"EVE Online" Business Arc Guide: Balancing the Books (5 & 6)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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Balancing the Books (5 of 10)

Balancing the Books (5 of 10)
Balancing the Books (5 of 10) | Source


  • Pick up cargo (Agent Station)
  • Drop off Location (Changes, short distance)
  • Cargo: 1x Encoded Data Chip (0.1m3)

"Transport these goods to the destination."


The fifth mission in the career arc takes the simple route of simply having to transport some goods between two stations. You'll be picking up the data chip you retrieved from the fourth mission, from your agent's station and taking it a few short jumps away, probably no more than 2-3. Since the weight of the item is so small, you can fly a shuttle to get this done with quickly.

The Overdrive Injector System I you are granted at the start of the mission is quite the useful module for a pilot who often transports goods on autopilot over long distances, as the base speed increase it gives, helps make the 15km stretch of travel to each gate while on autopilot that much faster. The drawback to installing this module will be reduced cargo space, so preferable for long routes requiring little room in your hold.

The reward for this mission on the other hand, the Expanded Cargohold I is another great tool for haulers in the opposite manner, allowing an expansion of cargo space at the cost of max speed and Structure hitpoints, the later of which should be noted as it makes you also a tad easier to gank if holding lots of valuables.

Transporting the small cargo in a shuttle.
Transporting the small cargo in a shuttle. | Source


  • Overdrive Injector System I x 1 (granted upfront)
  • Expanded Cargohold I x 1
  • 53,000 Isk bonus (1 hours, 30 minutes)
  • +0.1649 % corporation standing

Balancing the Books (5 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

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Balancing the Books (6 of 10)

Balancing the Books (6 of 10)
Balancing the Books (6 of 10) | Source


  • Acquire Goods: Tracking Computer I x1
  • Drop off Location (Agent's Station)


Mission 6 in the Business career arc while a simple task, takes a bit of an unusual turn for most agent mission, at least those you would get through the random pool that most offer once getting past the story or arc missions. In this case you need to purchase a module off of the market, or acquire it through other means, and simply give it to your agent for the reward.

In terms of actually completing the mission itself, you should have no problem finding one of these modules on the market, if not in the station you are in, then close by. You can also acquire the module before even accepting the mission, so you make sure you have the item in hand to give to your agent right away and guarantee a bonus.

Whats more important here, is the bigger picture behind this mission, which is the value behind the market system in Eve Online. Learning to play the markets, even if simply purchasing goods from one station to sell in another at a higher price, is an excellent way to earn long term, mostly passive income.

In this case, you may want to consider investing some money in purchasing some Tracking Computers from a particularly cheap source (like Jita) and moving them to the station you performed the mission in to sell for a profit, as those who come after you will certainly be looking for them as well, in a convenient location. Just remember to take into account taxes and broker fees, along with any competition you may have when choosing to invest in such a way.

Using the markets to purchase the module.
Using the markets to purchase the module. | Source


  • Mass Production x 1 (skill book, granted upfront)
  • Miner I x 1
  • 57,000 Isk bonus (1 hour, 8 minutes)
  • +0.1253 % corporation standing

Balancing the Books (6 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
Make sure to set the resolution to max for the best visuals!

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