

win 22 months ago

568 days, 52%, 16020, thanks!

Jeff 23 months ago

614 days! 11590 score.

Will 23 months ago

Awesome guide. 659 days with 10450 score on the first try.

Jared 23 months ago

492 days.


Amanda 23 months ago

612 days. 55% cure. Score 14500. First try, no genetic modifiers.


Alper 23 months ago

643 days

12520 score

Cure 61%

tel 23 months ago

564 days!

Jackie 23 months ago

544 days. 1st try. 58% cure. 12730 score :)

Michael 23 months ago

595 days and 11850 points! Cheers mate, awesome toturial!

Demonai 23 months ago

595 days, 15450 points

alex 23 months ago

577 Days and 14700 points on the first try, thanks a lot!

Lucy 23 months ago

671 days, 63% cure progress on my first attempt. Thanks bruh!

Luis 23 months ago

498 days, no genes, 50% cure. Wow. Just wow.

Carla 23 months ago

580 days first go, woohoo

dem 23 months ago

554 days

Rotsanjani 23 months ago

It worked!

840 days!


MMrunyan 23 months ago

532 Days

er0shima 23 months ago

517 days, no genes used. Great tutorial, TY!!!

Zack 23 months ago

Thanks :)

Time :534 days

Cure: 49%

Score: 17590

kim 23 months ago

Took me 531 days

tristan kendall 23 months ago

474 days

44% cure


Jordon 23 months ago

551 days with no genetic boosts

Ashley Halbot 23 months ago

On normal: 578 days, first try without any gene changes (I don't have the full version of the game). Cure 55% complete with a score of 14320

Demi 23 months ago

761 Days, no codes and a score of 10490

joe 23 months ago

577 days. First try. Cure at 53%

Katie 23 months ago

657 days, cure 62% complete... on the first try! Thanks!!

Lydia 23 months ago

493 days with some genetic codes. Thanks a bunch!

Becky 23 months ago

Thanks! I was stuck on it for about a week. This helped me do it on my first time of using this strategy. Did it in 577 days

Pedro 23 months ago

602 days!

Kaylee 23 months ago

Took me 605 days. Killed everyone on the first try. Thank you so much for making this tutorial.

BloodF4ctor 23 months ago

610 Days

Cure 56% complete

Score: 12820

Haslev 23 months ago

518 days :)

julie 23 months ago

595 days! I didn't use any of the codes. So it can be done :)

firdaus 23 months ago

593 days

55% cure

Rubster 23 months ago

I maneged to do it in 490 days ;) just with other gens on my DNA

Bridget 23 months ago

I subbed air instead of insect 2 and destroyed the world in 630 days. I love your guides. I can usually figure out the way to win but the zombie one and the simian threw me off.

Alecvykos 23 months ago

Disease Type: Nano-Virus

457 Days

Cure: 46%

Score: 17370


Cytochrome Surge




Korry 24 months ago

I used only a couple of the suggested genes, and I got it on my first try! Thanks for the helpful tutorial!

534 Days

55% Complete

11880 Points

Kira Foster 24 months ago

Whoops, got my points amount and days mixed up. Took me 621 days, not 10983, my bad XD

Kira Foster 24 months ago

Took me three tries, the last two with your guide. I remember the first time I played this game, it took me FOREVER to freakin figure this stupid thing out. I don't remember how I eventually did it.

The first time I used your guide, I would've won, but freakin New Zealand was holding out on me! Almost happened the second time too, with Greenland, but I managed to make it succumb.

In the end, it was 10983 days total, with the cure research panning out around 66% or so. Thanks so much for your help!! I definitely would've been battling this for days or weeks again otherwise!

MZ 24 months ago

Renegade destroyed humanity in 624 days (17,400 points). You're the best Ashleign!!

Boy of Silence 24 months ago

Cure-50% 581 Days Score-19430

World killer 24 months ago

617—11280—first try!

Em 2 years ago

My Nano-Virus, called Marshy, just wiped out the world in 638 days! I could kiss you! You are awesome!!! :)

Lucy 2 years ago

692 days with no genetic codes! And on the first try!

Tony 2 years ago

741 days.

No genetic codes.

SitchBlap 2 years ago

It took me 673 days with wealthy countries putting up quite a fight

Brandon 2 years ago

579 hell yea... That was easy I started in Madagascar

mon nicolas 2 years ago

Finished it with 602 days without genetic upgrades. On my first try. Cure stopped at 53%. And points are 12060. Thanks.

