Balancing the Books (10 of 10) - Eve Online Mission Guide

Updated on May 2, 2013
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The Badger industrial ship.
The Badger industrial ship.
The Badger industrial ship.

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Business Career arc mission, Balancing the Books (10 of 10) in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing your objective along with rewards and any other relevant details.


  • Acquire Goods:
    • Caldari: 5,000 x Scourge Rocket (25.0m3)
    • Amarr: (50) x Infared S
    • Minmatar: (5,000) x EMP S
    • Gallente: 5,000 x Antimatter Charge S
  • Drop off Location (Agent's Station)

Thanks go to: Skorpys (Gallente objective)


The purpose of the final mission in the Balancing thew Books business arc of Eve Online wraps up the series by introducing you to applied manufacturing. Your agent will provide you with a Blue Print Copy (BPC), which when used along with the proper minerals needed, is utilized in the manufacturing of various goods, in this case, different types of ammo dependent on which race you are performing the mission for. Although BPCs always have a limited number of "runs" or how many items they can be used to produce before being consumed, there will be far more runs on the BPC you are granted than is needed to produce the requested quantity of finished goods. Further details on the actual manufacturing process can be found in both the video and in-game tutorial.

If you are interested in getting this mission out of the way as soon as possible, remember you can always acquire the ammo you need from the marketplace and use the BPC to produce more which you can resell later, again like with the other "acquire item" missions, selling them in the station you did the mission in for those who come after you. This also helps secure the substantial bonus Isk reward, since even though you have a long time to claim it, waiting to manufacture the items takes a while in itself and you may want to travel elsewhere during that time.

Finally, being the last mission in the chain, this one presents you with the greatest rewards thus far. Beyond the BPC which can be used to start a career in manufacturing and industry, you will be granted one of the the lowest level of tech I industrial ships, also dependent on the race whom you are doing the missions for, which besides being worth a nice chunk of money on their own, are incredibly useful and designed for the hauling of batches of goods over long distances.


  • 1 x Blueprint Copy (R: 200, ML: 5, PL: 2) (granted)
    • Caldari: Scourge Rocket BPC
    • Amarr: Infared S
    • Minmatar: EMP S
    • Gallente: Antimatter Charge S
  • 1 x Racial Industrial Ship
    • Caldari: Badger
    • Amarr: Sigil
    • Minmatar: Wreathe
    • Gallente: Iteron
  • 295,000 Isk bonus (6 hours)
  • +4.2857% corporation standing
  • +1.5% faction standing

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      • profile image

        Skorpys 5 years ago

        For Gallente, it is 5.000 Anti-matter Charge S

      • profile image

        Kename Fin 5 years ago

        Just a reminder: When picking the next free slot, you do not have to wait for the slot to actually free up. You can install it in a pending slot and it will start as soon as the slot frees up. :)