Undertale Fanmade Songs

Updated on November 28, 2018
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While Christina has been a violist for seven years and is most familiar with playing classical music, she is a fan of numerous genres.


While the soundtrack of the Undertale video game is rather impressive by itself, the songs fans have made in honor of the game add to the wonderful legacy Undertale has created since its release. Whether it's a cover of the soundtrack or an original song, these songs will fill you with determination!

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Undertale Fanmade Songs

  1. JT Music- "To the Bone"
  2. Lolita and djsmell- "Determination"
  3. The Stupendium- "Way Deeper Down"
  4. Random Encounters- "Determined to the End"
  5. Man on the Internet- "Power of Neo"
  6. Man on the Internet- "Floweytale"
  7. adrisaurus- "Spider Dance"
  8. MandoPony- "Chara"
  9. Man on the Internet- "Ghost Fight"
  10. Xandu- "Stronger Than You, Sans Version"
  11. Milkychan- "Battle Against a True Hero"
  12. Groundbreaking- "Bold Sans"

1. JT Music- "To the Bone"

This song is from both San's and Papyrus' point of view. Throughout the verses and chorus, the skeleton brothers bicker, which results in a wonderful contrast between the brothers. Papyrus in his interactions with Sans and his solo verses acts virtually the same: focused on capturing humans and being a part of the Royal Guard. In his part of the song Sans, like in the game, has two distinct sides: the apathetic, carefree persona, and the serious sentry who's aware of the different timelines. Reflecting these two sides, the animation has two distinct styles: (1) a 3-D animation in the style of the game and (2) a combination of back-light, shadows, and glitch-style transitions between cuts. In addition to having puns peppered in through the lyrics, numerous plot events are referred in the lyrics as well.

The visuals combine scenes from the game and impressive animations of the characters.

2. Lolita and djsmell- "Determination"

As a cover of Fall Out Boy's "Irresistible", this song is a dialogue between Chara and Sans. There are clear references to plot plots and game mechanics, from resetting and using items for recovering health to Sans not having a clear origin. Similar to the final battle in the genocide run, Sans tries to communicate with Frisk as well.

3. The Stupendium- "Way Deeper Down"

The skeletons address Frisk directly in this rap. Modeling after the game's plot, Sans comes across the human first and immediately displays both his humorous personality and his deadly serious nature. Papyrus' verse, in typical Papyrus fashion, is focused on spaghetti, puzzles, and capturing humans. In addition to the verses of Sans and Papyrus, W.D. Gaster also has a few bars of his own.

The unique trait of this song are the puns based on character names and game locations that are spread through the lyrics.

4. Random Encounters- "Determined to the End"

With a "Phantom of the Opera" vibe, this song is from Gaster's point of view as he conducts his part of the determination experiments. With so little revealed about Gaster, this song captures the curiosity and tenacity typical of any scientist, thus fitting his characterization, in addition to depicting Gaster being spread across the timelines by the sproadic, almost glitch-like editing.

5. Man on the Internet- "Power of Neo"

A section of the Undertale Genocide Package Playlist, "Power of Neo", this is a cover of the song from the Undertale soundtrack with the same name, and it is an excellent combination of Mettaton's typical flashy star personality and his strong desire of protecting the rest of the underground from Chara.

6. Man on the Internet- "Floweytale"

Like "Power of Neo", "Floweytale" is also from the Undertale Genocide Package Playlist. This song, a cover of "Undertale" on the official soundtrack of the game, captures Flowey's transition from being happy he finally sees Chara again to being terrified of Chara's determination, similar to what happens during "New Home" on a genocide run. Interestingly, in this song, Flowey quotes Asgore from the genocide run of the game: "What kind of monster are you?"

7. adrisaurus- "Spider Dance"

A music box cover of "Spider Dance" from the original Undertale soundtrack, this depicts Muffet selling goods from her bake sale and trapping Frisk in her web. The light-hearted melody and the cute tone of the music box result in this breezy tune.

8. MandoPony- "Chara"

"Chara" is divided into three acts: Broken Road, Sympathy, and Erased. Broken Road describes Frisk slowly losing control to Chara. In Sympathy, Chara doesn't have any compassion or sympathy to the people she mows down in a genocide run. In Erased, Frisk reflects on the aftermath of Chara's actions and resets the world.

9. Man on the Internet- "Ghost Fight"

"Ghost Fight" is from Napstablook's perspective and is a cover from the Undertale soundtrack song with the same name. The tone is somewhat gloomy and a little ghostly, perfectly capturing Napstablook's demeanor.

10. Xandu- "Stronger Than You, Sans Version"

In this rock cover of "Stronger Than You" from Steven Universe, Sans depicts his last conversation with Chara before his boss battle. From the same artist, there is also a cover from Chara's perspective and another from Frisk's of the same song.

11. Milkychan- "Battle Against a True Hero"

This metal cover from the Undertale soundtrack expresses the aggressive determination the warrior Undyne displays. Full of hope and energy, this song captures exactly who Undyne is and what she stands for.

12. Groundbreaking- "Bold Sans"

Inspired by "Megalovania" from the Undertale soundtrack, "Bold Sans" has a similar opening. However, this song distinguishes itself with more of a dubstep influence. The chorus does an excellent job of combining summarizing San's love for his friends and brother with references to the genocide run.

Additional Playlists from the Artists

While this list only has a couple of songs from each artist, both adrisaurus and Man on the Internet have playlists of Undertale songs they've created. In addition to Man on the Internet's Undertale Genocide Package Playlist, he also has Undertale the Musical. Groundbreaking has created more Undertale original songs in addition to "Bold Sans", which are largely based on either pacifist or no mercy runs.

© 2018 Christina Garvis


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