The 10 Worst Companies in the Video Game Industry

Updated on June 9, 2018
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Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard
Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard | Source

Not too long ago I released a list of my favourite PC game developers. This list will have the worst companies in video gaming. I say companies, because not only are developers featured here, but publishers too and even retailers.

To appear on this list, a video game company must have done something truly awful. Probably something akin to mass murder or farting in an elevator - the latter being a crime that should be punishable by death. These companies are either known for being money grubbing corporate vacuums, whose only mission in life is to make a profit, or they're known for making such awful games or services to go with them.

Some of my choices you're not going to like, but I'll do my best to present evidence to you to support my case.

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Crysis 2Mass Effect 2
Crysis 2
Crysis 2 | Source
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 | Source


In early 2012, EA was voted the worst company in the whole of the United States in a poll conducted by The Consumerist. In 2013, EA won that award again. That’s just how despised it really is. EA has rolled over several development studios by acquiring them and if they didn’t just get rid of them, they often milked the intellectual properties they had produced by churning out rushed subpar sequels, and then having the nerve to shut down those development studios later when the games didn’t sell. Companies burned in this fashion by EA include Origin, Westwood, Bullfrog, Maxis and Pandemic. It's only a matter of time, BioWare.

They even named their Steam-like service Origin. Honorable, or a slap in the face? You decide.

Employees working for EA have also been treated unfairly and forced to work up to 100 hours per week, with overtime being unpaid. This led to the formation of the EA Spouse blog followed by two class action lawsuits against the company, both of which lead to a settlement. EA has also been sued for using images of athletes on their games’ cover art without paying them. The money (like they need it with the salaries they earn) would probably help these athletes recover from their injuries nicely – if you’ve ever heard of the "Madden curse".

EA’s SecuRom DRM has come under fire and resulted in another class action lawsuit seeing as EA did not disclose its presence on a system once the game is installed, and was said to basically be a rootkit that was not uninstalled when the game was removed. Not so good for the paranoids concerned about their privacy.

EA has also been fingered for influencing review scores, and getting employees to troll forums. And they’re not above upsetting other publishers either. After Ubisoft became a publicly traded company, EA bought a 19.9% stake in the firm. They tried to make the same play with Take Two Interactive, in fact, but failed.


As far as games go, The Sims franchise, particularly The Sims 3, has come under fire, seeing as EA released the game, and made people download content that should have come with the game, and also made people pay for additional content. The truth is that The Sims 3 was at most 50% of the game. The rest was released later in other forms, whether it be digital or retail. I know, because I've been there.

EA has re-released some of "their" games as freeware, like the original Command & Conquer, Red Alert, and Tiberian Sun. But these were Westwood Studios-developed titles. While it's nice to have free games, that's like the final nail in the coffin. They're cleaning out their closet and turfing out anything that belonged to Westwood, much like one does after a bitter break-up. How long before Red Alert 2 becomes freeware? HOW LONG I ASK?! No, really, I'd like to know because I'll have that. Awesome game...

Think they'll do the same with "their" Command & Conquer and Red Alert games? I don't think so.

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 | Source


The trouble with Activision started a while back when a half man-half demon named Bobby Kotick started to make waves. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Modern Warfare 2 and Infinity Ward. First off, Activision pushed up the retail price of Modern Warfare 2 to $59.99. And a lot of other games have followed suit since then, all starting at $59.99, which is significantly more than what we were paying for games. Activision also made a clear statement, punishing PC gamers by not releasing a veteran or hardened edition of the game for PC. So we didn't get to run around in the dark with night vision goggles on, spying on the neighbours. Talk about unfair and unequal treatment.

But where the biggest controversy lay was when Kotick dismissed the heads at Infinity Ward, and there was a mass walkout where a lot of the IW employees resigned and went over to EA where they formed Respawn Entertainment. As a result, Modern Warfare 3 ended up being developed by an almost entirely new Infinity Ward with help from Sledgehammer Games. They also shut down the massively popular Guitar Hero franchise which led to 500 people losing their jobs.

