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"Archeage": Gathering Guide for Archum Iris and Sunbite Wilds

I am a writer in Fort Collins, CO. My writing on HubPages is based on a lifelong fascination with animals and nature—even virtual nature!

Level up your gathering skill by learning about the various locations of valuable materials.

Level up your gathering skill by learning about the various locations of valuable materials.

Archeage is an MMO game that my husband and I play when we have a little spare time. I love the graphics and the tongue-in-cheek inventiveness of the game, but I'm not a game reviewer and I'm not here to review the game. One of my favorite things to do while playing is to roam the countryside gathering and collecting things. As I roamed around different areas I started writing down where I found local resources, like metals, meats, ground plants, and trees. I found the notes quite useful, and I hope you will too. This article covers the zones Archum Iris and Sunbite Wilds:

  • Archum Iris is an arid area on the Haranya continent and is a level 1–10 starter zone
  • Sunbite Wilds is an arid area on the Haranya continent and it has creatures from levels 1–28
Cherry trees produce, well, cherries! You can uproot them in the wild and then replant them wherever you want.

Cherry trees produce, well, cherries! You can uproot them in the wild and then replant them wherever you want.


Trees provide building material, and the fruit they produce can be sold, planted, or used in cooking.

  • Yucca trees provide gathering experience when you trim them and between four and seven logs when chopped down. They can be found in Archum Iris along the road from Tigerspine Mountains to Widesleeves, between Widesleeves and the Grub Pit, and scattered throughout Sunbite Wilds.
  • Lemon trees, which provide lemons when fruited and two logs when chopped down, can be found in Archum Iris outside of Widesleeves, along the road to the Snake Eye Den, and outside Parchsun. There are also a few lemon trees scattered throughout Sunbite Wilds.
  • Moringa trees can be found in Archum Iris, south of Widesleeves as well as both east and west of the Wild Road. There are also a few north of the Parchsun settlement. These trees offer moringa fruit when fruited and six logs each when chopped down.

Ground Plants

Plants are very valuable—they are a great source of additional income, cooking ingredients, and alchemy materials.

  • Sunflowers can be collected for gathering proficiency in Archum Iris outside of Widesleeves and near the walls of Hatora. A few more can be found scattered on the road that goes from Tigerspine Mountain to Widesleeves.
  • Turmeric can be found in two places in Archum Iris: scattered around Widesleeves and in clumps of bushes outside of Hatora. It provides gathering proficiency but is frequently wilted in this arid environment.
  • Cacti provide gathering proficiency when picked and become dried flowers when processed. They can be found outside of Hatora in Archum Iris and scattered throughout Sunbite Wilds.
  • Dragonfruit can be found in Archum Iris. This is a quest item, however, and while it can be harvested it can not be sold or processed and picking it doesn’t result in any additional proficiencies.
  • Cornflower gives gathering proficiency, sprinkled along the banks of water sources throughout Sunbite Wilds.
  • Lavender and Mint can both be found in and around Flower Farm in Sunbite Wilds, although only about a fifth of the lavender plants in the fields are able to be gathered, with the remainder being strictly decorative
  • Wild Crops can occasionally be found in both Archum Iris and Sunbite Wilds, often growing near turmeric plants in Archum Iris and around water sources in Sunbite Wilds.

Minerals and Meats

Mining is a great way to accumulate ore or stone for metalworking and creating weapons or armor.

Animals, on the other hand, can be harvested for their meat. It can be used in cooking or sold to other players or merchants.

  • Rock Formations in Archeage can be mined for stone and occasionally iron. Wait a few seconds after mining, as sometimes a Fortuna vein is revealed and can be mined for additional metals such as iron, silver, and other valuable metals. In Archum Iris, you can find these deposits in the granite quarry, scattered among some unknown veins, which are decorative in nature. A few “unidentified veins” are only able to be harvested by characters that have a minimum of 230k mining proficiency and the title buff “so basalty” equipped. In Sunbite Wilds, there are several deposits that can be mined, particularly along the road that leads towards Archum Iris—west of Fleurstad.
  • Chickens that are harvestable can be found both in the center of town and near the walls in the Parchsun Settlement and in the town of Hatora. Butchering either chicks or grown chickens is considered needless and yields only one unit of meat. You can harvest eggs from adult chickens after giving them grain.
  • Pigs are near Fleurstad in Sunbite Wilds. Immature pigs should not be butchered as it ruins the pelt and only provides one unit of meat. Mature pigs can be harvested for around twenty pelts each as well as fifteen to twenty units of meat.
  • Cows are cows near the communal ranch, but they are only able to be harvested by those who are participating in the razor’s edge quest.

Gather Away!

Leveling up your gathering skill can help you make some extra cash while saving money on materials. I hope this guide has helped you become a bit more familar with the various gatherable materials in the Archum Iris and Sunbite Wilds zones.

I will be covering Windscour Savannah and Rookborne basin next!

© 2019 Penny Leigh Sebring


Penny Leigh Sebring (author) from Fort Collins on July 22, 2019:

Hi Pamela, thank you for stopping by! I enjoy finding both resources like these, which I found in the virtual countryside on Archeage, and finding real-life resources like dandelion greens, orache (a type of spinach), and wild strawberries and raspberries that grow in the countryside near where I live.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 22, 2019:

I think it is wonderful that you go out and look for unique resources in the countryside. I really enjoyed this article very much.