Guild Wars 2 Beginner's Guide to Crafting

Updated on July 22, 2016

Guild Wars 2 Crafting Pane


Guild Wars 2 Changing the Craft System

Learn how the craft system works in Guild Wars 2 with this basic beginner’s guide. This guide introduces the player to the ins and outs of the Craft system in the game.

It will cover:

  • The Crafts Available to the Player
  • How Many Crafts a Player Can Level
  • How Gathering Works in the Game
  • Learn about Fine Crafting Material
  • What Stats Fine Crafting Materials Give
  • How to Craft an Item
  • How to Discover New Recipes with the Discovery Pane
  • Storage of Crafting Material in Collectibles Tab

More Than One Active Craft

The player can choose from eight different crafts in the game and have a total of two active crafts. The first significant change in the crafting system is player can level all crafts. The player can choose to change the active craft and learn another craft. The only sanction the player incurs in this option is financial. There is no loss of recipes or advancement in the exchanging of crafts.

The following is a list of the crafts the player can choose from along with the products of that craft:

  • Armor smith: Crafts Heavy Armor and Inventory Box(Bags)
  • Tailor: Crafts Light Armor and Bags
  • Leatherworker: Crafts Medium Armor and Bags
  • Huntsman: Crafts Bows, Harpoon Guns, Rifles, Torches and War horns.
  • Weaponsmith: Swords, Axes, Daggers, Hammers Shields, Spears
  • Artificer: Magical Weapons: Foci, Staves, Scepters, and Tridents.
  • Jeweler: Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings as well as improved Gems.
  • Chef: Foods and Dye

There are no gathering professions listed. This is because Arena Net takes a different approach.

A merchant will sell all the various tools needed for crafting.
A merchant will sell all the various tools needed for crafting. | Source

Gathering And Salvaging Materials

Gathering professions do not exist in the game. The players may gather all nodes of all type. There are three different gathering nodes. These are plants, wood, or mining. Nodes appear only for the player and will only disappear for the player who gathers that nodes . There is no competition over nodes in the game. This differs from the traditional gathering methods in other MMOs.

All a player needs to do to start gathering from nodes is to equip the proper gathering tool. The three gathering tools are pick, axe, and sickle with specific equipment slots for each tool. The player can purchase these tools from merchants in the game.

The player will need to upgrade to other forms of these tools as they enter new areas with higher level nodes.

A bronze pick axe will work for copper nodes, but it will not work on iron nodes. This requires an iron pick axe instead. This exchange of better tools for better nodes takes place every ten levels.

There is one other way to obtain materials and this is through salvaging. It is also the only way to obtain cloth and leather in the game.

Any weapon and armor piece can be salvaged, broken down into base materials. The player will receive a small amount of material from each salvaged material.

Enemies will drop hides, scraps of leather, or pieces of cloth, requiring the player to use the salvage method to obtain workable material.

The player needs a salvage kit to salvage items. Salvage kits come in stacks of 15 or 25. Vendors sell kits and the player can purchase them with coin or karma. There are also various levels to the salvage kits like crafting tools. Higher level kits increase the player’s chance of keeping slotted items from items.

The crafting menu and recipe list in Guild Wars 2.
The crafting menu and recipe list in Guild Wars 2. | Source

Jewel Crafting And Cooking

The professions of Jewel Crafting and Cooking are different than the other professions as they don't use the special mob items that are required for the other crafts. Instead Jewel crafting uses of course gems and cooking uses store bought ingredients, though meat products do drop off of mobs for cooking.

Fine Crafting Materials and Stats

The basics of the crafting system is easy enough to understand. The player starts with basic component pieces and recipes for them. Some crafts will also include a simple recipe for a completed item from the craft, a pair of pants for instance.

As an example, the player wants to create leather pants. The player creates the leather leg pads and the cloth leg linings needed for the leather pants. This does not finish the item There is a missing piece, the fine crafting component.

Fine crafting materials are special items that drop from enemies or get crafted later using these dropped items. These items grant the stat bonuses on a completed item.

These are the fine crafting materials in the game and the stats they give:

  • Vials of Blood Give Power Stat
  • Scales Give Defense
  • Venom Sacs Give Condition Damage Bonus
  • Bones Give Vitality
  • Claws Give Precision
  • Totems Give Healing

This system gives the player the ability to control the stats that go on the players equipment. This allows for player customization on a whole new level to suit the player’s play style. This is the basics of the craft system in the game.

An item will require two component items and the fine crafting materials.