Michael 2 years ago

664 days on the first try with a few altered genetic upgrades as I didn't have the exact ones you mentioned!

Cressell 2 years ago

608 days without the nice perks, thanks!

Morgan 2 years ago

Got it on first try with no genetic upgrades. Took me 809 days and gave me 8740 points

Gosiarek 2 years ago

526 days, cure 46%, 16 210 total score.

Greetings :D

mrs.frith 2 years ago

took me 813 days cure at 69% total score 8760

Grendel444 2 years ago

A win on first try without genetic codes.

719 days, 68% cure completion and a score of 8940

dk 2 years ago

Really helped!!! Won in 705 days with 62% cure

Gavenitis 2 years ago

685 Days! Thanks for the help! First try no genetic codes either.

Armageddon1990 2 years ago

Followed the tutorial exactly (except without and genetic modifiers, because I haven't bought the game yet) and won in 1007 days with the cure 70%. Total score is a miserable 5340, but at least it was a win!

SashaHans 2 years ago

718 days with 12270 points

DBusstacap 2 years ago

Worked like a champ.... 706 days

ZeTa 2 years ago

530 Days! WOOT WOOT!! first try to haha. Cure 53% on normal

wyrishman 2 years ago

I didn't have all the gene mutations to start but it still worked perfectly! Nailed it in 789 days score of 14,340.

Thank you!!

Gamriel 2 years ago

Thanks a lot^^

Towards the end, when people are getting infected really fast, I liked popping up the Necrosis symptom. Since fever gives some lethality to the disease, it helped to spread it faster, to murder everyone^^

Sam 2 years ago

Do you really need to use the genes to do the level

Johnny P 2 years ago

668 days first try! Thanks for your guides, they're awesome!

Luriam 2 years ago

571 days, thank you!

Kristi 2 years ago

Only took 659 days. And the cure was 68% complete. You're amazing. Thank you!

go pack go 2 years ago

749 days even though missing modifiers. All your tutorials are awesome! Thanks breh

Taylor 2 years ago

I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!! I didn't have any of the modifiers or whatever they are called, but on my first try, using this guide, starting in Brasil, I beat it 1515 days. Thank you so very freaking much!

Emma 2 years ago

430 days starting in India

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Thanks for the comment!

Kat 2 years ago

831 days, 75% completion for cure. Thanks!

tiur 2 years ago

Hey bro i follow your tips, and it work!

But in this case (nano), i can't insert my gene, and it so hard.

Any other tips?

meggen 2 years ago

713 days and 34% cure added water 2 too the mix and insomnia and paranoi symptoms to slow down the cure.

kefoo 2 years ago

No genetic upgrades.

671 days, 64% cure progress.

AngelDarkSpirit 2 years ago

With no genetic upgrades, it took me 710 days, 70% cure progress and 3/5 bio-hazards. Thank you so much for the walk through. I wonder if it will work on the brutal level as well?

germanfeco 2 years ago

thanks for the help! I didn't use genetic upgrades. Destroyed humanity in 924 days.

chase 2 years ago

This is my first try, did it in 740 days, with no genetic upgrades, thanks for your help

Mandrake 2 years ago

647 days and 61% cure.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Good stuff!

Cyn 2 years ago

872 days

Dan 2 years ago

I did it in 589 days 16160 points

Louise 2 years ago

Took me 819 days with 3 genetics codes on my first try. I actually though I would have to repeat everything when total organ failure did not appear.

Carter 2 years ago

It took me 708 days, so basically I fictionally died a fewfew days before my high school graduation

Lucas 2 years ago

Thanks gal, you're awesome.

Brandon 2 years ago

Dude thanks it worked first try. 717 days.

Jim 2 years ago

completed in 661 days with a score of 14380

Some girl 2 years ago

649 days with my first try. Thank you for the tutorial!

Gabe 2 years ago

I'm still working I'm kinda of new to the game but your steps have worked from level one to nano virus I'm on the forth try I hope I do it now

Jason 2 years ago

awesome work took 731 days for me

dominiquelv 2 years ago

It's works !!! :D i kill everyone in 578 days with 55% cure progress and 13270 total points. Awesome :)

RYAN 2 years ago

702 days, none of the genetic codes, thanks so much this has been bugging me for a while.

bulaien 2 years ago

677 days, first try, no boost. All becoz of ur awesome tutorial

Lin 2 years ago

I did it on the first try! I might have taken longer cause I let the disease infect the remaining people for a longer time. After that I gained a lot more about 50+ DNA so I just let my disease run wild and it mutated several times too. I didn't modify the genetic code cause I don't have the full version. I took 770 days, but I'm always slower at this game anyway haha. Thank you so much for your help! Btw, I always devolve transmissions to get DNA after everyone is infected for extra symptoms. Do you do that too? It doesn't seem to have affect my killing at all.

