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"Extraordinary Ones" Game Guide for New Players

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"Extraordinary Ones" is a 5v5 team-based MOBA game.

"Extraordinary Ones" is a 5v5 team-based MOBA game.

In this article, you will

  • learn the gameplay and rules of the game.
  • get familiar with the Lane and Jungle Creeps.
  • get acquainted with Track Gold and Chest Skills.
  • learn the games' Hero Roles.
  • understand the Fan System of the game.

Not a regular school day!

— from the App Store introduction

What Is "Extraordinary Ones"?

Extraordinary Ones (EO) is another player to the mobile MOBA genre. Developed by HK Hero Entertainment and NetEase, EO offers a new environment and experience that could potentially rival that of the current kings of mobile MOBAs. The game is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

PlatformCategoryGameplayPayment Scheme

Mobile (iOS, Android)

MOBA, Strategy

Action, Team-based Competitive Play

Free-to-play, In-app-purchases

What Makes This Game Different

The game is basically the same as the other MOBA titles out there. However, there is one obvious thing that separates it from the rest: ANIME!

EO has got a huge potential player base from anime lovers. The game borrows heavily from the Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academy, a popular manga and anime show from Japan. The graphics, character styles, skills, and stories are heavily anime-related. The arena map is created in a style like that of rival schools where famous students fight against one another to earn fame and fans.

There are a few things that EO added to their own version of MOBA as well. There are Chest items or skills that can help turn the tide in your favor. These are detailed below. Furthermore, EO also introduced the Awakening skill system. It simply means that after reaching a certain level, a hero's ultimate skill gets an awakened version that adds another perk to it.

It's anime-based design is what makes Extraordinary Ones stand out from the rest of mobile MOBAs out there.

It's anime-based design is what makes Extraordinary Ones stand out from the rest of mobile MOBAs out there.

Guide to the Game

Gameplay and Rules

Like all other MOBA games, EO is played by an individual in a five-man team.

  • Each team's goal is to be strong enough to beat the other team and destroy their main base.
  • One game usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Each individual may adopt a role based on a chosen character or hero. Roles are further explained in the corresponding section below.

EO follows the general MOBA rules. That means that before you can destroy the enemy team's main base, you must first destroy at least one lane of towers guarding the base. There are three lanes overall. Killing a hero or assisting in the kill awards extra experience and gold. Dying in a fight also takes your hero out of the game for seconds depending on your hero's level. All heroes have a maximum level of 16.

Completing tutorial courses not only helps your game, it gives rewards as well.

Completing tutorial courses not only helps your game, it gives rewards as well.

Lane and Jungle Creeps

At the start of the game, each team's lane creeps or minions, composed of one range and two melee units, march towards the enemy base on the Top, Middle, and Bottom lanes. Lane creeps give experience and gold to heroes killing them or near them when killed. The creeps attack opposing creeps, heroes, and towers when near their range. Destroying the last tower in a lane upgrades that lane's creeps into the Mega version of themselves. Lane creeps spawn every 30 seconds.

There are fifteen jungle camps in the EO arena, not counting the boss. Three camps on each team's top and three on the bottom and one chest item creep on each top and bottom as well. The remaining jungle creep is called Mr. Toad. His nest is located on top-left and bottom-right corners of the map. If he is killed on top lane, he spawns next in the bottom lane. All jungle creeps, except Mr. Toad, spawn at the 30-second mark after the start of the game and respawn every two minutes when killed.

Blue Jungle Creeps (Team-Side Top Lane)

  • Librarian: Killing the Librarian gives the hero who made the kill an accompanying blue dragon for one minute. The dragon passively gives 2% SP regeneration per second and attacks your target enemy hero. Gives EXP and gold.
  • Pencil Head: Gives EXP and gold.
  • Pencil Sharpener: Gives EXP and gold.
These are the blue jungle creeps.

These are the blue jungle creeps.

Red Jungle Creeps (Teamside Bottom)

  • Weightlifter: Killing Mr. Champion gives the hero who made the kill an accompanying red dragon from one minute. The red dragon attacks your target enemies and has a 5-second spell that slows enemy heroes.
  • Scorekeeper: Gives EXP and gold.
  • Sharpshooter: Gives EXP and gold.
These are the red jungle creeps.

These are the red jungle creeps.

  • Chest Creep: Re-spawns after 2 minutes when killed. Gives a Chest skill to the hero that kills it as well as EXP and gold.
  • Mr. Toad: Spawns at the 2-minute mark at the start of the game. Re-spawns after 2 minutes when killed. Any team that kills Mr. Toad converts him to that team's side and attacks the enemy team's towers. Gives EXP and gold.
  • Big Boss (Giant Cat): Spawns at the 8-minute mark after the start of the game. Re-spawns after 3 minutes when killed. If your team kills the Big Boss, all your teammates will get the Quick Portal Chest skill that will allow you to teleport back to base in 2 seconds. Big Boss will also appear in your base where any teammate can mount him, giving that hero the control of the Big Cat and his abilities for 100 seconds. He must be mounted in a minute or your team will lose control over him. Furthermore, killing the Big Boss upgrades your lane creeps to Mega creeps for the duration that Big Boss is under your control.
The Track Chest, Big Boss, and Mr. Toad.

The Track Chest, Big Boss, and Mr. Toad.

Track Gold and Chest

At the 20-second mark after the start of the game, gold runes (Gold Track) will spawn in the top and safe Track where the Big Boss Cat spawns. Taking it gives you 50 gold. Track Gold appears in the middle lane as well every minute within the first four minutes.

