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Top 5 Text-Based Mafia Games

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As one of the most enjoyable genres of gaming around, text-based games offer a chance for the imagination to run wild. Many love these kinds of games as they remind them of the "good old days" of adventure novels and the like. If you love text-based games, though, you should take a look at one of the most popular sub-genres: text-based mafia games.

These games are massively enjoyable and make the perfect place to start for anyone looking to really have some fun. Such games offer a great way to let loose a little and have some fun, but which games are the best?

With so many to choose from, you might not be sure what makes the best online mob game to try out. What are the most enjoyable text-based mafia games to try out today?

1. Omerta International

Otherwise known as Barafranca, this online game is the most popular game in the genre. This has over 61 million registered players, and it regularly has thousands of active players on at any given time. The world within Omerta offers you the chance to basically live your life as a mobster in any way, shape, or form that you have decided.

You can take on the role of trying to build up your own little empire or join another group and help them succeed as a gang. Your choices are limitless, giving you the opportunity to really build the kind of character that you want.

Like most text-based mafia games, you will start off as a lowly lackey who needs to build their way up the ladder. You will be expected to get yourself involved in coming up with ways to earn money, help out your gang, and solidify your position slowly but surely within the game.

As time develops, this game allows you to start slowly but surely making more progress. Before long, you could end up ranking in the Top Ranking section, building yourself a reputation in the self-described "Godfather of Mafia Games".

2. Mobsters United

This popular game has become one of the most enjoyable of its kind. Mobsters United is a remake of the hugely popular MySpace game, and today it holds a great reputation within the mafia world. You’ll undertake various missions, you’ll be expected to build your reputation, and even enjoy a few fights with other players.

You need to try and do everything you can to help your group thrive, and your job is quite simple – be the badass that your crew needs. Over the time you play, you will meet others, form groups, begin feuds with others, and generally live the satisfying life of being a mobster.

Take what you want, earn it, or simply live life in the shadows as one of the many underlings of the gangs that inhabit this text based mafia game. Definitely one to try out for something a little bit different overall.

3. Mafia Returns

If you want to make sure you can make yourself seen on the streets, then Mafia Returns is a must-try out for anyone interested. It’s a game that forces you to really be intelligent, to make cruel decisions, and to look out for number one – you!

The game forces you to have to make tough calls, to really push yourself, and to get far outside of your own comfort zone. Definitely, something to think about as you try and go through this text based mafia game. It is loaded with moments of reflection, as every action has a consequence.

So, get used to having to make your actions count as you play through this highly enjoyable text based RPG. In this game, you are expected to make the calls that get you through ‘til the next day, even if it means struggling to sleep with the consequence of your actions!

4. Ultimate Assassins

In Ultimate Assassins, you are going to be dealing with a lot of challenges. Your goal is simple – to get to the top of the food tree. You need to take out other players, you need to take on crimes for others to get some money together, and you need to watch your back. Why? Because you are trying to take out other players – and they will have their crosshairs trained on you as well!

So, be ready to make tough calls and to face off against challenges you would rather avoid. The life of an assassin is one that never stops, and you always need to be ready to face off against the mob, other killers, and any obstacle that gets in the way. Level up, become harder to kill, sink bigger foes, and build yourself a reputation as a ruthless killer and trustworthy assassin.

5. MafiaShot

If you want to take on the game that succeeded the hugely popular Eurogangster, then you should check out MafiaShot. This game builds on one of the most popular text-based mafia games of the last decade. It comes with the same kind of gory, ruthless attitude that made its predecessor one of the most successful text based mob games around.

You need to build your name, get into shape, and take out the competition. Join a gang, start your own, and get involved in this massive community. Face off against other players, run your own illicit business, and generally work towards building a long-term future for yourself within the underworld.

The streets are tough, and they are lawless; you need to do anything and everything you can to make sure you survive. If you enjoy contorting the rules to ensure your own survival, then be sure to try out MafiaShot yourself.

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