A Punishing, Yet Rewarding MMORPG Experience: "Realm of the Mad God"

Updated on April 27, 2020
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Jesse is a veteran gamer with countless hours of experience, ranging from the original GameBoy to the latest consoles.

Do You Enjoy Challenging Gameplay?

If so, then this is the game for you!

With permadeath mechanics and the extremely challenging and fast-paced nature of the bullet-hell genre, this game certainly isn't for everybody. It requires skill, whether it be from inherent gaming skills, or lots of practice. This game is sure to keep you on your toes!

Co-Op at Its Best

In Realm of the Mad God, you control a character from one of the 15 classes available, tasked with the challenge of defeating Oryx, the Mad God, who's realm you're teleported to in order to become food for his minions. Gameplay consists of fighting Oryx's minions (and himself) in various procedurally-generated realms and dungeons.

RotMG does an amazing job at being a game that can be enjoyed with others, but can also be played solo without an inherent need of others. However, although the game can (mostly) be played solo if desired, the varied classes make co-op a more desirable experience, with:

  • Priests healing entire parties
  • Archers paralyzing foes
  • Warriors buffing allies

to name just a few advantages of playing together with friends and strangers.

In my opinion, the game is much more enjoyable with friends or strangers you meet on your journeys, but it's great to know I have the ability to do most activities in the game by myself. As even if it can be much more tedious and time consuming, it can also be more rewarding!

"RotMG" does an amazing job at being a game that be enjoyed with others, but can also be played solo without an inherent need of others.

Players coordinating to form a heart
Players coordinating to form a heart

Leveling, Maxing, Pets, and the Long Grind

In RotMG, the best way to go about completing your goal, whether it be the "main" goal (defeating Oryx), or getting the item you want from the coveted white bag--a loot drop containing some of the most rare and desired items in the game--is to level and max your character, through the consumption of stat potions.

Reaching the max level, 20, while perhaps time-consuming for newer players, can be easily done in about 20 minutes or less by experienced players.

Maxing your character, a process in which you max out your character's stats through the use of stat potions, can however be a much longer and tedious process. Stat potions are dropped from monsters in the Godlands (the most difficult area in a realm, not including dungeons), and from various dungeons. Going the traditional route by farming Godlands and dungeons for pots, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on how efficient and risky you play the game, as well as how good your gear is. Luckily, there are other ways of obtaining stat potions and other items, such as through trading.

Pets, while seemingly not a big impact, are essential to making your character more powerful. Pets are not only incredibly powerful, they're also pretty much the only progression system that affects the strength of your character. Unlike the gear and stats on your character, pets are not lost upon death. Rather, they're simply sent back to your Pet Yard when you die, waiting to be picked up by your next character!


Yes, there is a trading system in RotMG! This mechanic allows for a substantial amount of time to be saved obtaining gear and pots.

While there is no set tradeable currency, the "base" currency is stat potions, especially the defence stat potion. Def pots are regarded as the most desirable potion, as maxing your defence stat makes it much easier to survive, saving your character from permanent death. There are life potions which increase the amount of health points your character has, however they are much more rare, making them technically more valuable, and as such cannot be deemed as the base currency.

There are many other tradeable items, other ones for example being of high value and desirability, are character skins, which when consumed, grant your account permanent access to the skin.

Pets, while seemingly not a big impact, are essential to making your character more powerful.

Players fighting Oryx, the Mad God
Players fighting Oryx, the Mad God

Absolutely Addictive

I don't think it's possible to put into words how ridiculously addicting this game is. I have been playing RotMG for 6+ years, and while I have gotten bored of it occasionally, I always get sucked back in. I don't go more than a couple months without getting the urge to play again. What contributes the most to this, I believe, is:

  • Simple, yet very attractive, pixel graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
  • Class/weapon/ability variety
  • Trading!

In conclusion, all I have to say is, I love this damn game!


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