Cass 2 years ago

Ebola destroyed the world in a matter of 621 days.

Eric 2 years ago

615 Days following tutorial almost perfectly.

Jay 2 years ago

It only took me 714 days. Thx chillybilly!!!

Reed 2 years ago

647 days

Naheu 2 years ago

Attempt n°1

545 Days

49% Cure Progression

15400 Score

logan 2 years ago

678 days

GT 2 years ago

First Attempt:

553 Days

53% Cure Progress

16050 Score

Ken Oath 2 years ago

711 days 12090 score. First attempt.

Smoke 2 years ago

886 days. Took me awhile too cuz no dna upgrades. And a couple times only 1 country would be left uninfected. First time I got all all countries infected, it was game over. Great tutorial!

Kellie 2 years ago

Took me 766 days to wipe out everyone! Awesome tutorial....

tasha 2 years ago

The first time I played I didn't use your tut. I tried on my own then my gf tried. Then we tried your tut for this one and ended the world in 720 days

Hannah 2 years ago

857 days! Thank you so much I've been struck on this level for a month!

Chuse 2 years ago

719 days.

johnj001 2 years ago

Thanks a lot 715 days and 13900 points on my first try!

Krian 2 years ago

Stupid Greenland.

aj 2 years ago

826 days!!! Love your walk throughs!!!!

Andy 2 years ago

I can't find encryption breached anywhere

bw972 2 years ago

12670 score

693 Days

66% Cure

HBVII 2 years ago

If you get the genes manipulated do you restart?

Rafael 2 years ago

I've made it in 757 days. Cure at 69%.

CtrlFreak1337 2 years ago

PERFECT. Got it in 658 days. I wonder if I could get exactly 358 on casual... I'd name the disease "nonbeing" or something like that XD

HBVII 2 years ago

Took 529 days and cure was at 41% score was 4710

fishter 2 years ago

Took me 626 days....thanks for the walkthrough ...worked like a charm

nednapalm 2 years ago

Time: 526 Cure: 49% Normal Total Score: 11180

tiboto 2 years ago

Thnx i did it in one time bit the cure was at 85% it took 1301 days

Lyndne 2 years ago

thanks for the guide, took me 560 days - scored 16990 points - cure stopped at 51%

nina 2 years ago

700 days, thank you!!

TheCockroach 2 years ago

Ok correction, I was still able to finish successfully! Idk how though..

This screenie shows how far ahead "the cure" was before it was actually noticed haha..

TheCockroach 2 years ago

Err.. WHELP.. idk if I'll be able to do this level or not, even WITH your tutorial lmfao.. Seems that I've well... ran into a little bug, or so it would seem.. I didn't even get started hardly, and turns out they are already working on a cure, even before it had infected a 2nd person..

And it hasn't even "been noticed" yet apparently either haha...!!! Maybe I'll toy around with it a bit more, and try other starting countries instead.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Sakura 2 years ago

Worked like a charm. 703 days. Had to devolve when I mutated tumors though. Killing everyone too fast.

Kaitlyn 2 years ago

took me 785 days. THANKS!

Alex 2 years ago

Took me 757 days and got 11950 first go

KJ 2 years ago

1193 but I have no genetic codes either, and I had to add in/tweak some transmissions because the first time I did this, I killed off the world except for the 55000 Greenlanders. They are hard to kill! Thank you so much! This was a difficult one! I used your parasite walk through as well, and you ROCK!

PlaugeMan 2 years ago

Got it first time with no genetic mods and a few of my own modifications to your tutorial.


Approximaal 2 years ago


DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Nano-Virus

Time: 584 days

Cure Progress: 56% complete

Score Total: 13120

paige 2 years ago

Thank you so much. 593 days. Cure was 62 and total was 12,510.

Jack 2 years ago

Can you beat it with out genes?

Noname 2 years ago

1389 days

Abbi 2 years ago

Only took m 602 days! Thank you!

Neil De Vian profile image

Neil De Vian 2 years ago from Kuching, Malaysia

Complete and i won, thank for the guide

Now i want to challenged the brutel mode

Please make the butel mode?

