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"Archeage": A Gathering Guide for Solzreed Peninsula, Gweonid Forest, and Lilyut Hills

I am a writer in Fort Collins, CO. My writing on HubPages is based on a lifelong fascination with animals and nature—even virtual nature!


When my husband and I have a little spare time, we enjoy playing a few different MMO games together. One of my favorite things to do while playing the MMO Archeage is to roam the countryside, gathering and collecting things. The game has some truly beautiful environments and inventive creatures. As I roamed different areas, I found it useful to note where I found local resources, like metals, meats, ground plants, and trees. Knowing where in-game resources can be found makes it easier to level up in crafting and provides a ready source of gold.

Hopefully, these lists are as helpful to you as they were to me. This section covers the areas of Gweonid, Solzreed Peninsula, and Lilyut.

  • Solzreed Peninsula is a temperate area on the continent of Nuia and is a level 1-10 zone.
  • Gweonid Forest is a temperate area on the continent of Nuia and is a level 1-10 zone.
  • Lilyut Hills is a temperate area on the continent of Nuia and is a level 10-15 zone.

Trees and Vines

Trees are extremely valuable resources. When fruited, most provide food items which can be either sold as is or turned into orchard puree for recipes. When cut down they provide logs for building and crafting, which can also be sold. Harvesting fruit provides gathering XP and cutting wood provides logging XP.

  • Apple Trees are scattered occasionally throughout Gweonid Forest, but are especially abundant in populated areas, particularly around the areas of Spywatch Camp, Sylvan Devi, and Sellus’s Camp.
  • Ash Trees are scattered along the road near Duhuta Cult Coven and Seer’s Den in Gweonid Forest. You can get gathering XP from trimming Ash Trees and around 14 logs from cutting them down, but they don't develop fruit.
  • Beech Trees are along the road from Wardton to Bluemist Forest on Solzreed Peninsula and along the road near the Duhuta Cult Coven and Seer’s Den in Gweonid Forest. These trees provide beech nuts when harvested and around 6 logs when cut down.
  • Fir Trees are scattered throughout the western half of Solzreed Peninsula. Trimming fir trees provides gathering XP, but no fruit. Chopping them down offers approximately 18 logs.
  • Grape vines can be found near the Crescent Throne Gate on Solzreed Peninsula. Harvesting fruited grape vines gives you grapes, while cutting them down nets 2 logs.
  • Hornbeam Trees are scattered randomly throughout Solzreed Peninsula, with a higher concentration at the bottom of the hills surrounding Blackreath Keep. They can also be located scattered near Fleetwhisper Valley and along the road to Duhuta Cult Coven in Gweonid Forest. Trimming Old Hornbeam trees will provide gathering XP while cutting them down will provide both logging XP and 6 logs.
  • Oak Trees can be found along the road from Wardton to Bluemist on Solzreed Peninsula, as well as scattered around Bear Mountain in Lilyut Hills. You can harvest acorns from these trees and chop them down for 2 to 3 logs each.
  • Olive Trees can be found throughout Lilyut Hills, with higher concentrations around populated areas. Olive trees can be cut down for 4 logs each or harvested for olives when fruited.
  • The area near Tibbec’s Sawmill in Solzreed Peninsula is one of the rare areas that you can find Willow Trees. Willow trees produce no fruit but supply approximately 10 logs when cut down.

*There tend to be more trees in the eastern portions of Lilyut Hills, and more ground plants in the west.

Ground Plants

Ground plants dot meadows, marshes, and forests throughout Archeage, offering fruits, vegetables, spices, and even medicinal herbs. You can either choose to craft with the plants you harvest, using them in recipes for foods, medicines, or even dyes. You can also simply sell them for currency.

