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"Archeage": A Gathering Guide for Tigerspine Mountains, Mahadevi, and Solis Headlands

I am a writer in Fort Collins, CO. My writing on HubPages is based on a lifelong fascination with animals and nature—even virtual nature!

This guide has all you need to get gathering in these vast regions!

This guide has all you need to get gathering in these vast regions!

Archeage is an MMO that I play with my husband whenever we have some spare time. We enjoy the tongue-in-cheek inventiveness of the game and the little creative touches, but I'm not a game reviewer and I'm not here to review the game. I personally love to roam the countryside gathering and collecting things, and so I began to write a guide that includes where local resources could be found—resources like meats, metals, ground plants, and trees. I found it to be helpful, and I hope you do too. This article covers the areas of Tigerspine Mountains, Mahadevi, and Solis Headlands.

  • The temperate Tigerspine Mountains are on the Haranya continent and are located in a level 10 to 15 zone.
  • Mahadevi is a tropical area on the Haranya continent and is a level 15 to 20 zone.
  • Solis Headlands is an arid area on the Haranya continent and is a level 20 to 24 zone.


  • Cork trees can be found in the Tigerspine Mountains; they do not produce fruit, but they do yield six logs each when chopped down.
  • Because they do produce logs, I put grapevines here under the heading of trees. When fruited, they provide grapes and they can be chopped down for two logs each. They can be found sporadically throughout the Tigerspine Mountains, and often grow close to cliffs and rocks.
  • Occasionally, non-native cypress can be found in the Watermist forest in the Tigerspine Mountains, which can be felled for sixteen to eighteen logs.
  • Rubber trees, which yield between thirteen and fifteen logs when chopped down, are found throughout Mahadevi. They grow particularly densely along the road east of Poacher's Watch, the Kalamantan Rubber Plantation, and in the Dawnsbreak Plantation area. Overripe rubber trees are not able to be harvested.
  • Banana trees are also found in great numbers in Mahadevi especially in the Dawnsbreak Plantations and the Queensgrove and Herb Farm. Banana trees can be harvested for bananas and chopped down for two logs.
  • Bayleaf trees can be harvested for their leaves and can be chopped down for one log each. They grow in and around Queenstown Quarry, around the Kalamantan Rubber Plantation and on the road from Medhevi to Solis.
  • Medhevi and the Solis Headlands are both rich in Jujube trees, which produce Jujube Fruit when fruited and around six logs when chopped down. In Medhevi they are located mostly in the Dawnsbreak Plantations, and they are scattered throughout the Solis Headlands, with greater concentrations at around the Travellers Spring area.
  • Beech trees, which have nuts when fruited and result in six logs when chopped down, can be found scattered in many places throughout the Solis Headlands.
  • Yucca trees, which result in six logs, grow along the road south of Travellers Spring.
  • The checkpoint east of Queensbridge has a few olive trees, which produce olives when fruited and four logs when chopped down.

Ground Plants

Gathering plants from the ground either increases your gathering or your farming proficiency, depending on which type of plant it is. Of the three areas in this section, Mahadevi has the greatest variety of ground plants to gather.

  • Lilies, tomatoes, and wild crops are found on the ground throughout the Tigerspine Mountains area. When picked, lilies earn gathering proficiency, tomatoes earn farming proficiency, and wild crops result in seeds to plant.
  • Thistle can be found in the Yata pasture in the Tigerspine Mountains, as well as in and around the crossroads area, and there are a few wilting thistles near the Automation Factory; it looks similar to soothing grass and earns gathering proficiency when picked.
  • In the Solis Headlands, you can collect scattered saffron plants for gathering proficiency and wheat for farming proficiency in the Glittering Grove, but on the Saffron Plantation, only the wheat is available to harvest.
  • Pumpkins, which give farming proficiency, grow near the buildings, walls, and rocks in the Queensgrove and Herb Farm area, as well as by the trees in the City of Towers' Trade Plaza.
  • Cucumbers can be harvested for farming proficiency from around the Queenstown Quarry, in Dawnsbreak Plantation, along the road from Mahadevi to Solis, and near the buildings, walls, and rocks in the Queensgrove and Herb Farm area.
  • Peanuts can be collected for gathering proficiency west of the Herb Farm and the occasional wild crop, which yields random seeds, can be found around Queenstown Quarry.
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Metals and Meats

  • In Mahadevi, stone deposits can be found in the Queenstown Quarry, Blackrock Coast, and on the road from Mahadevi to Solis Headlands. When harvesting stone, remember to wait long enough to see if a Fortuna vein, which yields iron, silver, and other valuable metals, may be hidden underneath the original stone. Areas with stone deposits are scattered throughout the Tigerspine Mountains: at the crossroads in front Travellers Spring, lining the rocks that are west a bit from the Watermist Forest, in Ironclaw Mine, and Gnawbone Cave.
  • There are scattered stone nodes between Stormester Plateau and Halo Hallow in the Solis Headlands. –Thank you, Michael
  • You can get fur from the Yattas that are situated at the Travellers Spring crossroads, once they are grown. They only produce one piece of meat each if butchered.
  • Adult cows can give milk when hungry enough to be fed combined feed, and when butchered provide an average of eighteen units of meat as well as thirty or more pelts. While it takes all day for calves to become adult cows, it is worth being patient as calves only produce one piece of meat, and they still take fifteen labor points to butcher. You can find cows at the crossroads in front of Travellers Spring and nearby the rocks that are west of the Watermist Forest.

Adventure Awaits!

That is everything that I have found gathering in Tigerspine Mountains, Mahadevi, and Solis Headlandsso far. If you find anything new and interesting that I haven't listed, let me know in the comments below! The next guide will cover the areas of Arcum Iris and Sunbite Wilds.

Questions & Answers

Question: In all your searching have you found any Poppy locations in Archeage?

Answer: I haven't covered all of the areas or continents yet, but I seem to remember seeing some in White Arden near Marianople on the Nuia continent.

© 2019 Penny Leigh Sebring


Michael on April 08, 2020:

There are stone nodes in the solis headland they are located between Stormester Plateau and Halo Hollow below Halo Rise

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