Every minute-mark, Chest runes appear in the same location. Chest runes give you Chest skills randomly. The skills are as follows:

  • Quick Portal: Allows you to teleport to your base in 2 seconds.
  • Farsight: Spawns a ward or sentry at your location that sees any enemy that passes near it. It is visible to the enemy though. When they see it, they can attack and destroy it. Lasts 120 seconds.
  • Heal: Gives you a buff that restores 30% of max HP in 30 seconds.
  • Reinforcement From Above: Parachutes a Mega Melee creep on your location. It automatically attacks nearby enemies.
  • Curse: Slows down target enemy hero's Move Speed by 25% by 2.5 seconds and reduces his DMG by 30%.
  • Best Chip Ever: Adds 120 ATK points and 150 SP points. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Scouting Thunder: Sends a fast-moving bird to the direction of your choosing and reveals any unit that it passes by.
  • Coolant: Reduces cooldown of skills by half.
  • Naughty Bomb: Throws a bomb at the target location and knocks back enemies when hit.
  • Angel: Heals your hero and nearby ally with the lowest HP for 10% of max HP.
  • First Aid: Quickly restores HP and Mana to your hero. The effect can be interrupted by enemies.
Chest runes like this (left) gives a random Chest skill. The skill is consumed after use.

Chest runes like this (left) gives a random Chest skill. The skill is consumed after use.

Hero Roles

While holding the same principles as to the generic roles in a MOBA game, EO determines the roles based on the Hero Type, Damage Type, and Specialties. Hero Type refers to the main role you MUST be playing in the game. For example, if you are playing a TANK hero, you must be in the front line when fights occur. Damage Type refers to your hero's main source of damage. Specialties refer to your hero's skill or passive. The roles are as follows:

Based on Hero Type

  • TANK: These are the heroes with the highest survival potential based on its health, skill, and item build that prioritizes survivability. Fights in front and soaks damage for the team.
  • AD (Attack Damage): These heroes balance between survivability, dealing damage, and crowd control. These heroes usually go solo on the top lane. Fights with the TANK. Prioritizes enemy ADCs.
  • ASN (Assassin): Assassins specializes in killing the enemy roles players fast. They specialize in controlling the game's tempo by timely ganks and kills. They must go in and out as fast as they could. They usually go jungle and comes to the lane only to ambush unsuspecting heroes. Prioritizes on killing ADCs and SUPs as fast as they could.
  • AP (Ability Power): These are heroes with a huge arsenal of crowd-control and damage spells. They are squishy heroes and must stay in the backlines during fights. Their priority is to unleash their abilities as timely and as many as possible. They usually lane in the middle (MID) and participate in timely ganks.
  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry): These heroes are a weak early game but are great finishers. They rely on maximizing their damage through leveling up and proper itemizations. If left alone, these heroes can snowball turn the tide of the battle. Teams must prioritize protecting these heroes and at the same time kill and prevent the enemy team's ADCs from snowballing out of control. Prioritizes farming for items and pushing.
  • SUP (Support): These heroes provide life-saving as well as crowd-controlling abilities and items for the team. Their priority is not to kill but to keep their teammates alive as long as possible. Prioritizes saving, healing, and crowd control.
The hero selection screen.

The hero selection screen.

Based on Damage Type

  • Ability Power: Heroes whose main damage are from high magic skills and crowd-control abilities. Usually APs, SUPs and some TANKs.
  • Attack Damage: Heroes whose normal damage are enhanced by skills or have high physical damage.
  • Assassin: Heroes with quick kill potential either from passives, items or skills.
  • Attack Damage Carry: Heroes whose damage rely on leveling up and great item builds to turn the tide of the battle.

Based on Specialties

  • Group Buff: Heroes with skills that add bonuses to teams defense or damage.
  • Restore: Heroes with healing skills or passives.
  • Crowd Control: Heroes with stun or slow skills that disrupt enemy movements.
  • Poke: Heroes that deal damage from afar or have skills that are a sure hit.
  • First Strike: Heroes with skills to initiate fights and stay in the fight.
  • Counter: Heroes specializing in life-saving skills or countering enemy initiations.
  • Dash: Heroes with dash skills for escape or chase.
  • Reap: Heroes with skills that can kill another hero in a few hits or deal so much damage that the enemy would have to go back to the base to heal or stay out of the lane.
The hero information screen.

The hero information screen.

Extraordinary Heroes

The game currently has 40 heroes available to unlock. Like all other mobile MOBAs, you can unlock a hero using the in-game currencies like Coins and Gold bars. Coins and Gold can be earned by playing in the game. You also have the option to purchase Gems, the premium currency of the game. There are also limited edition heroes which can be unlocked by participating in the events, through Gacha coupons, or by directly purchasing them.

Fan System

EO's Fan system is like Mobile Legends' Emblem sets. Your Fan setup provides passive stats for your hero during the game. The Fan system allows you to combine different attributes to maximize your hero's potential during the game. Fan bonuses work at the start of the combat. You can choose what you want to be the Fan Captain (Cap Sama), Vice Caps, and Fan crowd themselves. Your fan club is composed of one captain, two vice captains, 5 catfans, 5 boyfans, and 5 girlfans. All different Fan characters will be unlocked as your progress throughout the game. You can also purchase Fans using the clappers.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you add friends in "Extraordinary Ones"?

Answer: Tap on the Social icon located on the left of the chatbox. Then tap on Star Player. You can see the option to add friends by scanning their QR codes. You can also search for their names by typing in the search bar at the top of the same window.

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Do you have a post on strats? I want to be well versed and be able to deal with situations as they occur in game

InZaNe YT on December 30, 2019:

I bought the standard handbook that takes me to level 1 to 80 in the handbook so I don't have to grind, but after I bought it, I'm still level 13 in the handbook and it unlock Jupiter's Skin. Is this supposed to happen or do I need to get my money back?