How to Beat Plague Inc. Prion on Normal

Beating Prion on Normal

This tutorial, while similar to the Virus tutorial I posted, is a little different in the way you go about the game. Please make sure you read the steps carefully and follow them to a T. If you have come this far, you probably know the game pretty well now. Let's get this started!

First things first: you are allowing symptoms to mutate.

  1. Start your virus in South Africa.
  2. Build DNA points to 50.
  3. Get Air Resistance 1.
  4. Get Air Resistance 2.
  5. Get Water Resistance 1.
  6. Get Blood 1.
  7. Build DNA Points to 50.
  8. Get Water Resistance 2.
  9. Get Drug Resistance 1.
  10. Get Heat Resistance 1.
  11. Get Cold Resistance 1.
  12. Build DNA Points to 100.
  13. Get Drug Resistance 2.
  14. Get Heat Resistance 2.
  15. Get Cold Resistance 2.
  16. Get Genetic Hardening 1.
  17. Build your points to 100 or until everyone is infected.
  18. Once you have either reached 100 points or everyone is infected, put points into symptoms leading to Total Organ Failure. Spend your remaining points into anything else that is lethal. Don't worry about the cure. However, if you want you can spend any additional points to slow the cure for a higher score.

Update to Tutorial

I have noticed there being a change in the current tutorial as it stands.

All you have to do is put your additional points into genetic reshuffle 1 and genetic reshuffle 2 to prevent the cure from going 100%

Video: Prion on Normal Walkthrough

Updated: My stats as of 3/27/2014.
Updated: My stats as of 3/27/2014.

About the Author

Ashleign is my alias and a character I play on the internet. I have used this nickname for several years. I have worked in IT for about four years. Before that, I worked as an EMT in EMS. There, I drove the ambulance mostly, but I can say that I was in the room while a life was actually being saved—that was a cool thing to see. Bless our troops, fire, police, and EMS workers they have an incredibly hard job, and I love them with every bit of my heart. Especially the police.

I've been working very hard on these tutorials for you and appreciate any and all feedback you want to provide. Please let me know how you did, I would love to hear from you!

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Comments 124 comments

Sam 5 weeks ago

It never worked for me even i followed the rules☹️

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 6 weeks ago from Alabama Author

Well, I try to approve the comments of people trying to help with alternative solutions. I am glad that DMisteri was able to help you. Special thanks for DMisteri!

Eljay77 6 weeks ago

Didn't work for me solely using Ashleighns (First time Ash's stuff hasn't worked) but with a bit of help from DMisteri post I FINALLY got there! Simply need a bit of patience and a little more hard work.

Thanks guys

Berke 6 weeks ago

Needed last minute medical upgrades

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 7 weeks ago from Alabama Author

They aren't following the directions and blame me for them skipping ahead.. It happens. I know the tutorials work.

Yo 7 weeks ago

I don't know how this doesn't work for some. I followed all your steps for everyone and ow I beat the game lol so either way your tips are amazing and thank you

Berta 2 months ago

Feel bad for cheating a tad... but i cant help it without u an ur amasing tips id still b stuck on bacteria getting my ass kicked by the cure!! Lots of love xxx

ed 2 months ago

I beat the game at 78% cure. I only evolved up to : Air 2, Water 2, Heat Resistance 2, and Cold Resistance 2. Then I evolved ONLY cough and sneezing just to infect everyone. The disease was noticed but the cure progress slowly.

I waited and collected DNA points up to 150 then I evolved symptoms up to TOF, Coma, and Paralysis.

Then you must evolve up to Neural Atrophy 3. Trust me, this slows down the cure progress as it affects the brain of the researchers.

Lastly I work my way up to evolving Genetic Reshuffle 2.

Game is finished and a success.

Shinobigarth 2 months ago

works, but you HAVE to devolve all transmission stuff (including the abilities that deal with infectivity) once everyone is sick, and stay on top of the cure at the end, getting Genetic Reshuffles as soon as you can. basically at the end put everything into Reshuffles, TOF, Coma, Paralysis and i did Seizures also. devolve everything else including the symptoms used to get to TOF, Coma, etc to give you more points for the Reshuffles.

worth noting i also had the one gene mod that gives you 4 points for a devolve, and i just barely made it, so i almost feel like that mod is pretty necessary.

