"EVE Online" Business Arc Guide: Balancing the Books (3 & 4)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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Balancing the Books (3 of 10)

Mining the Veldspar asteroid.
Mining the Veldspar asteroid. | Source


  • Kill enemy ships at target location.
  • Deliver 33 Tritanium (3.3 m3) to your agent.

"Mine the ore and, from it, refine 33 units of Tritanium for your agent."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Group 1: 1 x Guristas Pirate

Total Bounty: 3,000 Isk


The third mission in the business career arc has you flying out to a target deadspace location to mine some ore and kill a pirate ship. For starters, it's important to realize that unless you actually mine the ore at the mission location and kill the pirate, you can not complete this mission, so just buying 333 Tritanium is out of the option.

For Balancing the Books 3 of 10 you can take the frigate you received last mission and fit it with a single weapon along with a single mining laser (more if you have the space, but one of each at least), either the civilian miner you should have from your rookie ship or purchase one off the market. Try to make sure your cargo is mostly empty, with the exception of a small handful of ammo (you won't need more than one reload) so you can fit as much ore as possible.

Travel to the mission location and travel through the acceleration gate into your mission deadspace pocket. Once inside you will find a single asteroid of Veldspar sitting in space amongst some other decorations. Lock the asteroid and approach it until within range of your miner (10km) then activate the module to start filing your hold. After a cycle or two, which takes a minute for each, the single pirate ship will spawn and start to attack you. You can lock it as you continue to mine the asteroid and fire a couple shots to take it down easily.

Protip: You can make the pirate spawn faster by turning your laser on and off a couple times without completing a full cycle.

The pirate rookie ship fires on my vessel.
The pirate rookie ship fires on my vessel. | Source

The mission will be marked complete when the pirate is killed but you should hang around until your cargo is full of ore to make sure you have enough for your agent and some for later as the extra Tritanium will come in handy in another mission down this chain. Travel back to your station once your full up, dock, then move the ore into your station items window and right click, and then refine. You will be presented with the refining window which will show you the exact amount of minerals you will receive from processing your ore. Hit accept then deliver the goods to your agent to wrap this mission up.

You can also end up mining the entire asteroid out in a single cycle using a Mining Barge, skipping the spawn of the pirate and completing the objective without having to fight.


  • Salvaging Skill Book x 1
  • 79,000 Isk bonus (2 hours, 8 minutes)
  • +0.2352 % corporation standing


  • Veldspar x 10,000 (1,000m3)

Balancing the Books (3 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
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Balancing the Books (4 of 10)

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Arriving at the mission site.
Arriving at the mission site.
Arriving at the mission site. | Source


  • Acquire these goods:
    1 x Encoded Data Chip (0.1 m3)
  • Drop-off Location
    Mission Giver Agent's location.
    (the station you picked the mission up from)

"The Guristas Pirates have set up a listening post nearby, where they intercept shipping information and use it to attack our vessels. I want you to go there to destroy the post and any Guristas Pirates ships you see. I also want you to use your codebreaker and hack open the Data Storage Device for me to retrieve the Encoded Data Chip."

Attacking the lone pirate that guards the site.
Attacking the lone pirate that guards the site. | Source


The fourth mission in the Balancing the Books chain serves as an semi-introduction to the Hacking mini profession, which typically involves the scanning down of Radar exploration sites with the use of probes and your ship's scanner. This particular intro to Hacking, does not go as in depth as the exploration career arc mission, Radar Site Scanning, which actually has you scanning down a "starter" exploration site for its mission. In this case, you will simply be hacking a few containers present at the deadspace location your mission takes place in.

Normally you would need the Hacking skill trained and a Codebreaker module, however the Civilian Codebreaker you are granted upon accepting this mission does not require any skills to use, but will also only work on special mission containers in the beginner missions like this one. Make sure to fit the module to one of your mid power slots on your ship before leaving your agent's station, along with at least one weapon and ammo equipped, as there will be a single enemy target at the mission location to destroy.

Attempting to hack the Data Storage Device
Attempting to hack the Data Storage Device | Source

Warp to the bookmark for your mission and activate the acceleration gate to enter the one and only room here. Within you will find the one enemy ship protecting the single Data Storage Device which floats in space, that you will need to hack open. Quickly take out the enemy pushover, in the Caldari arc's case, a Guristas Rookie, or equally weak rat for other races. Once he's gone, you can lock the Data Storage Device, which will be marked with a container icon on the screen and overview, and fly towards it within at least 5000m. Once in range, you can activate your Civilian Codebreaker module on the container and let it cycle, staying in range, until you get a notification that you have successfully hacked open the container.

This may take a few tries, as there is always a success chance % during Hacking, which depends a lot on the equipment used, your skill training, ship and finally the difficulty of the site itself. If the cycle fails to unlock the container, just wait until it does, as you will never be locked out from accessing a container for failing to hack it. Once opened, retrieve the Encoded Data Chip along with anything else inside and return to your agent to claim your rewards.

A successful hack allows access to the goodies within, make sure to grab the data core to.
A successful hack allows access to the goodies within, make sure to grab the data core to. | Source


  • Civilian Codebreaker x 1 (granted upfront)
  • Hacking skill book x 1
  • 63,000 Isk bonus (1 hours, 18 minutes)
  • +0.1459 % corporation standing

Balancing the Books (4 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
Make sure to set the resolution to max for the best visuals!

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