That, and I really can’t forgive them for destroying one of my all time favourite franchises: The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Unlike back in the 1990’s when THPS was developed by Neversoft – which was made up of skaters and cool guys, the Tony Hawk endorsed games that followed in the noughties were mainly just little more than shovelware rubbish churned out by Activision to turn a profit. But because the games got so horrid, not much money was made out of it, and so the whole franchise was dropped. Don't think that the same wouldn't happen with Call of Duty. If one game flopped, they'd drop it like a bad habit and move on to something else to sink their teeth in to.

I for one am glad id Software has nothing to do with this company anymore, and has their games published by Bethesda. People should really just boycott Activision.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood | Source

Go on, read the real story. The one Ubisoft stole.



One of the unholy triumvirate of game publishers alongside EA and Activision, Ubisoft is responsible for the truly awful method of DRM they implemented with their products, which required gamers to be online all the time while playing a game, referred to as the Online Services Platform. Personally, this is what put me off buying Assassin’s Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction when they were first out. Even though it was said with later copies of the game, the DRM had been removed, I still haven’t given in and bought either. Before this method of DRM, they had StarForce, which also wasn’t very popular as it installed drivers on a person’s system that often caused hardware issues.

Now Ubi is said to be doing away with this DRM and instead coming up with something called uPlay which is similar to Origin or Steam in nature. We can’t wait. Apparently like EA's SecuRom, people are all ready complaining about rootkits related to this service.

One of Ubisoft's past faux pas include boycotting Electronic Gaming Monthly and refusing to give any of their games over to them for review seeing as they had mainly negative reviews from this publication in the past.

In April 2012, Ubisoft was sued by John L. Beiswenger for copyright infringement. John claimed that Ubisoft’s hugely popular Assassin’s Creed series copies a lot of ideas from his book, called Link. He wanted to stop the release of AC 3, but in the end suddenly dropped the lawsuit. Wonder why? Then Ubisoft blocked any future lawsuits from Beiswenger, which he claims hints at their guilt. Personally not having a lot of love for plagiarists, being a writer and all, this is rather despicable.

Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5 | Source


I’ll admit I’ve had limited experience with Capcom’s games. The first was probably Home Alone, and the only others would be some Resident Evil games and Dead Rising 2.

But I don’t particularly approve of Capcom’s business practices and its treatment of its customers. One of the biggest sins they’ve committed is releasing a game, and then promising DLC for that game, charging extra for it, only for someone to find the DLC on the original game disc.

They’ve also showed tremendous bias in favour of Asian audiences, with servers for Resident Evil: Outbreak and its sequel in Japan shutting down three and a half years after the the North American and European servers.

Several of their games and sequels in popular franchises have only be released to Asian audiences in Japan, Korea and Taiwan via retail and online distribution methods, saying that language and cultural differences would prevent anyone else from enjoying it. You also don’t think perhaps there might be people in other parts of the world that might be fluent in these languages or practice these cultures, like America for instance? Ten million people prancing around in Anime cosplay outfits can't be wrong. Their logic might or might sound a little racist, actually. Hell, even some of their games have been called racist. *Cough*, Resident Evil 5, *cough*.

Speaking of which, the Resident Evil series has really gone downhill over the years. The last really good one was probably Resident Evil 3 or maybe Resident Evil 4 -- not that I played the latter. The series that invented the term survival horror in the first place has sold out and become more of an action fest.

Borderlands | Source


I don’t particularly like Gearbox for a few reasons. They started off all right developing one or two good expansions for Half-Life, porting the game to consoles; even working on the retail edition of Counter-Strike. I really enjoyed the first two Brothers in Arms titles most. The third was a bit of a cash in, milking the series for what it was worth. They did away with situational awareness mode which was the series primary' selling point besides using actual tactics rather than a more gung-ho approach likes games before it. And the fourth in the series, Furious 4 (which Gearbox now states is a separate IP) is said to be copying Battlefield: Bad Company.

Gearbox bought the Duke Nukem IP from 3D Realms after 3DR hit rock bottom, and began developing the console versions of DNF, because 3DR and Triptych had pretty much done about 95% of the PC version all ready. But Gearbox went and added and took stuff out of the game to make the final build, which didn’t really sit well with me or others. I can’t help but feel that it would have been better if it had been left alone and not tinkered with as much. Instead they changed the Duke Nukem model to someone younger so it would appeal to a larger, younger audience, basically alienating the devoted fans that had waited for this game for well over a decade. Scott Miller says they (3DR) screwed up Duke? No, I think Gearbox pretty much did that. And now they own the Duke Nukem IP, and intend to do what with it exactly? Ten to one “Duke Begins” or whatever this reboot or remake is called, is going to be rubbish.