Janie 3 months ago

i've followed this five times now and it doesn't work

Janie 3 months ago

never worked, the cure got to 100%

mucholoco 3 months ago

Hi! Did you mean Air Transmission for (3-4) and Water Transmission for (5,8)?

LeeLee 3 months ago

once all was infected, I devolved all transmissions, heat, cold, and rash. Evolved genetic shuffle and this triggered enough points to keep coming in so I increased legality/harder to cure symptoms and it work with 96% to cure

Jo 3 months ago

This also works for parasite. Whoops.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 4 months ago from Alabama Author

Oddly enough I am working on a Brutal Santa's little helper..

aftrprzn 4 months ago

I've beaten all the regular scenarios on easy, normal, and brutal; I can't beat any of them on mega-brutal.

Also, I can't beat "Santa's Little Helper" on brutal.

Would love some help on these, please.

Thanks in advance.

firox 4 months ago

put tutorials about senerios

JonDon 4 months ago

@chuck - as someone who has followed every detail to a T and still failed, I feel compelled to say that in a game like Plague which is so full of and so dependent upon variables and endless permutations, it doesn't really matter what strategy you follow or how closely you adhere to it - there will always be the possibility of undesirable outcomes. Just like in real life. This is certainly not a knock on the author's strategies. I am very grateful for his input and help as well as those here who also have offered their variations and walkthrus in the comments.

Thanks to everyone.

harms 4 months ago

at the end it completely stopped giving me DNA points so I couldn't fight the cure

chuck 5 months ago

Ive used all your tutorials thusfar and i have to say they work A+ 100%. Users complaining of defeat must not be following the tutorial to a T like you suggest...... Thanks for your hard work!

DMisteri 5 months ago

First and foremost Devolve all Symptoms

Follow the first 11 steps in the tutorial except when you get to step 6 use Livestock 1 not blood 1 since the biggest disaster that came from Prion was Mad Cow Disease.

Use Cold Resistance 2 to completely infect the world and in the process while you wait build up your points you will need them.

Once the world is totally infected start adding Symptoms starting with Insomnia and working your way up the middle to Organ Failure. Add remaining points to Bird 1.

The Cure will rise however as your points build add them to Genetic Reshuffle 1,2,and 3 by this time the Cure will stop and the world will be 90% dead. I hope this help and have fun wiping out the world you sick individuals

noirp 6 months ago

it work! while there's so many cures i was like don't care about the cures

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 6 months ago from Alabama Author

The video and the tutorial are accurate. Don't get ahead of the tutorial it's designed to take long.

theanubisdragon 6 months ago

did every thing in video defeat in under 2 mins wtf

Wesbest 7 months ago

I had everyone infected with no symptoms,and then built up to total organ failure,but the cure was made crazy fast. How do I slow to cure.?

Andrei 7 months ago

I killed all the people finishing with 0 DNA points and 99% of cure. :)

Jessica 7 months ago

Followed this exactly. I found that the cure was quickening which seemed to be a common issue and I didn't have enough for Genetic Reshuffle 2 so then I devolved my Heat, Cold, Blood, Air, Water and received 2 DNA points for each that helped me with the Reshuffle. The DNA points automatically rose and within seconds I had enough points to keep assigning symptoms and then eventually the cure stopped at 83%.


I was stuck on this one for a longgggggg time.

nikolas 8 months ago

it did not work, i followed the tutorial step by step, there is 500k people left in the world and they invent the cure at an astonishing rate

Lizzy 8 months ago

This didn't work for me. I read the comments before starting my first playthrough of prion, and seeing as how so many people found that this tutorial didn't work out for them, I opted to devolve any symptom mutations until all of my countries were infected, so that I would have a head start once it got noticed. Aside from that, I followed the tutorial "to the T" and even though everyone was infected by the time I evolved total organ failure, the cure still beat me before I managed to kill off more than almost 1/3 of the world population.

I love your tutorials and this is the only one that hasn't worked for me thus far. Perhaps you should revamp it entirely seeing as how so many people found that it did not work for them? Regardless thank you for your helpful posts!

