10 Weird Ways to Make Millions of Gold in Runescape

Updated on August 4, 2017

Are you a new Runescape player? Are you a seasoned veteran who has been out of the loop for a while? Tired of every article suggesting you need to be endlessly wearing down your hatchet and pickaxe? This guide will fill you in on the most up-to-date gold-earning strategies developed in recent years. Whether you are looking to earn money for bonds in Free-to-Play, or just looking to earn money in general, this is the guide for you.

These methods are going to be simple, some are even downright easy for how much they pay. Some do not even require a membership subscription. There's no max-level, end game boss-killing found here. None of these methods need any exceptional skills whatsoever. Some of the higher end methods ask that you have a little to invest, which should be no problem considering how much you can earn using the cheaper methods. I will list the free or cheap methods first, followed by the more expensive methods.

1. Hunting Polar Kebbits – 330k/Hour (Free-to-Play)

Leave the camouflage at home, this hunting method requires no gear! Beginning at level 1, you can hunt these babies at the Hunting Area in Taverley. The only thing you need is a noose wand, and a little practice with following Kebbit tracks.

We are here to collect Polar Kebbit Fur, one of three drops from snagging these. I recommend binding the bones and raw beast meat to your action bar for quick burying and dropping.

Once full on fur, use a Home Teleport back to the lodestone near the bank to save yourself a little time. This method earns a tiny bit of Prayer experience, as well as around 3k Hunting experience on members servers.

2. Drinking Wine – 350k/Hour (Free-to-Play)

You heard me right, you can get paid for getting drunk in Runescape. If only it were so easy in real life, am I right? Simply buy jugs of wine, as many as you can afford, and let the chugging begin!

Binding these to a hot key on your action bar will make this process much easier. Your attack stat will lower, but that is nothing a super restore potion, or starting a dungeon in Daemonheim cannot fix.

3. Reselling Dragon Bitters – 380k/ Hour (Members)

While we are on the topic of making money from alcohol, here is another way that involves no drinking, for all of you purists out there.

At the Dragon Inn in Yanille, a foolish bartender is selling Dragon Bitters for only 2gp each, what a deal! Simply buy these to your heart’s content, completely taking advantage of this clueless bartender, then continue to the bank.

4. Killing Guards For Grapes – 500k/Hour (Free-to-Play)

This one is about as simple as it sounds. A player approaches unsuspecting guards, and murders them. Preferably guards around Varrock, or Falador, as they are plentiful in numbers.

We are killing these innocent men for their grapes. Each of these grapes is around 2.7k each. To keep efficiency and reach these numbers, I suggest being a higher combat level. A combat level of around 60+ is a recommendation.

5. Fletching Headless Arrows – 700k/hour (Free-to-Play)

Headless arrows are makeable at level 1 fletching and are available for free-to-play players. Buy as many feathers as you can afford, keeping in mind that about a third of that price is needed for buying arrow shafts. The downsides being the Grand Exchange limit to only 10,000 feathers every 4 hours and, on a free-to-play server, the cap on Fletching is only level 5. Switching to a member’s server could net you a bonus 30k or so fletching experience per hour.

6. Picking Bananas – 700k/Hour (Members)

Prepare yourself by buying baskets, hundreds of them. With an inventory full of about 23 baskets (you want room for the bananas), teleport using an Amulet of Glory to Karamja Island. You will be in the correct location at once, surrounded by banana trees. Add an empty basket to your action bar, and begin picking away. Your hot key should fill baskets with 5 bananas each. When full, use a Ring of Dueling to bank. Rinse and repeat. So easy…it is bananas.

7. Collecting Swamp Toads – 1m/Hour (Members)

Northwest of the Grand Tree, there are spawns with these profitable toady fiends. Fill your inventory with the toads, and pull their legs off on your way back southeast to the bank. It sounds brutal, but with profits this high, I think you will live with what you have done.

The respawn time here can be a little lengthy, up to 45 seconds. You can bring extra things to do here if you find yourself waiting, like the Headless Arrow method, since it does not take up much inventory space.

8. Cutting Granite – 1.2m/Hour (Members)

We are going to be taking advantage of players training the Summoning skill here. Specifically, those creating Granite Lobsters. Simply buy 2-kilogram pieces of Granite, and split them into 500-gram pieces. Each piece earns about 700 GP. Be sure to hotkey these repetitive actions to the action bar to make your life easier, and increase your productivity.

9. Making Mahogany Planks – 2.8m/Hour (Members)

For ages now, people have been carrying Mahogany logs to the saw mill. We are in 2017 though, and Portable Sawmills exist. Be sure to have a few million gold for thousands of Mahogany Logs, and a dozen Portable Sawmills. Set up near a bank, and convert those logs into easy profit.

Alternatively, if you lack the startup capital for Mahogany, the same method applies to Teak Logs. Break out your Portable Sawmill just the same, and make Teak Planks for around 1.7m an hour.

10. Tanning Black Dragonhide – 4m/Hour (Members)

This is a stupidly steep earning method for not requiring any skills whatsoever. Black dragonhide crafting is in huge demand. Where would these crafters be without us moochers tanning hides for them?

The only requirement here, is that you have some startup money to buy the materials. Also, to make sure we are in a profit margin, check market prices between Black Dragon Leather and Black Dragonhide. Make certain there is a margin of at least 200gp between the two. You can tan the leather in Burthorpe, or invest in a Portable Crafter for the largest profit.

Alternatively, Royal, Red, Blue, and Green Dragon Leather can all be a substitute (listed from least profitable to most profitable). The profits are not as high, but can still get up to a whopping 3.5m profit per hour. The method is still the same as Black Dragon Leather. Just make sure to have enough gold for the startup materials.

That is all folks. Profit, as easy as it could be. Now you have no excuse to not afford all the fancy gear of your dreams, or that membership fee hovering over your head. Be sure to keep these a secret so that you can show off in front of your friends without competition. Comment here if any of these work for you, or if you have any weird ways of your own to make Runescape gold.

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    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 months ago from Rep Boston MA

      A lot of good time tested ways to make gp in runescape! Almost all the alcohol drinks in RS will resell for a profit - notably Greenman's Ale as it boosts Herblore by a level for a minute when drunken. Looking forward to more guides!