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The 6 Basic Classes in "Avabel Online"

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Learn about the basic classes you can play in the mobile MMORPG "Avabel Online."

Learn about the basic classes you can play in the mobile MMORPG "Avabel Online."

Avabel Online is one of the most popular—and one of the best—MMORPGs in the mobile gaming industry. The game is rich with RPG elements that will be appreciated by gamers who enjoy MMORPGs. In fact, the job/class system is very wide. Players will have to choose a single class from a multitude of available options. Choosing a class for your character is definitely a challenge.

Will the Warrior, Rogue, Wanderer, Creator, Magician, Ranger, or Acolyte be the best choice for your character? Well, you don't have to worry about it, because this article will give you an in-depth look at the 6 basic classes in Avabel Online.

Basic Classes in Avabel Online

Avabel Online has 6 classes. At first, you will have to experience the basics of the game as a novice class. You will have to do initial quests that entail killing weak monsters and doing easy tasks. At level 5, you will then have to choose which of the following you want to be:

  • Warrior
  • Acolyte
  • Creator
  • Magician
  • Rogue
  • Ranger

Each class has its own unique arsenal of weapons, gear, skills and abilities, which makes each class on par with the others. However, your character will still depend on how you build it. If you build it the right way, then you will totally be able to excel among the other classes.


Warrior Class

Warriors are hard-tank melee fighters in the game. Like any other RPG game out there, warriors in Avabel are capable of enduring huge amount of damage while intaking only a portion of it. They are known for their high defense and vitality. They are also capable of inflicting huge damage, but only at close range.

As close range fighter, the warrior is only capable of wielding short range weapons such as axes, swords (one-hand/two-hand), daggers and blunts. However, each type of weapon should correspond to your build type in order for you to get most of the build type of your warrior. Warrior classes could either be hard-dps, hard-tank or balanced.

Warrior Build Type

Build TypeCharacter Stats

Pure Damager

Str > Vit

Pure Tanker

Vit > Str


Vit = Str


Acolyte Class

In some other RPG games, the Acolyte is a priest or cleric. In Avabel, acolytes support type characters that provides buffs, life and stamina to other players. This type of class is very good in parties since they give powerful boosts to their party members. They aren't recommended to go solo since they are support type classes. In fact, they can easily gain parties since their skills are very helpful during quests and dungeons.

Acolytes can wield rods and blunts. They are also capable of dealing average damage since acolytes also possess damage type skills other than support type skills.

Acolytes could be pure supports, magic-tank supports, balanced type support. Acolytes usually focuses on Int and Men stats.

Acolyte Build Type

Build TypeFocused Character Stats

Pure Support

Int > Men

Magic-Tank Support

Men > Int


Int = Men

Creator Class

The creator class is a semi-support type class that is capable of manufacturing items & potions which can be of benefit to yourself & other players. Like the acolyte, the creator class is also good for parties. Creators also possess skills that is helpful to your party. Also, they can deal significant damage. Thus, creators are usually considered as the most balanced type classes among all classes since they are capable of dealing significant damage & defending significant damage while having both offensive and defensive skills.

The creator class can wield weapons such as blunts, axes, swords (one-handed), and daggers. Despite having only to wield close-range weapons, they are still capable of dealing long range damage through some of their damage dealing skills.

There are three significant builds creator classes can proceed: Balanced, DMG type, Pure Support/Assist.

Creator Build Type

Creator TypeFocused Character Stats

Rogue Type

Str & Dex (Dex > Str)

Range DPS/Semi-Support Type

Dex & Int (Dex < Int)

Hard Melee DPS

Str & Int (Str > Int)


Magician Class

The magician class is also one of the most common classes in an RPG game. For some games, they call it the wizard class while in Avabel Online they call it the magician class. The magician class is Hard-DPS character. It deals heavy damage through its variety of offensive magic spells. It is capable of controlling various types of magic, and is also capable of manipulating the environment which helps it eliminate its opponents. However, the magician class are also known for its weakness against physical damage. But with perfect positioning and build, no physical damager could even get close with this hard-DPS type.

Magicians wield daggers & staves. But it is highly recommended that they wield staves for magic boosts. They can be built as balanced types, Pure-DPS type.

Magician Build Type

Build TypeFocused Character Stats


Int & Vit (Int > Vit)

Pure Magic DPS

Int & Men (Int > Men(

Rogue Class

The rogue class is a speed type class in Avabel. It is capable of inflicting multiple damage at extreme speeds. Probably, it is the fastest class in Avabel. In fact, it unleash multiple skills in each strike through its specialty in combos. It is also the most flexible type of class since it can change from close range to long range depending on the situation. Its agility and flexibility during combat keeps itself very deadly to its opponents.

The rogue class can wield daggers & one-handed swords. Character stats for this type should be focused on Strength and Dexterity.

Rogue Build Type

Build TypeFocused Character Stats

Dmg Type

Str > Dex

Spd Type

Str < Dex

Ranger Class

The ranger class is a ranged physical DPS type. In other games, it can be called Archer/Gunslinger, but in Avabel, it is called ranger. The ranger type possess excellent advantage against other players by having the capability to inflict damage at long ranges. They can always dominate the opponents by keeping significant distance against their opponents while attacking them. They also posses strong offensive and defensive skill which is totally helpful even at long range combat.

The ranger class can wield long range weapons such as bows and guns. Like rogues, ranger stats should be focused on Str & Dex, but this class should have more str than dex.

Ranger Build Type

Build TypeFocused Character Stats

Pure DPS

Str & Dex (Str > Dex)


Str, Vit & Dex (Str >, Vit = Dex)

Which Class Suits You Best?

Avabel Online definitely has a variety of classes to choose from. However, you should not worry about which class is the best, because all of them are very capable. It solely depends on how you use them and build them. Just choose whichever suits you, and you will surely be one of the strongest players in Avabel.


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