I know a lot of people out there like Borderlands, but Gearbox has done so much copying from other series and films, like Diablo (Sanctuary), Mad Max, and Avatar (Pandora), which is hard to ignore. To call it an original series is a bit of an insult and a lie, quite frankly. Pitchford even admits to having stolen so much from the Alien series during his career. Speaking of which, Aliens: Colonial Marines took ages to get out the door and in the end bombed almost as hard as DNF, although it's said to have a lot to do with contractual obligations and a looming lawsuit from Sega. But that's no excuse to lie to the public in order to market it.

I think the main reason I don’t have much love for them is because they burned Interceptor Entertainment which was developing Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded, a remake of Duke Nukem 3D but in Unreal Engine 3. They wanted to make the game and release it for free, but due to contractual disputes (Gearbox would let them work on the game but wouldn't let them release it), IE put the game on "indefinite hold". Then they went over to 3DR/Apogee and started work on a Rise of the Triad remake. It was a bit like the whole Activision/The Silver Lining affair, but at least that ended up being released even if, according to some, it wasn’t all that good.

I imagine if Gearbox actually made any money off DNR, they might have actually let them go ahead and release it.



Why I dislike Sega is again linked to the reason I don’t like Gearbox much – but has nothing to do with Take Two Interactive. Sega was heavily involved in the Aliens: Colonial Marines saga. This is what went down in a nutshell: Sega agreed to let Gearbox develop the aforementioned title which I will now refer to as just ACM. Gearbox then went and spent all the money they received from Sega on developing Borderlands, and other titles, maybe even getting Duke Nukem Forever out of the door. It was a mistake to leave ACM alone as long as they did, however, because eventually years down the line, Sega said: “Where’s the game, dude?”, and a looming lawsuit which may still happen was over Randy’s head like a black cloud, and Gearbox soiled themselves because they had all been focusing on other titles and not ACM, so they had other developers work on it, outsourcing the work to the likes of TimeGate – famous for nothing but a couple of F.E.A.R. expansions years ago. Gearbox apparently only focused on doing the multiplayer while the singleplayer went to crud. Then Sega said: "We don’t care, we’ll release some screenshots and the like online that are really just bullshots and look nothing like the actual game, and then people will be queuing to buy it, only realising once they have it that it’s a load of rubbish and then it will be too late." Or something to that effect.

And they did… in droves. ACM was still one of the hottest selling games of the first quarter. They literally duped millions of people. Simple as that. I can only imagine that in reality Sega would never in a million years have given this game their seal of quality.

Sega also had Obsidian work on an Alien RPG, which was claimed to be near completion before guess who, Sega pulled the plug, and it was all for nothing. Depriving us all of an Alien RPG is a crime. We’ve had several shoddy Alien FPS titles over the last few years, and at least one decent RPG would have made up for that.

I also didn’t like the fact that Condemned Criminal Origins, which was hands down the 2nd scariest game I’ve ever played – only behind Clive Barker’s Undying – received a sequel, which did not make it to the PC (even in the form of a crappy looking port like the first game), and became a console exclusive. I hate it when they do that.

Duke Nukem Forever
Duke Nukem Forever | Source

Take Two Interactive

There’s one main reason I don’t like Take Two and that is closely linked to why I don’t like Gearbox Software much. Take Two was at one time the publisher of Duke Nukem Forever, but they turned on 3DR, when 3DR ran out of money and had to let go of the team working on DNF, essentially abandoning the project. Many thought that DNF was cancelled, and 3DR was dead. But it wasn’t. 3DR was busy being sued by Take Two after they claimed that seeing as DNF would not be released, they were owed a lot of money that had been poured in to DNF. It seems that George Broussard’s claims that he funded DNF with his own money weren’t all that true.

