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Finding Pet Vendors in "World of Warcraft" Up to Northrend

I am the mother of four boys, all grown. I am an avid gamer, with a particular love for "World of Warcraft"!

If you are looking for the NPCs that are friendly to both factions and sell pets to both Alliance and Horde, this is your guide to finding them. I will tell you exactly where to find these NPCs in Outlands, Northrend, and the original WoW zones. These pets are mostly BoE, or Bind on Equip. There are a few that are BoP, or Bind on Pickup.

Many of these NPCs are in higher-level areas, so your character needs to be high enough level to get to the areas. First, though, there are a couple of places that are not in Outlands or Northrend. There is one in Booty Bay, one in Thousand Needles, and one in Winterspring. There's also the recurring event of the Darkmoon Faire.

The Winterspring Cub

This beautiful little cub can be found in Winterspring at Everlook. The NPC that sells this little cutie is in the Everlook Inn. When you enter the Inn head to the back left corner of the building. Michelle De Rum, pet collector, will be standing there.

She has two of the cubs standing beside her, so she is not hard to find. She also does repairs so you will see the anvil when you mouse over her. They are BoE and she has an unlimited supply.

Narkk sells parrots in Booty Bay.

Narkk sells parrots in Booty Bay.

Parrots in Booty Bay

You will find the Senegal and Cockatiel Parrots in Booty Bay. Start on the dock from the boat. As you are heading into Booty Bay the first building you come to on your left is where you will find the parrot vendor. This building is the Old Port Authority building.

Enter the first door you come to and turn left. There will be two vendors at the end of the building. The vendor you are looking for is Narkk. He has the title "Pirate Supplies" but he sells the parrots. You will know you have found him when you see a Goblin that has two parrots flying around behind him. These are BoE.

"Plucky" Johnson will sell you the Ancona Chicken.

"Plucky" Johnson will sell you the Ancona Chicken.

The Ancona Chicken

Finding the NPC that sells the Ancona Chicken is pretty easy. Fly to Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge in Thousand Needles. You will want to fly Southeast of the speedbarge to Tirth's Haunt. Here you will see a chicken running around with some smaller ones following it. This is "Plucky" Johnson, the NPC that sells the Ancona Chicken.

He is getting zapped by a guy standing in the big blue circle. You have to right click on him to get him to stop. When you right click on him he will stop and change into a person, allowing you to buy a chicken from him. These are BoE.

If you arrive at the speedbarge by flight path you will be able to see the large blue spot on the horizon if you are facing South East. Just head for that spot and you will find him!

Darkmoon Faire

At the Darkmoon Faire you will find Flik, a little kid chasing a frog around the Faire. He sells the Tree frog and the Wood Frog. He has unlimited quantities of the Tree Frog (BoE) and only one of the Wood Frog (BoE). The Wood Frog respawns for sale in 15 to 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes. You have to click on him to get him to stop so you can buy from him.

Seek out Dealer Rashaad in Netherstorm for a variety of pets.

Seek out Dealer Rashaad in Netherstorm for a variety of pets.


In Outlands you will find an NPC at the Stormspire in Netherstorm, Dealer Rashaad exotic creatures vendor. As you exit the Inn turn left and you will see some NPC's standing there. You can walk straight to Rashaad. He sells Senegal the Parrot (which you can also get in Booty Bay), the Siamese Cat, the Cockroach (which Horde can get in Undercity), the Crimson Snake (which Horde can get in Orgrimmar), the Brown Rabbit, the Red Moth Egg, the Blue Dragonhawk, and the Mana Wyrmling. These are all BoE pets, so you can buy a couple and send to another toon or a friend!

Breanni sells pets inside this building.

Breanni sells pets inside this building.

Finding Vanity Pets in Dalaran

To find the vanity pets sold in Dalaran, arrive by flight path. As you leave Krasus' Landing to enter the city of Dalaran, turn to your right. There you will see Mei Francis selling a bear, gryphon, and mammoth mounts. The NPC you are looking for, Breanni, is in the building right behind Mei Francis.

Breanni sells several vanity pets that are BoE. She sells the Calico Cat, the Albino Snake, and the Obsidian Hatchling. She also sells some pretty cool accessories for your pets, so even if you are not there to buy a pet check out the accessories she has. You are sure to find something one of your pets will need!


Visiting the Underbelly

From Breanni's place go to your left and into the Underbelly of Dalaran. Do Not go left to the dueling area, instead go to the right to the Black Market. Take the boardwalk to the right. At the end of this boardwalk you will find Darahir who sells reagents and magical goods.

He also sells the Ghosly Skull. The Ghostly Skull is BoP, Bind on Pickup, so you will not be able to pick this ghostly thing up for a friend or another toon. It is a little eerie seeing characters run around with a laughing skull following them around!


Toys in Dalaran

The last place to visit in Dalaran for vanity pets is The Wonderworks. You can find this shop across from The Violet Citadel. Leaving the Violet Citadel go across the street to the stairway that leads to the shops there. Go up the stairs and turn to your left. Enter the shop at the top of the stairway. In this shop you will find the NPC Jepetto Joybuzz.

He sells quite a few fun things for various amounts. He sells the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot. This vanity pet is BoP. He also sells the Blue Crashin' Thrashin' Racer, also BoP, the Toy Train Set, also BoP, the Wind-Up Train Wrecker, that is also BoP. He sells some things that are not BoP, but they have a limit of times you can use them. The grindgear toy gorilla is very cute to watch run around, but you only get one use out of him. The paper Zeppelin has 5 charges.

Check out what he has to sell, you might find something fun! The clockwork assistant behind the counter also sells these things.