The player increasing their expertise in the craft adds new basic component recipes. The player needs to discover all other recipes for finished items. This is biggest difference from other craft systems.

The Discovery pane in Guild Wars 2 crafting were a player learns new recipes for their craft.
The Discovery pane in Guild Wars 2 crafting were a player learns new recipes for their craft. | Source

Discovering New Recipes in Guild Wars 2

Discovery plays a key role in the crafting system in the game. This system of discovery builds off the basic design of the crafting system.

Early on in the stages of crafting the player gets recipes that build on the fine crafting components. These new items are symbols. These symbols become the fine crafting component and use he previous outlined fine crafting components to construct the symbols.

To discover new recipes is simple. Following the basics of the previous outline to craft a pair of pants, the player constructs the two basic components and then crafts one of these symbols.

The player opens the discover pane from the left hand tab options. From the discovery pane the player drags the two component items and either a fine crafting item or one of these symbols. The discovery pane will then say, looks a new recipe can be discovered do you wish to craft.

Clicking yes will reward with the player with a new recipe and a great deal of experience towards the craft.

Not only will you discover a new recipe, but will also gain almost a full 2 levels worth of experience towards your craft.
Not only will you discover a new recipe, but will also gain almost a full 2 levels worth of experience towards your craft. | Source
The collectibles tab in the bank where every crafting mat has its own preset spot to be deposited into the bank.
The collectibles tab in the bank where every crafting mat has its own preset spot to be deposited into the bank. | Source

Collectibles Holding In Bank:

Guild Wars 2 eases the pain of bag space and bank space.

This is done in two ways. The first is no matter where the player is in the game world the play may deposit crafting collectibles into the bank.

This is done by opening the bag right clicking on the gear that will be in the upper right hand corner and simply clicking deposit all collectibles.

This is immensely helpful in the early stages of the game with limited player bag space.

There is a special location in the bank just for collectibles. This is how the game alleviates the issues of bank space. Each collectible has its own spot and icon in the collectibles tab.

The bank is also accessible from any crafting station in the game. The player does not even need to have crafting items in bags to create items as the game will just pull the items from the collectible tabs. Also, the bank is not character specific but account wide.

These intuitive game designs alleviates one of the biggest issues in other MMOs, wasting time by managing by having to maintain inventory on a character and between multiple characters.

That is the basics of the crafting in Guild Wars 2. As of yet, in the early levels no recipe required 4 boxes in order to actually craft and discover a new recipe. Yet, in all likely hood, this fourth box will be used later in the game to craft very powerful items and learn the best recipes.

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      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

        Thanks for the crafting tips for this game.

      • profile image

        lingk 5 years ago

        This was very helpful. It answered a lot of questions I had about crafting.

      • Keith Engel profile image

        Keith Engel 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

        @ Earl Yes, I still play on a very casual basis. I am happy you found my guide detailed and easy to read. I put a lot of effort into the structure of my hubs for that purpose.

      • profile image

        EarlHarr 5 years ago

        This is a great guide, I originally looked at which don't get me wrong is a good guide, but it lacks the detail of your guide.

        I do also like the way you have categorized your hub, it's clean and easy to read.

        Do you still play Guild Wars 2? Thanks - Earl

      • Keith Engel profile image

        Keith Engel 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

        @ Aegis

        Thanks for your comments. I wanted to keep a simple basic guide on just how crafting works overall in Guild Wars 2 since in game, and even in my own guild, I have seen people ask about how crafting works.

        I actually went back and edited the article to reflect that a player can have 2 crafts equipped, but can actually later choose to equip another with out losing progress in that craft.

      • profile image

        Aegis Judge 5 years ago

        This is the most amazing & epic release i've seen since the release of Vanilla WoW...from december 2004 i've been playing WoW; now it's time to move on to something that definitely deserves buying. Buy once play forever, i & many others can guarantee it's worth it.

        @Keith: Thank you very much for the basic explanation, trying to figure out which to pick & be happy with


        Aegis Judge of Crystal Desert US

      • Keith Engel profile image

        Keith Engel 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


        Thank you for your kind words and comment concerning the look and detail of my pages. As you can imagine, I put great effort and time into getting them set up in such fashion.

        Concerning Guild Wars 2, thankfully, unlike other MMOs that require you to pay to play the game. Guild Wars 2 doesn't require this. Though you still have to buy the game, once this is done the game is free.

      • Alice Pinder profile image

        Allison Elizabeth Pinder 5 years ago from Reston, Virginia

        I loved this article. I always wanted to try this game. But I end up playing free games now. I love how detailed your pages are. Great job!


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