Juan 2 years ago

540 days / Normal / Cure progress 60% / Genetic complexity : Complex / Total score 19870

First try with your technique/tutorial :)

Thanks !

Mewtic 2 years ago

706 days

Raina 2 years ago

620 days!

Rob 2 years ago

612 days first try. Good job.

jinglz 2 years ago

I love starting in Saudi Arabia, the air travel goes nearly everywhere

amberrrr 2 years ago

It took me 630 days

Ryan 2 years ago

15,590 and it took 588 days.

Sylvain Raymond 2 years ago

Difficulty: Normal

Score: 7050

Days: 1045

Cure: 75%

Not bad considering I have no genetic stuff yet.

Thanks a lot! I was getting cured like crazy before on that Nano-Virus dude

Jaq518 2 years ago

I can't thank you enough for this tutorial and all the other ones you have posted. It saved my sanity and I have even been successful on some of the early diseases on brutal. I hope you keep going with these helpful, no b.s. tutorials.

mae 2 years ago

614 days

Firestarx 2 years ago

Actually the guide you made for bacteria works for everything exactly up till u hit nanobots... Just letting u know

EddieCase 2 years ago

675 days, thanks! Failed time after time until I found this tutorial, then got it first try :) Excellent job - thanks!!

josh 2 years ago

719 days

redeamer 2 years ago

576 days. First try

Roos 2 years ago

631 days on the first try! :D

jessi 2 years ago

Following your suggestions, 2nd try, 604 days. !!!!!!

gaya 2 years ago

no genes used, started in africa, cure reached 66% and my score is 9590 and i destroyed humanity in 733 days, awesome thank you so much ashleign!

Lalien 2 years ago

738 days on first try; no genes

Andreas 2 years ago

718 days

Sand.River.125. 2 years ago

Woah, 430 days. I didn't have most of the genetic gene-y things, so I thought it would take 600+ days, but it seriously turned out WAY better. Thanks a lot! :D

aaa 2 years ago

685 ya

kate.. yey 2 years ago

First try with out any gene modification... i don't have any 669 days or something... thanks... nano virus name btw is byEarth

Ash 2 years ago

629 days, Cure 59% complete, and score 14590. With no genes. Thank you so much!

Einar 2 years ago

882 days, 96 percent cure, 17800 points, no genes.

Thanks a lot!

Ash 2 years ago

Woot! 674 days - Thanks :^)

Helen 2 years ago

668 days, 57% cure and 12600 score, yeah! :D

CZ88 2 years ago

639 first try

Invy 2 years ago

Took me 699 days with no genes at second try. Great tutorial thank you for the help!!

Dave Plague 2 years ago

547 days, 22730 score, normal, 49% cure progress.

Ferreiro 2 years ago

First try without the use of genes! :D

737 days

66% Cure

11060 Score

Thanks, your guides really help me out a lot!

Rain 2 years ago

Thank you so much... by following your guide i make it just 1 run for the first time!!.. without any gene codes too!!

Completed in:

735 Days

66% Cure

10380 Score

Normal, Complex DNA

Aaron 2 years ago

This worked AWESOMELY with slightly different genetic codes. I tried a few times on my own and finally did a search and found your tutorials. I spent two weeks on the Fungus stage, didn't want to do the same with this one, and it was heading down that direction. You're awesome! Thanks!

James 2 years ago

688 days. Thank you. I would never make it without your tutorial.

Nova Beast 2 years ago

I did it without using the genetic codes, the first time.. Nove Beast is me

Nove Beast 2 years ago

i finished the nano virus in (704 Game Days) and (14000)

i am very thankful of your tutorials :)

Nuno 2 years ago

Took me 801 days 12890.

Rey 2 years ago

743 days on the first try. no genes. wonderful!

Deb 2 years ago

1st try!!! ...after reading your walkthrough :). 728 days, no added genes at the start, got worried towards the end because the rest of the world was almost infected except Greenland! But at like 70% cure finally hit, waited until works was infected, had about 130 points to spend and killed them all :). Thank you very much for your help.

Tae 2 years ago

That was so much easier thank you so much. I finished in 716 days with the cure only at 60% complete. I have been trying to do this level for months so glad i looked at this.

Dan 2 years ago

903 days, cure 83%...shite score but with no genes.

Chris 2 years ago

623 days, first try. 12420 score. had to use different base genes as I didn't have the ones listed.

Stan 2 years ago

Rock, damned autocorrect. Also, I used no gene mods.

Stan 2 years ago

705 days, 11990. You Rick!