Anyway, they eventually settled out of court. Then later I see 2K, a Take Two Interactive owned company, slapped on the box of DNF. It wasn't enough to file a lawsuit against 3DR and then get money from them in a settlement which probably ended up coming out of the money they made from selling the Duke Nukem IP to Gearbox, but then you went ahead and published the game anyway so you could make more? What a bunch of scumbags.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Source


Rockstar will never make it on to any favourites list of mine. One reason is because they mainly cater to the console market and neglect the PC fans. Yes, they make great games, but ports of their games like GTA only make it on to PC a year after their original release on console, and some of their other titles like Red Dead Redemption don’t even make to the PC at all. Not that we cared about Bully that much, to be honest, but it would have been nice if we were given the opportunity. Just like it’s nice to be invited to a party even if you end up saying no, rather than not being invited at all.

And at one stage many people were in doubt over whether GTA V would even be released on PC. Just saying.

The only good thing I can say about Rockstar is that they have released some of their catalogue of games for free, like GTA and GTA 2.

Oh, and Max Payne 3... meh.

Deus Ex
Deus Ex | Source

Ion Storm

All right, I’ll admit. Much like I witnessed on an episode of Zero Punctuation, there were two Ion Storms. There was Ion Storm Austin, which was good. They made Deus Ex, the sequel, Invisible War, and they also gave us Thief: Deadly Shadows, which was an okay game – just not in the same league as its prequels by Looking Glass Studios. This branch of the company was headed by Warren Spector, before he became a mickey mouse mascot for Disney years later.

Then there was Ion Storm Dallas. This was the evil side of the company and was headed by John Romero, one of the co-founders of id Software, famed for the Doom series. John Romero at the time was revelling in his superstardom and wealth, and had a massive ego. He dated models, drove sports cars – he was living it up. It was this ego that led to the demise of Ion Storm Dallas, however.

After all the hype, delays, overspending, and PR blunders, such as the “John Romero’s about to make you his bitch” campaign, Daikatana ended up being a massive failure and is considered one of the worst games ever made. Anachronox was pretty much the last game to come out of the Dallas studio and then that was the final nail in the coffin. Ion Storm Austin lived on for a few more years until it too went under after Spector left and Eidos decided to call it a day. In my opinion, their one good game was Deus Ex. The rest we could have done without as they were really just dumbed down for-console games.

But I think everyone really wanted to see Ion Storm, especially John Romero, taken down a notch. After this, a dozen years later, and Romero still hasn’t recovered and it’s likely he’ll never reach the same level ever again.



I’ve written before about Gamestop’s moral compass, or lack thereof, and their dodgy business ethics. Getting staff to open copies of certain games and remove contents from it and then selling opened or “gutted” copies of games at the same price; allowing staff to check out games and bring them back opened, and sell them at the same price; boycotting titles from their stores because they promote rival companies or services, and selling used titles in the same store as new copies.

By selling used copies of games, they take all the profit, and none of it goes to the developers or publishers, and this is one of the main reasons why we end up paying more for new retail copies. Thanks a lot, idiots.

Your least favourite company represented here?

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      • profile image


        7 weeks ago

        Any list of the worst video game companies that don't have our dear Konami is automatically invalid for me.

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        umm is nobody gonna talk about how bethesda made home alone, not capcom?

      • poppyr profile image


        3 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

        I'm guessing you wrote this before Bethesda's drama with Fallout 76. Good list though. I'll always hate EA for what they did to Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        Bethesda should be on here, blizzard as well (though they are activision). I have no problem with gearbox, but i hate 2k. I disagree with rockstar Being on this list as well. Epic has been pretty atrocious with their tendency to monopolize everything.

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Why is everyone bashing consoles? PC gaming is toxic garbage with hacks everywhere and dictator moderators.

