Top 5 IO Games to Try in 2017

Updated on February 14, 2017
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IO Games
IO Games

What you’ve stumbled on here is my list of the top 5 new io games that I think you should try. Remember that this list is purely my own opinion and all points made are also, nothing said is based on facts or figures but I have played over 200 io games so my opinion is far from bias. This list is in no particular order as each game is a number 1 depending on what type of game you enjoy the most.


The first game on our list is, an underwater based free for all where you play as an angler fish and use the light mounted on your head in order to tame and control other fish. In this game you essentially aim to rule the ocean by controlling the biggest fish army you can amass and use it to both protect your queen fish (the angler) and take out all of the other players. In proper io fashion Oceanario uses cartoon style graphics and very simplistic gameplay to make the game not only easily accessible to new players but ensures it’s a tonne of fun for everyone too. In this underwater io masterpiece, you’ll be able to have full control over your army despite how big they get, as you generate score by swimming into the various food around the map you’ll slowly gain small fish followers. These followers can be left as they are or merged together to create stronger, bigger fish which will be a lot more effective in combat. You’ll also be able to find neutral fish wondering around the depths that you can claim if you swim next to them.


The second game in our top 5 is none other than, one of the more well-known games in the io genre for good reason! Mope is an outstanding example of a simplistic game that keeps you entertained for hours on end. Mopeio has acted as a blueprint for several other games in this genre, its unique progression system following the rules of the food chain keeps the game competitive and balanced whilst being a ton of fun for both new and old players of the game. Just as you can expect from io games Mope isn’t exactly popular for its great graphics or in depth storyline, it does however provide easily distinguishable features such as berry bushes that even those who have never seen the game before can find with no issues, I personally believe this is one of the most important things for a successful io game.

Without spoiling too much of the game for new players Mope puts you into an animal filled world consisting of both forest and ocean where you’ll have the opportunities to climb up the food chain dominating both areas and eating anything you please including other players! Some of the animals include crabs, squids, lions and even badgers! All of which are easily identifiable and some extremely cute! If you’re looking for an awesome survival/foraging game to play alone or with friends try out!


This game is incredibly addictive and reminds me of a similar game I used to play on the Xbox a fair while back… As far as the io genre is concerned however I’m yet to see another game like Jomp and as many of us known uniqueness is hard to come by for io games. Jomp challenges the player with several different levels that can be completed, every level I’ve played so far (which is quite a lot) is always different to the rest which makes a somewhat basic game not feel repetitive and keeps it exciting. The game features a form of ‘elemental power’ that players can acquire, you’ll be playing as a coloured ball initially but once you pass through one of these powers ups you’ll take the form of either water, fire, wind or earth for a while each possessing special attributes and interacting with both players/objects differently.

I’d highly recommend trying this one out as its one of all-time favourite browser based games, if you’re interested you can find the game very easily online.


Our 4th game is an incredibly new addition to the io genre; Slain! I was lucky enough to be one of the very first people to play this game when it hit. As such it’s a great feeling to watch it become as successful as it is now. Even though it's one of the newest io games it’s rightfully earned its place on our top 5 list with its addictive gameplay and its competitive community. In Slain you’ll play as a boxer and battle it out against both other players and AI opponents in one of several arenas that you can progress through. It features a well-rounded, rewarding progression system that allows players to both increase their stats in one of 9 areas but also limits the stronger players from attacking the newer players meaning you’ll always be engaged in a fair fight.

Slain plays in a well sized arena with up to 70 players per server, although the game is a free for all you’ll find that there are some people playing with friends which is perfectly ok as far as I’m aware if you find yourself having any issues with this simply invite a friend or two to join you as I’m sure they’ll love the game just as much as I do.


Our 5th and final game on the list is an action packed indie game style dungeon shooter where you battle it out with several opponents as either part of a team or as an independent soldier. All of the maps featured in the game are in classic 16bit graphics with characters falling somewhere in between that and 8bit. The game itself is incredibly fun to play as the maps are all the perfect size to ensure you always run into another opponent even if they’re attempting to camp, this means that all matches are action packed. starts every player off with the same basic weaponry however you are able to pick up better weapons from around the map at certain respawn spots, some of these weapons include things such as a flamethrower, a shotgun and even a homing rocket launcher! However, if you like to play your run and gun style shooters there’s something for everyone in Slay.

Final Words

Well, that was my top 5 list for new games to play, hopefully you’ll try out at least one of these and enjoy it! As I mentioned earlier the list isn’t in order of best to worst, they’re all great games in my opinion and I’d definitely recommend every single one of them to io fanatics.


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