Archeage: A Gathering Guide for Ynystere and the Silent Forest

Updated on October 8, 2017
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I am a writer in Fort Collins, CO. My writing on hubpages is based on a lifelong fascination with animals and nature- even virtual nature!

Archeage is an MMO game that my husband and I play when I have a little spare time. I love the graphics and the tongue-in-cheek inventiveness of the game, but I'm not a game reviewer and I'm not here to review the game. One of my favorite things to do while playing is to roam the countryside gathering and collecting things. As I roamed around different areas I started writing down where I found local resources, like metals, meats, ground plants, and trees. I found the notes quite useful, and I hope you will too. This article covers the areas of Ynystere and Silent Forest.


Orange trees can be found all over Ynystere, particularly along the road from Bulwark to Fortress. These trees provide oranges when fruited and give four wood when chopped down.

Olive trees can be found throughout Ynystere, along the sides of the roads. There are large groves along the roads near towns like Glitterstone and Caernord. They provide olives when fruited and four wood when chopped down.

Beech trees can be found throughout, particularly on the banks of the river. They provide beech nuts when fruited and six wood when chopped down.

Pomegranate trees can be found throughout Silent Forest, with greater quantities around Guardians Grove and behind Count Sebastian's Retreat. They provide pomegranates when fruited and provide six wood when chopped down.

Ebony trees can be found along the shores of Soundless Lake. I have not yet found a "fruited" ebony tree and I am pretty sure they do not exist. This tree does provide seventeen logs when chopped down.

Camphor trees can also occasionally be found along the shores of Soundless Lake. Like the Ebony tree, the Camphor tree does not appear to have a fruited phase, however, it does provide a hefty eighteen logs when chopped down.

There are also "Old Trees" that I have found sporadically in the Silent Forest. These trees have no fruit and yield only two logs.

Ground Plants

Ground plants can either increase your gathering or your farming proficiency, depending on which type of plant it is.

Clover can be found in abundance almost anywhere where there is green in Ynystere. This plant provides gathering proficiency.

Roses are also scattered throughout Ynystere, along the roads and near cottages and farmsteads. This plant provides gathering proficiency.

Carrots can be found in great abundance outside of Caernord. This plant provides farming proficiency.

Compact bushes can often be found outside of Caernord as well, providing both gathering proficiency and seeds.

Oats can be found in Silent Forest, near Vedisa and all along the shores of Soundless Lake. This plant provides farming proficiency.

Garlic can be found in Silent Forest, near Guardian's Grove, along the shores of Soundless lake, and behind Count Sebastian's retreat. This plant provides farming proficiency.

Metals and Meats

Iron deposits can be found throughout Ynystere along the mountains, but the largest deposits of iron are in Glitterstone Mine. You can mine iron in this area all day long without stopping if you have the labor points, but don't forget to wait around long enough to find out if a Fortuna vein pops up before going on to the next deposit! They can also be found sporadically in Silent Forest, along both the lake and mountains.

Dairy cows or calves can be found in the Silent Forest, both beyond the Harani Campsite near where the river narrows and in Huntsman's Retreat. They generally take all day to grow up unless so if you are looking to butcher full grown cows you may have to be patient and do a little planning. Although you can butcher the calves, its really not worth the effort as it only provides one unit of beef and still costs fifteen labor points. Hungry cows provide milk when fed combined feed as well as more meat when butchered than the calves.

That is everything that I have found to gather in Ynystere and Silent Forest so far, but if you see anything in these areas that I haven't listed, just let me know it the comments and I will verify it, do a little jig, then add it in! (I really like finding new things.)

Next Guide to Gathering will be for Falcorth Plains and Villanelle


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