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Sony is everything wrong with modern gaming and Game Stop Fingerprints you this is why I rather stick with fan-games or Open Source

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        According to some you-tubers Sony is everything wrong with modern gaming

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Top 10 mistakes made by Sony

        1.Giving Nintendo a raw deal in the contract

        2.TriStar Pictures (Movie Studio) and Baby Geniuses

        3.The Playstation Move

        4.Deceptive advertising

        5.Setting a customer's house on fire

        6.The color of the PSP

        7.No cross-play

        8.Sony doesn't care about it's consumers all they care about is money

        9.Eye Toy

        10.Gran Turismo was a ROM hack of a NASCAR game on SEGA's console

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        Sony has always been anti-consumer ever since the beginning with Nintendo and the Super CD over the years their anti-consumer business decisions cause thousands of games to have a delayed release date, be modified, or be cancelled entirely None of Sony's games have been delayed or cancelled there are so many things Sony did that where anti-consumer the main one is when they gave Nintendo a raw deal in the contract other things include Frequent use of racial stereotypes, no cross-play and setting a customer's house on fire

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        Sega is better than nothing

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        How the hell is blizzard not second place?!

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        salty pc fanboy who dosent like rockstar suprise suprise.

      • profile image

        The end 

        9 months ago

        2k. 2k is the worst company ever.

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        I used to like Activision until they started to get greedy. Every new Call of Duty installment is rushed with bugs and glitches. Specifically Infinite Warfare and WWII. In the beta WWII, it got more content. But, when the game hit shelves, all the content was not there. And Infinite Warfare was the same idea.

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        Rockstar should not be on this list. Yeah they don’t believe GTA 5 is a good game to play on pc which I kinda agree with because it is hard to play a third person shooter I know they have first person but it’s mainly third person. They should still but on pc but that doesn’t make them a bad company. There is a way to make quick cash online on gta online so they aren’t greedy. They should be on the list of favorites instead actually.

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        Top 10 worst companies ? this list is more like “why some of the famous companies sucks”

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        Capcom is on the list of worst company like seriously? If you hate them doesn't mean that they are the worst company. This list is stupid.

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        Rockstar ? Ubisoft ? Really who made this list this is bull***

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        In my opinion rockstar are now the worst game company in the world. I was a fan of them up until recently with what they have done to gta 5. It was already one of the most successful games of all time, but they still have to push their greed tactics to desperate levels.

        The amount of bugs and mistakes they have made with the nightclub dlc is unforgivable and since they have now sabotaged the hotring racing for some reason, I’m done.

        They used to be known for being one of the good ones left, but it seems they have just joined the rest of the companies corrupted by greed. I will never buy one of their games ever again.

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        Yes...where is wargaming at all?!!!

        Their system is deceitfull and the company uses/hiring probably people to reply on everyone who asks them critical questions...and trying to make a fool of them.

        You don't need to be a programmer/developer or advanced gamer to smell what's wrong with world of tanks.

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        Rockstar is one of the few companies that support the xbox so i highly disagree that they should be counted as one of the worst companies in fact they are the most sympathetic.

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        Wow. where is wargaming in all that? and where is gaijin. those eastern devlopers are the worse i've ever seen. take a look then you'll see that those campanies still do thier best to run things out.

      • profile image

        Pacifico Cataro 

        21 months ago

        After Belgium and Holland issued law declaring loot boxes are illegal it is easy to assume profit will decrease fast and stockholders are going to heavily sell EA shares... Game over for the cancer of loot boxes...Which are the financial forecast for EA? Are they ending up in some Dutch jail or having a good bankruptcty?

      • profile image

        Amber Feather 

        21 months ago

        I'd just like to say, for the majority of Rockstar's games the console is less than $200. If you can afford a $600+ gaming PC/laptop, you can spend about $100 for a refurbished console. Ignoring PC platform is not a legitimate reason to hate a company imho.

        Not to mention, PC has a plethora of other games and immense capabilities. I don't understand why they're on this list because the reasons stated have done nothing to ruin video games.

        "Boo hoo! They don't have (very many) games on my platform of choice!" Console is not only cheaper, but if you have a PC for the same price of a xbone/ps4, it's most likely garbage and can't run most newer games anyways, (a GTX 1080 was $538 alone, not including RAM and processor necessities). A xbone x is $499, so you're already losing if you choose to go the PC route if the games that aren't on PC, (double losing, even...)

        You can do so much more with PC that it doesn't make sense to cry about console. Conversely, it doesn't make sense to cry that console has a few games that aren't on PC, (especially when you can only name 1 game franchise that seemed like a loss).