Marc 2 years ago

639 days thanks

Rowlf74 2 years ago

Your tutorial was a great help but I tweaked a few things.

Started in India and used:

Cytochrome surge, Teracyte, No evolution gene, Darwinist and Extremophile.

I know the outcome depends on what evolves in game but at the end I still had 85 DNA points to rack up the lethality and absolutely decimated the world in 491 days with 44% cure on normal. Final score 19010.

Thanks for your help. Btw your tutorials are the best I have found. Definite return customer!!

Missie sch 2 years ago

643 days. Thanks

Mark Corral 2 years ago

Awesome tutorial. I won in 885 days with no genetic mods on my first try.

Suzanna 2 years ago

I dominated the world in 647 days first try thanks to you! I love your tutorials!

Thank you:)

Brian 2 years ago

670 Days - Score 12960. I failed the first attempt as New Zealand remained uninfected and shut down, but 2nd attempt I won.

Abcde 2 years ago

694 days

68% cure

10330 points

Don't even understand why it worked; don't need to. Thanks!

diplomatti 2 years ago

675 Days. Cure Progress reached 60%

Audiotronic 2 years ago

748 days 59% completion of cure, sequence worked perfect for me, nano virus normal, used cytochrome for extra orange points and i guess cough did not evolve automatically for me because i had to buy it before sneezing

Thanks 2 years ago


Peky 2 years ago

673 days.

Melissa 2 years ago

711 days on my second try. I only had Ionised Helix from the list we were supposed to start with.

MasterShadow87 2 years ago

662 days, 13850 using ATP boost, Aerocyte, Ionised Helix, and Genetic Mimic. Last genetic code had none unlocked. Guide was very helpful with everything else.

Dr.Chaos 2 years ago

632 days, 13850 score


Mytastycupcake 2 years ago

749 days

Score 14300

original bad guy 2 years ago

701 days with no genetic codes

David 2 years ago

Took me 768 days to complete, cure was 71% complete when I killed humanity.

Evan 2 years ago

took me 673 days, cure:58%, score:12620

Kita 2 years ago

Thank u! Worked on my first try. 724 days.

Rob 2 years ago

I got in 546 days

Bongo 2 years ago

678 days, first try, no genetic mods. Nice one!

brandon 2 years ago

651 days. Good write up man

jboz 2 years ago

this tutorial is so perfect, 591 days 58% cure, 12540 no boosts

adventurer 2 years ago

Did it in 508 days with a different initial genetic modification and started in china instead. Thanks! Cure less than 50%.

Matt 2 years ago

720 Days!

Sean 2 years ago

653 days. Thanks for this tutorial, I had been stuck on this for days.

Loong 2 years ago

773 days. Thanks for a great guide.

awsomeo3000 2 years ago

Thank you! 660 days, 10490 @ 61% cured

dhananjaylagwankar 2 years ago

Thanks a ton. Finished off the world in 784 days without add-ons.

Squillium 2 years ago

Killed everyone in 735 days with a few crappy genetic codes~ This was the one I just couldn't beat on my own. Thanks!

hhhgohn 2 years ago

Is there a way to beat this level without getting the pro version?

Sir Anonymous. 2 years ago

Took me just 725 days with a score of 10,710! I didn't even have most of the genes.

Matt 2 years ago

597 Days

54% Cure Complete

16130 Score

Normal difficulty with;

ATP boost


Ionised Helix


Deadlyskye 2 years ago

Killed everyone in 798 days! Thank you

Cure progress - 59% complete

Score 10050

wayne c 2 years ago

914 days, 5580 total, and i used the pause button profusely. i also wasted a lot of time and points shuffling symptoms but i doubt i couldve done it first try without your framing.

Dev4real 2 years ago

It took me 792 days on my first try thx

Sierra 2 years ago

Wiped out humanity in 790 days--first try (with this guide), no genetic modifications...

Nikolai 2 years ago

I wiped out humanity on my first try on 759 days, and got 10970 points! Thanks!

dimattina 2 years ago

I played it again with no starting genes and using a different strategy as posted by Felix on

Felix's general strategy is basically always start in Egypt, focus on Transmission first (only ever evolving Air and Water), evolve Coughing only, then Abilities (Cold 1+2; Drug 1) then once ALL are infected evolve Pneumonia, Pulmonary Fibrosis; Total Organ Failure. Throw in Genetic Hardening and Reshuffle as needed; and later Insomnia, Paranoia, Seizures, Insanity to stop cure research .

