Avabel Online Easy Gold Farming Guide

Updated on June 9, 2016

Money plays a vital role in society not only in the real world, but also even in the virtual world. In fact, players who are abundant in money within a game will definitely give them an upper hand against to the other players. In Avabel Online, money or gold, as Avabel's currency, is typically used in every aspect of the game. From leveling to grinding to upgrading and others, gold in Avabel Online can be used. True, you could earn gold by just playing the game the typical way, but are you really earning gold by just grinding monsters, or you are losing gold instead. Why? Well, in order for you to keep up with your farms, you really need to buy potions which are essential in keeping you alive and kicking. However, potions in Avabel Online are very expensive that is why you are more likely to lose gold if you don't do things correctly within the game. If you really want to earn gold in Avabel Online fast and easy, then check out these easy to do tips to guide you farm gold in Avabel Online.

I. Farming in the Main Tower

As you progress within the game, you will be able to reach the main tower area of Avabel. Each floor in this tower is filled with a variety of types of monsters and bosses having different levels. The main tower is one of the most popular farming sites in Avabel Online because of its good drops. Filling your bag with all the item you can get in this tower will likely guarantee you 15,000 gold upon selling it to an NPC. However, the same question still goes. Will you earn gold here or lose gold because of all the necessities in grinding within this area. Well, let me show you how to grind better in this area.

Tips in Grinding in the Main Tower

1.) If you want to last long within the tower, you are definitely gonna need a party. Come with a full party within the main tower to help you grind and eliminate monsters easily. Don't forget on including a healer on to your party. Healers will definitely be important in you gold farming pursuit since they will be your best alternative aside from using potions to keep you alive in farming. Also, don't forget to enable experience and loot share within your party so that you fill your bag faster. Besides that, earning experience is definitely a good bonus in your farms.

2.) Bring return wings always. You don't want to be wasting your time from traveling from the tower to an NPC to sell, right? Thus, you need to buy sufficient amount of return wings to easily transport you from the main tower to the town. That way you'll spend more time on grinding than traveling. Or else, you're gonna have to suicide in order for you to teleport faster than walking. (Definitely, not a good advice though.)

3.) Remember to empty your bags or at least, save huge space on it always if you are going to grind or farm within the main tower. Carrying bag with a little space will only lessen the loots that you will be able to carry. Consequently, you will only be able to sell a little if you are only able to loot a little. One player even suggested to farm in the Main Tower naked so that you will save more space which means you will be able to loot more and earn more money.

To save you more time on choosing the best floor to grind or farm for gold, check it out here below.

Best Floors to Farm/Grind Gold in the Main Tower

  • 1st floor - You'll be able to loot bandanas there which can be sold for a good price.
  • 6th floor - The 6th floor is probably one of the most popular floors players farm for gold. Why? Well, it is because the 6th floor has good armor drops. You can probably sell each armor you can earn in this floor for a hefty price. Looting a lot of armor and other drops in this floor will definitely earn you a lot of money. On top of that, the monsters here are not so hard to kill compared to the other floors which also have good drops. This is probably why this is the most popular floor to farm for gold because it is almost available for level beyond 30+. Level below this level would probably have a hard time farming for money here because low level players will likely to lose more because of buying more potions.
  • 11th - 15th floor - In this floor, players will be able to loot magical powder which are definitely in demand in the Avabel Online market. This can definitely be sold for a good price as well.
  • 17th floor - Almost all of the high level players tend to farm/grind/loot for gold and money here since this floor has also good drop rates. I haven't tried it yet but most high level players recommend this floor. Definitely, this is also a must try floor to farm for gold.

II. Buying & Selling

As what the method suggests, your gonna play with the market by earning high returns as you buy and sell items within Avabel Online. Well, this is actually one of the hardest ways to make money because if you don't do it right you are likely gonna lose money than earn money. However, if you do it right, then you will definitely see how huge the return can be and how quick it is to earn money. So how do you maximize your profit in buying and selling? Well, here are some tips to guide you:

