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"Archeage": A Gathering Guide for Falcorth Plains and Villanelle

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Get gathering in the Falcorth and Villanelle regions!

Get gathering in the Falcorth and Villanelle regions!

Archeage is an MMO that I play with my husband whenever we have some spare time. We enjoy the tongue-in-cheek inventiveness of the game and the little creative touches, but I'm not a game reviewer and I'm not here to review the game. I personally love to roam the countryside gathering and collecting things, and so I began to write a guide that includes where local resources could be found—resources like meats, metals, ground plants, and trees. I found it to be helpful, and I hope you do too. This article covers the areas of Falcorth Plains and Villanelle.

  • The temperate Falcorth Plains are on the continent of Haranya and are a level 1–10 Firran starter zone.
  • Villanelle is a temperate area on the continent of Haranya and is a level 20–24 zone.
Trees can be a valuable resource—for both their wood and byproduct.

Trees can be a valuable resource—for both their wood and byproduct.


  • Apple trees can are also found all over Falcorth Plains. Many of them line the road between the Training Grounds and Graymist, as well as a grove deep in Reedpipe Dens. These trees provide apples when fruited, and just two or three logs when cut down.
  • Birch trees are scattered throughout Falcorth Plains, particularly along the road from Training Grounds to Graymist. You can climb these trees and they provide eighteen logs when cut down, but they do not produce any fruit.
  • Cherry trees can be found scattered throughout Villanelle, with large concentrations in the area of the Paddies and along the road to Wingfeather Valley. Cherry trees provide cherries when fruited and six logs when cut down.
  • Chestnut trees yield chestnuts when fruited and six logs when cut down. They are grown throughout Villanelle. There are fairly large groves that can be found south of the Paddies, between Bootsong Hill and Winebalm, and behind Winebalm.
  • Maple trees can be found throughout Villanelle, particularly in the Paddies and near the Silent Forest Checkpoint. These trees do not develop fruit, but they do provide 14 logs when chopped down.
  • Bamboo trees yield between 8–12 bamboo stalks when they are cut down. They can be found near the base of the Shrine of Reunion in Villanelle. Old bamboo trees can be trimmed as well, which provides both gathering proficiency and a single bamboo stalk.

Ground Plants

Gathering plants from the ground either increases your farming or gathering proficiency, depending on which type of plant it is.

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  • Carrots can be found all over Falcorth Plains among the rocks, although the greatest quantities are around Whisperwind and Halfmoon. This plant provides farming proficiency.
  • Clover can be found sporadically throughout Falcorth Plains. Gathering clover plants provides gathering proficiency.
  • Lily flowers can be found sporadically along the road in Villanelle and provide gathering proficiency.
  • Millet is occasionally found in the low-lying areas of Falcorth Plains, particularly near Wind's Promise. Millet provides gathering proficiency when collected.
  • Rice can be found in abundance in the Paddies of Villanelle, and provide farming proficiency when harvested. They are, however, surrounded by level 25 (ish) Crocodiles, Skeletal Merchants and Porters, and Skeletal Horses that are hostile.

Metals and Meats

  • Stone piles are fairly common along the mountains of Falcorth Plains and large deposits can be found in Bleakbreath cave, although the Level 9 Mist Skeletons that gather in this area are annoyingly aggressive. You can mine stone in this area for hours without pausing, assuming you have enough labor points, but if you don't wait around long enough to find out if a Fortuna vein pops up before going on to the next deposit you will miss out on a great deal of iron, gold, and silver. I found no stone piles anywhere in Villanelle, not along the mountains and not even in the caves at the end of Wingfeather Valley.
  • Flocks of geese can be found near the community center in Falcorth Plains as well as in the towns of Halfmoon, Graymist, and at the Eye of Day once you get past the Rat Tooth Tribe. Butchering geese provides about three to four units of meat, but if you feed them ground grain first you can harvest goose down. If the geese are still little yellow fuzzy things, it's generally advisable to let them grow. Butchering them only provides one unit of meat, and letting the little geese grow up only takes a few hours. There are generally two groups of geese in each of the towns.

Was This Resource Helpful?

That is the extent of the resources I have been able to discover in Falcorth Plains and Villanelle, but I'm always glad to hear from anyone who has found any that I haven't yet listed. Just let me know in the comments! (I really like finding new things.)

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Penny Leigh Sebring (author) from Fort Collins on November 13, 2017:

Thanks for reading! Its always fun to learn about something new. I like the online games, partially because you can get so lost in them.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on November 12, 2017:

I had to comment on this article because I find it so intriguing and mysterious at the same time. I don't play computer or online games and have never heard of Archeage before. You've introduced me to a strange new world that I didn't know existed! I appreciate the introduction.

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