        I'm probably biased because I play both console and PC, and R* is still my favorite company from my strictly console days--their games always have amazing offline play, whereas it feels every PC game absolutely HAS to have online play to have any sort of substance to it. I mean, you COULD complain that not every computer can run every game, but that's the beauty of consoles; it's not your fault if the equipment can't run the game.

        In some occasions, games are poorly optimized, (or not at all...) which can cause garbage frames, instability, and heinous memory leaks. This can be super frustrating because most companies, (ESPECIALLY EA...) will blame your computer when it is, in fact, their buggy ass game! Sims 3 was an absolute buggy mess, and they somehow managed to top it by making Sims 4 even worse, (they supposedly were looking into it and didn't know where the bugs were coming from, but it was on PC as well as console. They sent out updates that both broke your game and the computer/console you were using, smh...)

        However, when a game is actually properly made, it's entirely the rig's owner's fault for not updating or upgrading their equipment. In terms of computers, that moves a LOT faster than consoles, (PS3/xb360 lasted quite a long time), so I can see why there would be a bit of envy when a company releases primarily console games. (And why shouldn't they? PC is a playground for viruses, pirating, horrid game-breaking mods, and whiners crying that their computer isn't good enough but refuse to upgrade. It's an all-around headache and you'll lose at every turn!) It still, however, is not a grounds for calling a company one of "The Top 10 Worst Companies in the Video Game Industry".

        You don't have any evidence to support its place on the list outside of your own personal quarrels, (you had plenty for EA, for example), which is subjective entirely. PC gamers are often attributed to why games are so terrible nowadays, (always talking down on consoles, saying they run games prettier so devs try to make things look nice instead of having a good plot, etc.), and this really doesn't help. As aforementioned, PC gaming is a crap shoot for devs, and it's because people like this author will complain, regardless of what they get.

        While we're on the subject, why is Sony not on the list? Their PlayStation exclusive games definitely aren't on PC, yet you're giving R* crap for it? They honestly must be doing an amazing job if you feel bothered their games aren't on PC, because if they were shit, you wouldn't care. Once again, just go out and buy a console for less than half of what your PC costs. They're reverse compatible now and even have older games digitally available so there's some incentive to upgrade. Crying about a game not being on YOUR PREFERRED platform doesn't make the company garbage, (incredibly selfish of you to think so, either. Crybaby generation of gamers--no wonder there's so many cringeworthy kids on games!)

        As for SEGA, I'm only mad at them for selling the rights of Sonic the Hedgehog to Nintendo. They have no idea what they're doing. However, that hardly makes them one of the worst companies, as they were simply conducting business and it hasn't been particularly damaging to gameplay standards of other games. (Nor has it really caused much of a disruption because people will simply stop buying Sonic games, unlike EA's games apparently.)

      • profile image


        21 months ago

        I would add Wildcard and Bluehole.

      • profile image


        21 months ago

        TQ Digital.

        The worst gaming company with the absolute worst customer service. Does nothing about hackers/botters/scammers, the customer service bans players who do nothing wrong, and they claim to be a Free to play, when to get anywhere in their game Conquer Online, you have to spend thousands. And I mean thousands. Max +12 items, Boots $480 USD, Necklace $480 USD, Ring $360 USD, Tower $150 USD, Fan $150 USD, Crop $150 USD, Wings $150 USD, Steed $150 USD, Two Weapons $480 USD, Armour $300 USD, Headgear $240 USD. That's only the items. Perfection, a boost system in Conquer online; Each of the above items costs 20 +8 items to max the Perfection on each item. To put that into perspective, each +8 item costs $90 USD.10 items that require 20 +8 items each to max the Perfection. You're looking at over $20,000 USD just to make items.


        TQ Digital: 1/10

        Game - Conquer online: 2/10

        Would I recommend this company or game?

        NO, absolutely NOT.

      • profile image


        22 months ago

        If you don't like Capcom doesn't mean that it should be in '10 worst companies' list. Capcom has recently released great games like Resident evil 7 and Monster hunter world.

      • profile image


        24 months ago

        Small company, but Owl Cave Games. There was a project slated three years ago that I was contributing to.The project runner changed the project's name without telling me, avoided speaking to me, and only now told me she lost what I sent her. (After three years of living in development hell.) She started a company, seems to have lost interest in it, and can't be bothered telling the contributors about any changes.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        We have a new contender folks! Just when you thought it couldn't get shadier!