Tanner 8 months ago

this worked on normal, but not brutal

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 9 months ago from Alabama Author

I'll re-work it and see what I come up with thanks for the feedback

PlagueRat 9 months ago

Followed this tutorial to the "T" 5 times in a row, each time the result was the same.. Cure happens before 50% eradication of population.

Plague inc. Evolved 9 months ago

It works

Undyne 10 months ago

Work! i get DNA points Faster!

Rozack 10 months ago

1.Start in Saudi Arabia

2.Don't let Lethality Way Up!

3.follow Asgleign

4.have fun!

Lol 10 months ago

Worked like a charm, thanks!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 10 months ago from Alabama Author

Wow, haven't had this kind of comment for a while. I remember following up on this tutorial just the other day and it worked perfectly. Did you follow the tutorial exactly?

Maddy 10 months ago

100% cure before even Canada got completely infected! Didn't work

Dararith 10 months ago

Following this exactly literally only allowed me to kill about 500 million people, maximum. Otherwise, cure would be able to surface before then.

Staci 11 months ago

Dude i ended up eradicating myself because greenland didn't infect faster than they died.... I'm pissed...

A=Unknown 12 months ago

Treat the disease as a Bacteria not as a virus. It will help. Or Simply don't let the symptons mutate.No need to go to Heat Resistance 2, keep it at 1,but get the cold resistance at 2. Use Rodents instead of Blood.

42ndsheep 12 months ago

i had to change this to make it work, but good baseline i guess (I won with 96% cure and no more genetic reshuffles, immensely close game, the cure had actually gotten to 99% when i was able to reshuffle lol)

Pinkie Pie 13 months ago

Add loved it.

Won on my 1st try.

Terry 13 months ago

I had almost all symptoms and the cure hadn't even started but it still caught up in the end. This is a bad tutorial.

Karl 14 months ago

Start in egypt- 2 port 1 airport

Get heat resistance 1, then drug reaistance 1 (egypt will spread to saudi,, US, and Spain/UK) then get cold resistance. At the same time get water and air transmission only. Dont use any others since its detectable. Devolved any symptom mutated. Do not let any sympton exist until all people are infected. Depending on ur game, change the peiority slightly whether to increase the defend(ability) or straight kill (symptoms) but make sure if u ever choose to expose ur desease, make sure u have enough point to go straight to organ failure. Thats how i played. Took me 2020 but it was easy.

Green 16 months ago

It took me 2 times to beat it

UncleKid 16 months ago

I hope you guys figure it out for yourself. This guide is misguiding. You cant really win with this. I follow it partiolly and add some minor modifications.

1. Start in India

2. Dont take Heat res 2 (its useless)

3. Take Roden instead to speed up EU and US spread

4. For more fatality I add Internal Haemorrhaging

5. Use all your spare points to slow cure

I manage to win it this way. Cure get to 91 but able to slow it down.

Hope this will help.

Good luck exterminating humanity :)

You 16 months ago

I was followed this to the teeth. But every time it goes to slow. I got every single symptom at once before the cure even started and it still caught up and one

Zach 17 months ago

It didn't work for me. I tried it like 10 times. I follow the instructions exactly, but it does not give me DNA points fast enough.

Savis 18 months ago

Thanks for your guide! I followed exactly and I finally beat it, but had to use a few tweaks. Even following everything exactly the cure progress got up to 93% before I took further action. After your steps I devolved Water/Air 2, Blood 1, and a few of the symptoms not leading to total organ failure. I also had to end up buying all 3 of the Prior special abilities, this knocked the cure rate back to 83% and gave the disease enough time to finish off the planet.

Sparky 18 months ago

I have been trying this way for the past few days, tons of games later, I still keep losing. I even tried hiding the symptoms by not letting them evolve.

Death 18 months ago

I am following the instructions correctly, but I still keep losing, what's up with that?

Shadow 18 months ago

This method works to the letter. However, a sure-fire way of not allowing the cure to reach 100% (or so for me anyway) it is essential you have genetic reshuffle 1, insanity and darwinist so you can get more DNA earlier on.

Eric 19 months ago

Iceland and Greenland survived because I started killing when I reached 100 DNA points, disregard that and wait until everyone is infected like the other diseases.

Ernes 19 months ago

Tried this 12 times no luck

Vee Pei Wong profile image

Vee Pei Wong 20 months ago

how about for the brutal mode?

