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Are Dungeons a Good Way to Level on Order and Chaos?

Updated on July 20, 2016
Use the Dungeon Finder Que to Get Extra Experience.
Use the Dungeon Finder Que to Get Extra Experience.

When Gameloft made power leveling a bannable offense, they forced many players to find other ways to legitimately level characters. To level your character you can grind, quest, or go to dungeons.

In global I often see the following question, "What's the best way to level?" The answer will depend upon the camp you are in. Some people think grinding is the best, other people think questing is best and there's a third group who thinks running dungeons is the best.

I don't think there is an overall best way to level. I think the best way to learn your toon, and become prepared to run legendary dungeons, is to do a combination of all three. I think there are times when questing is better, times when grinding is better, and times when running dungeons is better.

To help you figure out when you should be running dungeons, you need to know as much about dungeons as possible. You need to know how much experience a dungeon gives and how to que (no que, or reque after someone dies, means no bonus experience).

Don't forget to que, or you will miss the extra experience.
Don't forget to que, or you will miss the extra experience.

What's Your Option

The best way to level is...

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How To See Dungeon XP

I'll be honest. Nobody told me about the que until I had been playing for quite some time. I cringe when I think about how much experience I missed because no one on my team knew how to do it. I think most of us did not know how to do it because most of us did not understand what it was for.

Once you learn how you access the page which shows you how much experience you get for each dungeon, it makes you realize how important it is to use the que. In general, the higher level the dungeon, the more experience you get.

I'm not going to list every dungeon and how much experience they give you. I think it's better for you to learn how to access this information from inside the game. Hey, once you learn it you could teach it to some of your friends and look pretty cool.

It's actually pretty simple. Here is where you can find the experience for each OAC dungeon.

  • Open your menu by clicking your portrait in the upper left hand corner
  • Select Team
  • Select Dungeon (the right tab on the right)
  • Click the dungeon finder (Bottom box on right, looks like a bulls head in a magnifying glass)
  • Under "Select Dungeon Type" Choose specific normal or legend
  • Choose a Dungeon

There will be a box on the right titled Rewards. It will tell you how much experience you will get for completing this dungeon when you have used the que.

In OAC, que to begin the dungeon and anytime someone does.
In OAC, que to begin the dungeon and anytime someone does.

If someone forgets to que after death

and you get no xp

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Important Details About the Que

The one thing any new player must remember is that you need certain types of players to be able to use the que. Four DPS cannot que a dungeon and get experience. You must have a warrior to click tank and a monk to click healer.

You can run normal dungeons as much as you want. It is not until you reach legendary dungeons that you get exhaustion. On legendary, when you reach full exhaustion, you cannot run anymore until after reset or until you buy tabs.

If you can find a group, then using dungeons to level is a great way to get where you want to be. You get a lot of experience for dungeons, so you can level pretty quickly there. But if you don't have a group then it's usually best to find quests to level up with. If you're really stuck, then you might want to grind out a level so you can find more quests.

The easiest time to find a group for dungeons is when that particular dungeon is a part of the events. When a dungeon is an event then everybody and their brother will want to run this dungeon. Many players have been vocal in global about leveling in dungeons. They don't understand why more people don't run them.

I think it's because a lot of new players don't understand the reward and how to get the experience. Hopefully more players will learn about the que, and the generous experience bonus they give.


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    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 2 years ago from Earth

      You are the Order and Chaos expert for sure

    • Grimmer 2 years ago

      Nice guide, thanks. BTW, any plans for Frostlund mounts map?

    • Luindor of Glimmermoor 2 years ago

      I have used the que when I'm solo to find a group, but how do you use it when you are part of team and trying to fill one slot .

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Bethie 2 years ago

      To fill one slot, you que the team in from the team, dungeon, que menue. If you que with three then it should fill the slot with someone who qued solo. That is, if it's working.

    • Lumi 24 months ago

      I noticed this game is very much like swtor. Crafting, dungeons and quests :)

    • Duke 22 months ago

      I got one question, have you tried rebirth of faith dungeon, when i got to lvl 66 i got quest there but we couldn't kill last boss Gunner, he delivers too much damage, any tips on how to kill him. I checked on youtube also and it's all for before update where you could finish it. By the way love your work it helped me a lot...

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Bethie 22 months ago

      I haven't done it since the update. They made it harder? Lol, wasn't it hard enough?

    • Duke 22 months ago

      Yeah i got to lvl 70 and still haven't finished it, tried it couple of times with friends but to damn hard. So decided to get better gear just got full s3 set, don't have any t3 or t4 pieces.

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