  • Azaleas grow wild all over Lilyut Hills, but they are often wilted and need organic fertilizer before they can be harvested. Azaleas provide gathering XP when harvested.
  • Barley grows in Lilyut Hills, both by the crossroads and in Riverspan farming community.
  • Clover grows on the ground outside the Crescent Throne gate. Harvesting clover provides gathering XP.
  • Lily plants are scattered throughout Gweonid Forest. Picking lilies improves gathering proficiency.
  • Onions dot the landscape in Gweonid Forest and are found in a greater abundance other wild crops like strawberries and yams and near populated establishments. Picking lily flowers provides gathering XP.
  • Quinoa grows near Sellus’s Camp in Gweonid Forest.
  • Rosemary plants are present throughout Lilyut Hills and offer gathering XP to those who harvest it.
  • Strawberry bushes can be found all over along paths and in fields on Solzreed Peninsula, with especially heavy concentrations in the towns of Lacton and Wardton. They can also be found near the Seer’s Cottage in Gweonid Lake. Harvesting strawberries offers gathering XP.
  • Wild Crops can be found near the Crescent Throne gate and by the banks of all three lakes in Bluemist Forest on Solzreed Peninsula. In Gweonid wild crops can sometimes also be found in the Fleetwhisper Valley and around the lake. Harvesting wild crops provides gathering XP.
  • Wild Ginseng can be spotted among the flamingos near the lake in Gweonid Forest. Gathering wild ginseng increases gathering experience.
  • Yams can be found growing among the roots of the trees in the Greenwoods of Gweonid Forest. They provide farming XP when harvested.

Minerals and Meats

Meat-bearing animals often can be harvested for other resources as well, such as feathers, eggs, or milk. The stone piles found throughout Archeage provide stone blocks. About a third or so of the time, the stone piles have a Fortuna Vein underneath. The Fortuna Vein can be mined the same way as the stone piles and offer up ores and gemstones.

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  • Several harvestable chickens are in the civilian corner of the Crescent Throne area. You can harvest chicken eggs after feeding the chickens grain. Butchering young chicks or chickens that have recently laid eggs is considered needless and only results in one unit of meat.
  • Geese line the banks of Gweonid Lake. You can either butcher them for 3-4 units of meat each or give them feed and harvest for down feathers. After harvesting, butchering is considered needless and only nets a single unit of meat.
  • There’s a herd of cows and calves in Riverspan, a town in Lilyut Hills. Feeding hungry adult cows will allow you to harvest milk, and butchering an adult cow provides between 15-20 units of meat as well as several pelts for crafting. Butchering calves before they are adults is needless, providing a single unit of meat and no pelts.
  • Stone Piles are plentiful in all three areas. On Solzreed Peninsula you can find a few scattered along the mountains near Bluemist Forest, but the majority of the harvestable stone piles are between Milke River and the Castigan Ruins. Don’t forget to wait to see if a valuable Fortuna vein shows up underneath the original stone pile. Gweonid Forest has stone piles scattered at the foot of many of its mountains or hills, with a large concentration of them under the giant vines on the road between Gweonid Forest and Lilyut Hills. Lilyut Hills not only has some stone piles scattered around the bases of most of the mountains but there are also two mines here—the Eastern Ronbann Mine and the Western Ronbann Mine. In my experience, the Eastern Ronbann Mine seemed to have a low ratio of Fortuna veins, while the Western Ronbann Mine seemed to have a higher ratio.

That is everything that I have found to gather in Solzreed Peninsula, Gweonid Forest, and Lilyut Hills so far, but if you see anything in these areas that I haven't listed, just let me know in the comments. I will verify it, do a little jig, and add it in!


Liza from USA on September 21, 2021:

That's great you both sharing the same interest :)

Penny Leigh Sebring (author) from Fort Collins on September 20, 2021:

Hi Linda. It can be an enjoyable escape from everyday life. Thank you for commenting!

Penny Leigh Sebring (author) from Fort Collins on September 20, 2021:

Hi Liza, and thanks for reading!

Cooperative computer and video games are something we've shared since early on in our marriage, over 20 years ago. Our taste in games sometimes differs, but we both like Archeage.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on September 20, 2021:

The virtual world that you’ve described sounds fascinating. I don’t play computer games, but the one that you’ve described is very enticing.

Liza from USA on September 20, 2021:

Hi Penny, I love the fact that your husband and you were playing games during your spare time. My husband is a video game enthusiast, and he likes playing some of his favorite games on his iPad on the weekend.

I'm the opposite, though I used to play video games when I was a kid with my siblings. Oh, I have to ask my husband if he knew anything about the game you've reviewed here. It seems quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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