Ray 20 months ago

It didn't quite work. Not everyone in Greenland could be infected before the cure could be deployed :/

Kimberly 20 months ago

On my 5th go around I decided that I needed to play the long game. Which, when it was all said and done, took about ten game years just to infect the world. This seemed to work for me and I beat Prion on normal (without any of the extras that you get from purchasing the full version) with a cure of 90%. The secret is patience and keeping as many DNA points built up as a reserve for when you start killing people off. Since you don't get DNA points as quickly with the Prion when people start dying, plus people die so SLOWLY, you need to have a lot in reserve to just go for the death symptoms as early and quickly as possible.

I started in China and let it spread naturally until I had 100 DNA points built up. I bought Air I, Water I, and Drug Resistance I then let the DNA points build up to 100 again. I then purchased Cold Resistance I, Heat Resistance I, and Drug Resistance II.

After that, I let the game go. I didn't purchase anything else and let the Prion continue to spread, building up DNA points while I waited. If any symptoms evolved, I immediately devolved them. When there were no healthy people left in the world, I had (I think) 134 DNA points. I then devolved Air and Water I as well as Heat and Cold Resistance I.

I then used my points to purchase Insomnia, Paranoia, Insanity, Coma, Seizures, and Paralysis. My goal was to get as many fatal symptoms that would also slow the cure rate down. While I was getting these, the cure was shooting up to almost 50% with only about 2 million dead/dying. Using the DNA points that built up due to deaths, I then purchased Coughing then Pneumonia (because it was cheaper than sneezing) and worked my way up to Organ Failure, Systemic Infection, and Genetic Reshuffle I.

I also made sure to devolve coughing and pneumonia as well as insomnia and paranoia (basically any symptom that didn't slow the cure rate down or lead to death) because every DNA point counts.

Vee Pei Wong profile image

Vee Pei Wong 20 months ago

any tips for prion brutal?

That one guy 20 months ago

This is the only walk through that didn't work. :( It worked on casual but not normal.

Robz 20 months ago

your tips have been useful, but not on prion. like some people here, the cure went really fast (or the kill went really slow). i have tried improvised on your technique by not using bio-aerosol and try to get 100+ points so i can spend on more killer symptoms and still getting outpaced by the cure.

NoodleKeeper 20 months ago

Your guides are super helpful, you should do the scenarios as well.

Liam 20 months ago

Time: 1149 Days

Genetic Complexity: Complex

Cure: 79%

Difficulty: Nornak

Score: 3730.

But Its Still A Good Tutorial.

Lord Frenchie 20 months ago

Men, I've been stuck on levels like fungus before seeing your tutorial. Great help thx so much dude! Btw I've seen that at a point when you got too many kills the Cure research will just stop and I will just finish killing all the people. Do you know why this occurs? Not saying that it's a bad thing, but I'm just curious to know. Thx bro keep doing those awesome tutorials!

player43257 20 months ago

I used this and worked great about a week ago. I ended having to delete and redownload it for some reason to purchase it. I've tried this method 5 times and every time the cure is lightening fast. I barely get 1b to die before it is 100% cured. Worked a week ago, but something has changed in the game and this no longer works

KamikazeKats 20 months ago

Thank you! Hopefully my ignorance can follow it. Also the "no bullshit" should be a plus.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 20 months ago from Alabama Author

Okay, I have just beaten it another way. I will try to have a valid easy no bullshit tutorial for you guys to follow.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 20 months ago from Alabama Author

Taking a look at it now. Sorry.. I am a truck driver so it's hard for me to play often.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 20 months ago from Alabama Author

Okay. I'll take a look at it.

Mrstrench 20 months ago

Yeah, The prion torurial Does not work for me either. The cure catches up Even when they have not noticed me before i kill.

KamikazeKats 20 months ago

I am also having problems with this walkthrough. All of your previous guides have worked but I have tried around 25 times using different techniques all ending in failure. Please help!

ScarlettKnight 21 months ago

Please don't take this badly,but this walkthrough might need a little fix.U see,I've been stuck on it for a week,I've tried 5 times without a walkthrough,tried other walkthroughs to find them useless.This site is my last resort,because prior to this level,ALL ur walkthroughs tht I've tried worked with 100% success rate.At first,I thought I was doing it wrong,and so decided to try it a "few"(17) times.As I browsed the comments,I found the latest comments to mostly be filled with the same problem.Not tht I am forcefully telling u to fix it,it's just tht I'm desperate to finish this level.Tnx in advance!!