  • Be Updated with the Prices - Know the real value of an item. Oftentimes, knowing the price of an item gives you a greater edge against your competitors. You are more likely able to play with the price if you know how much it really costs. Besides, you might even be able to buy items at low prices because you can easily bargain for lower prices if you know the real price of the item. Thus, it is important to always ask your friends and other players about the current prices of certain items. Perhaps, you could even post questions within the forums with regards to prices. Don't be afraid to ask. It will definitely help you a lot.
  • Make Connections - Take time to make friends and add others. Keeping a list of friends within your circle will open you to more doors of opportunities. This is especially important when you add players who also keep on selling items. Through your connections, you might be able to buy items which are good to sell & even buy items at cheaper prices. Regularly chat with your connections. Ask them what's hot on their stall. They might have something interesting for you. Besides, people who know you would love to sell you their items if they know you.
  • Be Patient - Don't rush on things. Keep out for what's hot in the marketplace. You might spot an impatient player selling something good. If you do spot one, then you are definitely a lucky guy because you'll definitely be able to buy something cheap from him or her.
  • Never Sell at Unreasonable Rates - That is also why it is important that you should know what the prices are. Overpricing will only provoke other players to not to buy on you. Thus, keep your prices reasonable so that others will surely buy from you.
  • Enhance & Sell - Players in Avabel Online also make good money buy buying items and selling them later after upgrading and enhancing it.
  • Wait for the Best Time to Sell - Sometimes, items become more expensive depending on the season. They can also get cheaper at times. Thus, you have to wait for the best time to sell these items in order to gain more profit.
  • Craft & Sell - If you are a creator, then you'll definitely be able to make use of this method. Simple, you just create/craft things or potions for you to sell. Potions & rings are definitely popular to sell.
  • Wolf Avatar Selling - These avatars are definitely in demand. Thus, it is just right as a trader to join the market. Search for on sale wolf avatars having cheap prices. Once you do, you can surely sell them for more. Just keep an eye on those type A/B/C/F Wolf Avatars.

III. Dungeon Farming

There are three ways farm for gold in dungeons, and both require a new character for this method.

  • Sharp/Hard Crystal Farming - There is actually a low level requirement for this that is why you need to have another character other than your main one. Once you create a new character and have leveled it up to the required level, you can now start farming for crystals every thursday and tuesday. Each crystal is sold for a decent price so it will definitely earn you decent gold as well.
  • Main Tower Dungeon Farming - Rather than farming in the upper floors of the main tower, we will focus more on the dungeon floor of the main tower. In this method, you will have to choose the third dungeon option which costs about 10 dungeon points. In their, you will be able to loot for crystal pieces, saltpeter, arios & etc.
  • Elements Room Farming - They are actually like the other dungeons, but still they can be compared to be alike. Anyway, you'll be looting element fragments in this method. If you are around level 54 - 64, then you'll want to farm in elements room 1. If you are around level 65 - 75, then you'll have to farm in elements room 2. On the other hand, if you are above these two level ranges, then elements room 3 is where you should farm/

IV. Leeching

This is practically the least method that I recommend. Why? Because this remains to be a big issue against other players. You see, other players see this as cheating because it seems unfair for others who are working hard just to level up and farm for gold. But its actually not a big deal at all because you are actually doing strategic play than conventional play. Despite all the criticisms, you'll surely earn a lot of money from here too.

You are gonna be facing high level monsters in this method. Of course, you are not gonna face them by yourself. You are just gonna leech on the other players. I call this hitchhiking. Whenever you are able to deal at least 12%-15% damage to the total health of a montster you are eligible to loot drops. Thus, instead of killing high level monsters, or bosses, you'll just have to hitchhike on parties killing such monsters. Ensure that you are able to deal such damage and be sure to grab the loots as fast as you can. Looting items from high level monsters especially from bosses will surely earn you items that are good to be sold.

So Which Method Should You Use?

Well, all of these methods are guaranteed to ensure you gold. However, it is up to you as to which of these methods will really suit you. Besides, these are not the only methods you can employ to earn easy gold in Avabel Online. There are still that are yet to be known and shared. On the mean time, use these tips to help you earn or farm gold in Avabel Online.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      For farming, a small correction here. On mid floors, the most poplar are 9th and 13 the floors. You will find lots of players already farming which means easier to form or join a party. On higher fl, it's 18th floor- this floor has the highest number of players at at given time. You will be surprised at the skill and strength of high level players in this floor. Well, that's the farming floors. Enjoy.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      If you really want to earn more gold, just go to floor 6 and collect memory of wet plant. I used to collect it till max and sell it high price like 500000 to 600000. Trust me, you'll earn more then you expected. Sorry for bad english though.


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