        Funcom has entered the ring!

        They recently added a word to the title of one of their games, doing some minor updates and calling it a new game. Then, they created duplicate accounts and required a manual button press to "transfer" the old account information to the new. However, this transfer could only open in a specified window, ensuring that people who come and go would miss it.

        Long story short, it was a scheme to renege on lifetime memberships so they'd have to buy in a second time if they want to keep their perks.

      • profile image

        No name 

        2 years ago

        Some one add studio wildcard

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        someone needs to add makers of pwi on this list

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Zenimax/ Bethseda ,EA, actvison, 2k studios,Take Two,Ubisoft, Rockstar.

        This are the top clowns worst offenders, openly promoting propganda and self serving interest with no fear by now of the worst ,political correct, ultra leftist, jewish, zionist political propaganda, stories or own studio politics in games on top the fact that you buying the game with propaganda and studio interests in it, 60$ for base of the game, + endless paid dlc which end up all together $200+, pay to win system which consist of cards and handicap gaming for the rest , most of money goes into marketing which pays corrupt gaming magazines which promote their games and have conflict of interest, marketing based on graphics while lacking game play, endless bugs which never get fixed, idiotic games aimed at console pesants and casual gamers or the mass ignorants, mergers of acquisition of studios to monopolize gaming and use their names.

        Really wake up people support indie gamers as kingdom come deliverance which give true good games in all aspects .

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        They say from the ground in which EA walks over, no grass shall ever grow!

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Were LJN, TIGER and what? idk

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Why is sega here

      • profile image


        2 years ago


      • profile image


        2 years ago

        You forgot about Bethesda

      • profile image

        tony bradshaw 

        2 years ago

        forgot microsoft

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Why is Warner not on this list?

        They are the most despicable bunch next to ea

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Lol @ Valve not being on this list.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Rockstar honestly shouldn't be on this list, if pc gamers want to play their games then buy a console, but every other one yeah I agree with, especially ubi EA and Activision, those companies should die.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        EA ,Take Two

        Ubisoft ,Rockstar

        Thise are the shittiest of companies who produce shitt garbage absolute trash with own personal politics propaganda ijn game, bugs dlc in game purchases idiotic shitty stories, every year. Why people never learn to burn these games and let these companies rott. They are just money, hungry pices of shit who produce crap and rub their politics into games and care less of customer base

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Where's the Eutechnyx Goddammit?! The company who created Ride to hell: retribution and the game based on Pimp my ride

      • profile image

        Mr J 

        3 years ago

        EA and ubisoft are the Worst game companys, all there games are trash,

        some of the others might be bad in some cases but they make alot more good games.

      • ImixGod profile image


        5 years ago

        who could forget the mess of Ion Storm

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        EA? Your the ones who caused pandemic's downfall? Ugh... my hate for you just got worse. Without you and disney we could already have a Star Wars: Battlefront 3 by now! Thank the heavens DICE is doing it now.

      • jklahlou profile image


        6 years ago

        I play EA's Battlefield Play 4 Free... all they are after is money, with no thought about improving the quality of their content or their games community, or customer service. Also as you mentioned, they often literally milk successful games absolutely dry: can think of quite a few examples.

      • ANDR01D profile imageAUTHOR


        7 years ago from Hell

        It was a dark day indeed for Blizzard fans everywhere when that merger happened.

      • Winterfate profile image

        Darrin Perez 

        7 years ago from Puerto Rico

        There's quite a few companies I didn't expect to see in this list. However (and rather unfortunately I might add), I know all about Activision's scummy ways. It's why Blizzard games are online only. It's why every single Blizzard title is now about finding more ways to monetize their IP. And to think that I used to be a Blizzard fanboy. Well, their merger with Activision ruined them. I'd rather starve to death than work for somebody like that.

        Thank you very much for this hub! Voted up and interesting!

      • ANDR01D profile imageAUTHOR


        7 years ago from Hell

        Oh yes. You'd better believe it. It's like I've heard before: video games are serious business.

      • tnvrstar profile image


        7 years ago from doha, qatar

        wow! lots of information. I like to play games but did not about the dark side of these companies.


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