5 Things to Do in "Destiny 2" Endgame

Updated on July 15, 2019
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I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.

"Destiny 2": A Controversial Title

Destiny 2 is a somewhat controversial title among gamers considering the negativity surrounding the game upon its release. Following DLC announcements, content creators were all too eager to brand the game "dead" and rant about how Warframe is better. (While I do love the latter too, its all a matter of preference.) However, especially when Bungie split from Activision, the game's reception has improved dramatically with the same content creators giving it a chance; personally, I loved the game ever since buying it on-release but, this is an article for another time.

This piece assumes you beat all of the main story missions from the Curse of Osiris DLC onwards and yes, this article is spoiler-free since I respect my fellow Guardians and their desire for our game's lore. No, the game is NOT dead, it takes no time for me to find a fireteam or a Crucible PvP match on PC not to mention other players running around exploring and even jumping in to help in a firefight to score some gear.

Even a lowly handgun in "Destiny 2" has endless potential for adventure and gameplay, because that same handgun's journey to legendary masterwork would make Rocky Balboa blush.

1. Upgrade your Gear

The Shadowkeep DLC pack was announced on 17th September 2019. (It's on the front page of Steam and anything Destiny 2 related, so it's not a spoiler, calm down.) therefore, this means more powerful enemies to defeat and better gear to unlock. Powerful enemies require powerful weapons and armor so, you need to start working on upping your arsenal and armor while collecting extra cool stuff on the journey.

Destiny Is Not Borderlands

After buying the first DLC for Destiny 2, I made the mistake of not pursuing infusion components, raising my gear score or even completing adventure missions and instead, diving head first into the new story content only to be curb stomped by a group of low-level enemies. This happened not only because I was arrogant enough to assume that my action skills, abilities were enough but also because I thought Destiny 2 was Borderlands, i.e. your existing guns can't be upgraded and you need to get more powerful ones. Hence, the ones I picked up before had plenty of work to go before being able to hack it.

Weapons can also be upgraded with rare but valuable modifiers you get from dismantling other items and sometimes, can come from drops alongside customising their traits to optimise your build—I tweaked mine to be Rambo with higher magazine capacity, faster handling, rate of fire and reload speed. Armor also needs attention considering the right gear set can make you almost unstoppable in not only PvE but PvP/Crucible—like the weapons, it can also be upgraded by infusion and modified for individual traits.

Overall, Destiny 2 will always birth powerful enemies to defeat so engaging in planet-hopping personal quests to upgrade your gear is highly productive unless you like being stomped by a group of basic enemies or even low-level players who get lucky a time too much.

2. Ranked Game Modes

Aside from the main story, Destiny 2 has other modes; Strikes where fireteams of players engage in raids to obtain high-level rewards, Crucible which is, essentially, competitive multiplayer with deathmatch and domination game modes and my favorite, Gambit which is a combination of PvE and PvP. While the game is not trying to be Call of Duty or CS:GO, the competitive modes are very fun and playable with their own nuances to the formula.

The game also has special events within said modes that yield exclusive rewards and quests to complete the more you engage in the activities within. I play them all. Deathmatch plays like Unreal Tournament with high jumps, high speed and fights that require pro gamer reflexes to master.

3) Become a Bounty Hunter

Whether it's from individual characters or merchants, there are bounties of varying difficulty to pursue and complete; spanning the entire game world of several planets and locations on them. Bounties improve your standing with the giver hence, yield better rewards from them. Those bounties are also a challenge where you have to do more than just shoot a big enemy till he falls—it depends on the bounty giver. For example, a weapons merchant wanted me to test out a scout rifle on specific enemy types. However, even that is not the end considering the game has weekly and daily bounties to complete effectively, making the game endless in this regard.

4. Exploration

Destiny 2 has a beautifully crafted game world with a very diverse landscape where even the base game has a variety to spare; you will go from exploring what's left of Earth to an oil rig on a water planet to futuristic cities. However, it's more than just a pretty face since there are secrets to find which shed light on the game's lore. Travelling around, you would see something interesting and minutes later, you found a part of the level you have never seen before; knowing more about the main characters of Destiny 2 and their input on the game's world.

Finding relics of their own quests and scanning it with your companion. Another benefit to exploration, I know I discovered this through just wandering the world and clearing out Lost Sectors, is finding an item which gives my main class a subclass meaning, new attacks and traits to my character. Afterward, I had another upgrade path to choose.

5. Pursuits

After completing a significant event or finding a legendary weapon, it is likely that it would have a side-quest attached to it; my Pursuits menu has a lot of them where some are borderline impossible without a lot of preparation and even help from your fellow guardians. Solving riddles, figuring things out in the world and even going detective mode and searching for clues across the game world; roleplaying as a futuristic, super-powered detective with guns bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando.

A Timeless Title

Overall, Destiny 2 is a game you can play for several years on end with more content and updates getting released alongside expansion pack announcements—giving yet more goals to complete in preparation. There are many treasures to find, enemies to defeat and gameplay experiences to discover in the game—making each session your own personal story most modern writers can only dream of.

Destiny 2 has a lot of things to find that were not even mentioned elsewhere, giving a bit of classic MMORPG gameplay where you are figuring things out by yourself and shaping your game experience. Even a lowly handgun has endless potential for adventure and gameplay, because that same handgun's journey to legendary masterwork would make Rocky Balboa blush.

Questions & Answers

  • How to get easy exotics?

    Participate in in-game events and raids with Fireteams. Also, play the PvP Crucible game. It would also help to install the Destiny 2 companion app as Bungie regularly posts updates regarding events, exotics, and other special rewards. Try to interact with NPCs to receive special quests to gain exotics. Sounds easy enough. There is no "cheat" way where no effort is required to get exotics.

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