Vvirucus 21 months ago

Did not work for me. I did not have enough points for total organ failure and the cure was extremely fast. Nice try on helping me.

NemiS 21 months ago

By Water and Air Resistance, do you mean Air 1 and Water 1 transmissions?

Wisx12 21 months ago

just tried it for the 13th time... this is the first one that does not work at all, gets cured in about a month and before i even killed 1 billion

hotmommie 22 months ago

It took some devolving but i got it to work was at 96% cure when finished

alibaba 22 months ago

Hi. I did the Prion tutorial and once cure started it was fast. I had to use genetic reshuffle 1&2... To bring back cure from 99% to 85%.... Still when game ended it said i lost as few healthy people had survived.

Now im doing it again and will do genetic reshuffle @ 50% cure and hope to win.

Wawawaifus 22 months ago

Worked perfect man! This tutorial was amazing thx

AIDS 22 months ago

Helped with fungus and parasite thanks!!!!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 23 months ago from Alabama Author

I am terribly sorry for this. Some of the tutorials need to be reworked. I will do what I can to help you out.

Torchwood profile image

Torchwood 23 months ago

Didn't work for me, the world developed a cure way too fast.

Devolved any mutations, put points in water/air/drugs/hardening, saved the rest for the lethal attack. After the world was infected I went to heart failure starting with insomnia + anemia for the zombie bonus. The cure still went to 81%, they're crazy fast in this one! But the Daleks finally managed to kill off human kind

Pero 23 months ago

This doesen't work.

LazyPear 23 months ago

The only issues I ran into with this guide was 1.) they were making a cure faster than it could kill (it would reach 75% dead then get cured) and 2.) that letting evolve instead of devolving it made thing a bit harder to deal with seeing as how they would have a 15-25% head start on the cure when I made it lethal. Otherwise great guide! 8/10

Gariandos 23 months ago

Sadly, my Prionis Nyxus is unable to survive utilizing this tutorial. Once people begin developing symptoms, the disease gets discovered and in no time, the cure is developed and wipes out my plague deader than the Dodo. Even when I hold off on letting the symptoms mutate, once I put extensive lethality into my disease, it doesn't kill fast enough to put even a dent in the cure progress.

Alaa Al-rabah profile image

Alaa Al-rabah 24 months ago from Kuwait City

OMG I LOVE YOU! You've helped me so much i can't thank u enough bebz! Anyway my total score was 12650. Time: 661 days (awesome) Cure Progress: 64%. I created a new account just to comment.

God 2 years ago

Thanks! Your tutorials have gotten me through many levels. Do you have any Brutal level tutorials?

Paul Sherry profile image

Paul Sherry 2 years ago from Huntsville, Alabama

Is there a way to beat it without gene modification? Great blog btw. Been very useful

Kinnis 2 years ago

Got cured.

squirrel 2 years ago

I named it Verocide in honor of my buddy's exwife Veronica who is Brazilian and has a short circuit upstairs

Test 2 years ago

It's work (again) !!

Prion (normal)

1125 days;

14% cure;

score 22600;

Thanks to u (again), man !!

Louise 2 years ago

been following your tips since fungi and everything seems to work fine on my end. :) thanks so much for this!

Mladja 2 years ago

I think the game got patched in a meanwhile and that's why this tutorial doesn't work and we are getting up to the 100% cure with Prion, before everyone dies.

I think your best bet is to play a long game, meaning: Upgrade air and water only to I (so you could surpass plane and ship blockage), and Heat Cold Drug only to I, wait till everyone is infected (yes, it would take a long time), once everyone is infected DEvolve air and water (take those 8 points, every single counts), , you don't need it anymore. Take Drug II Genetic Hardening I and II (THIS IS A MUST), put points into symptoms leading to Total Organ Failure (and this what's stopping cure development in countries

Insomnia: +3%

Paranoia: +6%

Insanity: +20%

Paralysis: +10%

Coma: +24%) and then DEvolve the symtoms that doesn't actually work with prion, the first symptom in a chain... now you should have enough DNA points to take RESHUFFLE I, II and III and lower your Cure progress until Cure slowes down (usually when over %80 are dead).

