5 Reasons Why You Should Play "World of Warcraft: Legion"

Updated on August 4, 2020
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"World of Warcraft: Legion" is an expansion for Blizzard's epic MMORPG.
"World of Warcraft: Legion" is an expansion for Blizzard's epic MMORPG.

5 Great Features of World of Warcraft: Legion

  1. Artifact Trait Trees
  2. Class Halls
  3. A Revitalisation of Player vs. Player
  4. Cultural References
  5. The Wardrobe

The Ashbringer artifact upgrade "tree."
The Ashbringer artifact upgrade "tree."
The trait tree for my arcane mage artifact. Notice how different it is from that of Ashbringer's.
The trait tree for my arcane mage artifact. Notice how different it is from that of Ashbringer's.

1. Artifact Trait Trees

There’s something about talent trees that is just so mesmerising. Especially the non-linear ones. Do you go left or right? Which is the easiest route, or the most rewarding one? OMG! Does this prescribed route truly suit my style of gameplay?

Trees! Trees! And More Trees!

Blizzard obviously understands the lure of such trees, and so they built their main selling point for Legion around it. Each player now gets up to three artifacts, or legendary weapons, each of which comes with unique traits and a different powering up system. Through the collection of relics, you decide how and when to power-up your weapon. To give even more depth to the system, each trait has different levels of empowerment. An additional “gemming” function allows you to work different routes simultaneously, aiming for the quickest way for these routes to meet.

Are you giddy already? Is this not way superior to grinding for tens of badges and emblems in raids and dailies in order to get that one piece of legendary gear which comes with a standard, boring enhancement? There were hundreds of forum threads heatedly discussing all possible routes throughout the lifespan of the Legion expansion.

The Mage Class Hall in "World of Warcraft: Legion."
The Mage Class Hall in "World of Warcraft: Legion."

2. Class Halls

The Garrison concept in Warlords of Draenor was a bold move. Problem was, it was poorly executed, and it quickly became a tiresome chore.

Take, for example, follower missions. After all the effort involved with recruiting, leveling and gearing followers, they became redundant before the first major patch hit. Successful missions hardly reward rare resources. Heck, even the occasional gear given is nothing compared to just walking out of the garrison and killing something with a silver dragon.

Class Halls Are the Garrison Concept Done Right

Legion addresses these fails by introducing the streamlined Class Hall concept. Gone are all the confusing and distracting profession chores. Whatever you do here has a direct, useful impact on your class. Followers, renamed as Champions, actively assist with leveling up the player or hunting for gear enhancement. There’s also an upgrade tree to fuss over, one that yields practical gaming advantages instead of cosmetic enhancements. Oh, have I mentioned there are Class Hall armor sets too?

Truth be told, after all the chores involved with maintaining the Draenor Garrison, the Class Hall initially felt a little underwhelming. So . . . very few things to do, if you know what I mean. It was only after a few hours of playing that I understood the superiority of the concept. By removing professions from the equation, far more detailed and meaningful progressions could be introduced for your chosen crafts. You also do not have to waste gaming time micromanaging tasks that are ultimately unproductive. All in all, a winning concept. One which I excitedly await the next enhancements for.

The PvP talent system added in "World of Warcraft: Legion."
The PvP talent system added in "World of Warcraft: Legion."

3. A Revitalisation of Player vs. Player

Blizzard always insisted on separating Player-Versus-Player (PvP) and Player-Versus-Environment (PvE). Their justification probably was, someone who geared up by devoting hours to whacking other players shouldn’t get to enjoy end-game story content right away with their awarded gear.

To do so, they introduced dramatic changes to PvP with each expansion, frequently in the form of simplifications or confusing gear concepts. Over time, this somewhat drove the shine out of PvP. With Legion, Blizzard executes its most dramatic PvP change yet by introducing the brand new Honor System. Players at level cap now earn Honor not to buy gear, but to build up a fresh set of talents. These talents benefit PvP gameplay exclusively.

Yes! Another talent tree! Which, by the way, works differently from the traditional one. Along the way, you get opportunities to earn loot or gold too.

On top of which, there is little reason to stop PvPing after finishing the Honor System. You could reset it in exchange for a Prestige rank. Prestige ranks rewards cosmetic enhancements and even mounts.

What needs to be mentioned is that PvP gear is trashed (for the time being). Gone is the age-old question of whether PvP gear should be good enough for raiding, and all the efforts to prevent such usage. Gone too is the need to build up two sets of gear. What you wear is good enough for anything. How well you perform, though, depends on how hard you have worked on building those Honor talents.

As a frost mage, I've long dreamed of being Elsa ...
As a frost mage, I've long dreamed of being Elsa ... | Source

4. Cultural References

World of Warcraft has always been heavy with pop culture references. With Legion, Blizzard lets it go and pumps up these references to fill every corner.

I mean, as in literally. An upgrade trait for my frost mage artifact is named Let It Go. Another trait is called Ice Age. On my fire mage artifact, it is imperative to earn the Great Balls of Fire trait.

And then you have achievements with names like “Azsuna” Matata, and Ain't No Mountain High Enough. There is a reference to Hogwarts in a quest chain too.

Admittedly, appreciating these references is somewhat of an acquired taste. Some players might even find them corny. If you have been WoWing for a while, however, chances are you would look forward to encountering them. The fun in noticing them aside, it could also be educational. Few years back, I finally got down to reading Hemingway. Because of all those quest titles derived from the names of his stories.

The Wardrobe panel.
The Wardrobe panel.

5. The Wardrobe

Bags used to sell really well in the game. Everybody needed more slots to store their obsolete gear for transmogrification. There was also the need to store all sorts of reagents, rare drops, etc.

But bags were never enough, since you could only have a limited few. To resolve the problem, Blizzard introduced void storage, the toy box and the reagent bank tab. With Legion, they complete the operation by introducing the Wardrobe.

It's Time to Collect!

That’s right. A dedicated interface just for transmogrification. Every appearance you have accumulated, including those prior to Legion, is added the moment you launch the expansion. The moment you soulbound anything, that appearance is immediately added.

Best of all, you don’t forfeit any appearance just because you chose the other quest reward. Regardless of your choice at the end of a quest, the appearances of all possible gear rewards are added.

How does that sound? Enough to get you storming all those retro dungeons and raids just to collect more looks? Did I also mention there are achievements tagged to the Wardrobe, with the meta one rewarding the title of the Fabulous?

Imagine yourself standing in downtown Stormwind or Orgrimmar, donning your coolest or weirdest gear. With that title: [Your Name Here] the Fabulous

How cool is that?

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    • CYong74 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Singapore

      Hey Cheeky! I'm sorry to hear that. WoW is one of the best value-for-money games about, with so much things to enjoy from it. I hope one day you get to play it.

      Then again, maybe it's best that you don't. It's long established that WoW is terribly addictive and takes away your time from everything else. You wouldn't have time for Anime once you've started! :P

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 

      3 years ago from Milky Way

      Have always wanted to play this. Unfortunately, internet here is clunky and inconsistent so I can't really play it as smooth as possible.


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