It's been used for all plague types on Brutal (there was no Necroa, Apes, etc back in 2012) with a few tweaks for specific plague types like Bio, Nano and Fungus.

This worked for Nano Virus however I ended up with a much lower score: 6020 so in that regard I prefer your strategy :)

Going to play BioWeapon next!

dimattina 2 years ago

713 days, 12570 points, cure progress 70% :)

Genes used: Cytochrome Surge, Creationist, Teracyte, Urbophile, Ionised Helix (I don't have the others)

Alice 2 years ago

This was incredible I was having a hard time, I followed your instructions to the letter and it was so quick and beautiful. Thank you for helping me cause mass hysteria and destroy the world.

Luke 2 years ago

673 days, cure 46% complete, score: 18490

Ashley 2 years ago

693 days. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

Si 2 years ago

559 days 21690 on normal. Excellent tutorial :D

hunter hanson 2 years ago

714 days 10980!!! You're the absolute best! !

ladypleaser 2 years ago

752 days!

austin 2 years ago

662 days

Cure 60 %

Score 11920

aaron 2 years ago

767 great tutorial even if you don't have the genes. Just takes a little longer b uhh t if you follow guide it still work

Zach 2 years ago

650 days

Denise 2 years ago

599 days, thanks!

DrPepper64 profile image

DrPepper64 2 years ago from Springport, Michigan

I thought i was going to fail in the beginning(first time on nano-virus)but i wiped out humanity and i wiped it out in 699 days and the cure 58% and my score on normal was 10290 with no genetic modification Thanks

Sahit 2 years ago

543 days


Stella Cavazos 2 years ago

Wow...this works great. Took me 606 days. Cure was at 53% and my score was 12040. Amazing!!!!

2288countryboy 2 years ago

Thanks man, I been workin on this one for 2 days and did it the very first time with your tutorial. It took me 656 days, that was awesome. Thankyou for taking the time to help others. Much Appreciated

2 years ago

Somehow it works on brutal thanks ashleign

anonym 2 years ago

728 days

cure progress 66%

total score 14740

cobalt 2 years ago

640 days this is awesome

Thank you

Alex Parkes 2 years ago

Thank you so much I completed in 686 days for 13400 score.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Play the other ones on normal again, the genes will unlock.

Will 2 years ago

So I haven't unlocked the game to use the gene and its hard....they start finding a cure when I pick my country to start my infection any help?

yadude 2 years ago

649 days on first try

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Good stuff. Glad it worked for you!

Sue 2 years ago

It worked well even I didn't use the genes written in first part.

Thank you!!

882 days

Score: 6320

Cure : %77

HumanErradicator 2 years ago

Thanks for this -and every other- guide! Been following them since I got stuck, and have never failed while following your guides!

Finished this one in 622 days with the cure at just 54%

Now, to the last one! (I already beat the Simian Flu so I'm just missing the Bio-Weapon now)

nt 2 years ago

688 days! Thanks!

Derek Zero 2 years ago

Six hundred days ; thanks

David Rinaldi 2 years ago

Days - 994

Cure - 87%

Scores - 6220

Not bad enough...

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author


nik 2 years ago

681 days and all wiped out

Blujay 2 years ago

I used this tutorial to beat Nano virus on Mega-Brutal in 645 days! 20645 pts.

daniel 2 years ago

Thanks a lot! Worked pretty well...nano Virus was bugging my ass off...

Red 2 years ago

Urge. So close. Had all the countries....then Greenland closed ports and executed the infected....radical bastards

Wouwer 2 years ago

Took me 794 days

Cure rate 57%

Complex virus; difficulty Normal

Almost all symptoms evolved (darwinist gene implanted)

Score 9170

morgan 2 years ago

795 days

Slosh 2 years ago

Thanks so much! Now on to the next one . . .

Doug 2 years ago

816 days on Brutal score of 14890

Afan 2 years ago

i beat it in 640 days. great guide btw

Ghostwish 2 years ago

Oh well. Beat it. 793 days.

Ghostwish 2 years ago

So how did you get sneezing without getting coughing first?

Dave 2 years ago



681 Days

62% Cured


junior bra 2 years ago

862 days 75% cure

Assassin 2 years ago

627 days 68% cured 11010 score,no genetic codes, used all 6 abilities specific to nanovirus. (The last 1 on ea. path isn't used in tutorial.

Dan 2 years ago

Worked perfect on the first try.

Jian 2 years ago

Days: 657

Score: 13170

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