Remamber - Prion is a slow killer, that's why you need to play a long game.

Imufur 2 years ago

Doesn't work for me, I infect everyone and when i start evolving the symptons the cure reaches 100% in less than a minute

Cure 2 years ago

The only problem i have is that the cure is found too fast

Mr. Pickles 2 years ago

LOL I named my plague. . Ebola

plague 2 years ago

iv'e tried the prion walkthrough four times now and it never works.

after i start developing the symptoms the cure bar just shoots up to 100%

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

You're welcome.

Daniel 2 years ago

Thanks for wasting my time. Not entirely sure why majority of comments are positive, but I only ended up killing 25% of the world's population before humanity discovered the cure. I followed every detail exactly and didn't work.

Cassie 2 years ago

It took me 818 days to beat that level using your tutorial. thanks!

plaugeette 2 years ago

Love your tutorials! They have gotten me all the way through prion. I did the parasite one on my own using your strategy for the virus, worked very well.

David Rinaldi 2 years ago

Days - 1097

Cure - 35%

Scores - 6440


Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Ok. My tutorial for necroa more or less requires creationist. So yea..

Yuri 2 years ago

Thank you for all these tutorials! Now Necroa virus is the only one that i haven't beaten in brutal difficulty. I learned a lot!

:D 2 years ago

Thank you!

jaggernaut16 2 years ago

i think you have misscalculated the 2nd build of points,it should be 51.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Looking forward to beating it in under 10 minutes. It's coming soon I promise you!

Skye 2 years ago

Looking forward to the nano-virus level Ashleign.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Working on the zombie one.

shafiq 2 years ago

Hi..thanks for all the tutorial..but can you do tutorial for zombies..

Cosmo_k 2 years ago

Hey just wanna to say thanks for the first three tutorials :) fungus was especially fun, since you get the infectivity rate up fast every country my fungus touched, was completely infected within minutes :D it managed parasite lvl and prion lvl on my own. But would appreciate the help i can get with nano virus :D again thanks for making these :)

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

I haven't yet, I will be sure to link it when I do.

Rizka 2 years ago

Have you posted the nano virus/bio weapon walkthroughs yet?

MET-Legion 2 years ago

*This pseudo is how I named my nano-virus* ^^ !

This tutorial didn't work for me but I've found few tips.

I didn't allow symptoms, cleared the Darwinist gene to have more symptoms in order to devolve them; just like previous tutos. Be careful with the gene who allow you more points at the near beginning, it falses the build of this tuto (Joshua maybe that's why you were getting faster and Iceland could react). I didn't wait until 100 pts or everybody is infected because they're spotting you anyway and very fast. So I went to cure resistance (there is also a gene where your plague is more difficult to cure) and the end was an equilibrist work between start to kill and make sure there is no little group of healthy.

Btw Ashleign, you aren't precising builds of your genes. But still astonishing work on this game!

Yuri 2 years ago

That's great news. i got nano-virus on first try to my only problem is bioweapon. damn that shit's hard. btw, thank you!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Iron, to answer your question yes. I have just been busy with my other vlogs and blogs. I have a few videos going up soon. Thanks for your support.

will 2 years ago

thanks i did it again it worked but the time when it didn't it mutated when i wasn't looking and they found it and boom greenland shutdown the port

Iron Sapper 2 years ago

First off thank you for taking the time to put these tutorials together they have been very helpful. Do you have tutorials for the Nano - virus and Bio - weapon levels, if so where can I find them?

Joshua 2 years ago

Before I realized how necessary it is to infect everyone before going big, I practically infected everyone except there was only about 3000 infected on Iceland. I went lethal. And Iceland decided that for the greater good they needed to execute all the infected. I lost because 300 000 people in Iceland were living happily ever after while the rest of the world just died. Yeah it sucked

Yuri 2 years ago

No Nano-virus guide yet, my dear friend?

two kay 2 years ago

Lol I named my disease Porn. But hey great tutorials!!!!

chris 2 years ago

it work for me thanks for the help

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Will, I have reworked it using the same tutorial. I have added photos.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

I will take a look at it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

will 2 years ago

it didn't work some people in greenland survived

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