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Black Desert Online: Beginner Horse-Taming Guide

Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day.

This Black Desert Online guide is designed to teach and guide you on your first attempt to capture and tame a wild horse. It describes the process of gathering ingredients, crafting the required materials, locating the wild horses, capturing them, and then taming them.

Capturing and taming horses in BDO (Black Desert Online) is very fun and rewarding. You can use the horses yourself to assist you in your adventures, you can sell them off to earn some silver, or you can breed them to get higher-tier horses.

Read on to learn how to acquire and tame your first horse!


Getting Started

Before you head out to start your BDO horse-taming adventure and claim your first wild horse, there are a few things that you need to get started. The prerequisites that you will need are:

  • A minimum character level of 20
  • Horse-training beginner level 5
  • A lump of sugar (which must be crafted by the player)
  • Capturing rope (which can be bought from a shop)

Please read on to learn where you can gather these ingredients and fulfill these requirements.

Achieving a Minimum Character Level of 20

Before you can capture, tame, and ride a wild horse you will need your character level to be at least at level 20.

The best way to achieve this is to thoroughly complete the early quests. A lot of the content for newer players is aimed at teaching you how to play, which if you are a new player will be really useful to you whether or not you're interested in capturing wild horses.

Aside from this, if you follow through with all the quests you will also discover new areas and attain a horse emblem, which will help you with your next step! This is all achieved as a matter of course through completing the quests, therefore, doing so is a recommended first step.

If you want to hit level 20 quicker, just grind mobs with the active experience bonuses and you will reach level 20 pretty fast.

Horse Training Beginner Level 5

Before you can set out to tame your first horse, you will also need to be beginner level 5 in horse-training. To do this, you will need a horse or donkey. You can obtain these through questing naturally as a beginner, by obtaining the horse emblem, or you can also buy a horse at a town for a relatively small amount of silver (10,000).

Once you have your horse or donkey you just need to ride it around a bit to level up your training. This can be done naturally as you play the game and it doesn't take too long.

Another good option is to set a loop for you and your mount to ride while you go AFK (away from keyboard). If you do this step, make sure that you do it in a safe area and have carrots in your inventory so that the horse doesn't die. Carrots will restore a horse's stamina.

It can be a demoralizing experience to return to your game only to find that your horse has died, so be careful when setting your route.

Ingredients: Lumps of Sugar

After you follow the previous steps, you will have the minimum level requirements to start taming your first wild horse!

Now you need to gather the ingredients that are required. For this you will need around 20,000 silver to pay for the raw materials.

To start with, you need lumps of sugar, these greatly increase the likelihood of successfully capturing a horse. In order to craft one of these you will need 10 raw sugar and 1 mineral water. Note that you need to be precise here; it must be raw sugar and it must be mineral water. Both of these raw materials can be bought from any cooking NPC in any town.

Once you have both of these items you can craft them into lumps of sugar through the act of heat processing (shown in the below picture).

For your first few attempts, it is recommended that you try to gain at least 7 - 12 lumps of sugar because this process can require a bit of trial and error.

Processing - Lumps of Sugar

Processing - Lumps of Sugar

Ingredients: Capturing Rope

You will also need a capturing rope. These can be purchased from the stable NPC for 1,500 silver. As with the lumps of sugar, to successfully capture and tame horses for the first time, it is recommended that you take at least 10 with you.

Everyone loses a few on their first attempt. Expect to drop a few until you get a grip on the gameplay.

Capturing Rope

Capturing Rope

Finding Horses

Once you have accomplished all of the above prerequisites you will be ready to capture and tame a wild horse.

The hardest step in this process is finding a wild horse location.

This can be quite challenging as many other players are also trying to capture and tame horses too. Horses spawn at horse spawn locations in groups between 1 and 4. Once a horse has been captured and tamed it will take around 2 hours before they spawn again, making it a very competitive process to find a horse when other players are trying to do the same.

Your best bet for finding a horse is to head to the internet to find the horse spawn locations. Many people have produced some great guides to finding wild horse locations. The spawn locations that are closest to major cities will be the hardest to be successful at because there are many other players at those spawn locations who will be trying to do the same thing that you're trying to do. Heading to higher-level areas can increase your chances of success, but doing so will come with extended travelling time.

Step-by-Step Process of Taming a Horse

  1. Once you have found a horse to tame, equip the taming rope and get close to the wild horse. Note: For this step it is recommended to hot key the rope.
  2. If the horse is not running away from you, throw the capturing rope at the horse. This triggers a short mini-game where you will need to press the space bar once the little bar hits the highlighted area. It can be a little tricky at first, so expect to fail a couple of times before you eventually get it right, but once you have it figured out, it's easy enough.
  3. Once you have the horse successfully roped. You need to start walking towards it. If you press the space bar right away you will fail the capturing attempt.
  4. Eventually the horse will animate by standing on its hind legs. Once it does, press the space bar. Once you do, another mini-game starts and you will have to press the space bar rapidly to keep the bar on the right for around ten seconds.
  5. If you succeed, congratulations you get to carry on with your wild horse-taming attempt. If you fail you will lose and have to start over.
  6. You may need to make a couple of tries at this second mini-game until you are familiar enough with how to get close enough to the horse.
  7. Once you are close enough, it is recommended that you feed it a lump of sugar (again useful if hot-keyed). This increases your chances of being successful when you mount it.
  8. Now you have to mount your captured horse. There is a chance that you will fail. Sadly this is pure luck and there is no sure way to succeed, but feeding it the lump of sugar reduces your chance of failure.
  9. If the horse lets you mount it then it is now captured, tamed, and yours. Congratulations!

Storing Your Horse

At this stage you will probably want to ride to your nearest stable and register your horse.

From that point, there are many things you can do with your new horse. You can ride it, breed it with other horses, or sell it on the market.

You will be allotted three slots at each stable and you can purchase a horse ranch in a major town to increase your storage options.

Unfortunately it is not until you register your horse that you will find out its gender. This is an important consideration for breeding your horse.



Horse-taming and horse-breeding can be extremely fun and rewarding experiences within Black Desert Online.

This BDO guide explained the basics of capturing and taming your first horse, but there is still a lot more to discover about BDO horses such as horse items, horse gear, horse breeding, horse tiers, and more.

Once you have the basics down you will be capturing and taming horses in BDO like a pro.

Of course you can customise your horse with "real life currency" with horse armour to look extra stylish, through the steam store:

© 2017 Kristian Howe


Kristian Howe (author) from UK on June 05, 2017:

Hi Jocely,

Yeah I think there is quite a learning curse. I only picked it up recently but there are many aspects of BDO that are confusing and not really explained properly in game, horse taming being one of them!

The combat is the most fun I've experienced in an MMO and the graphics are good too.

I can't comment on the late game content though as I've not experienced it!

There are a few features I do like to the game, such as the AFK aspect where it encourages you to leave the more mundane gather skills running in the background while you doother things. The auto run feature is really nice too!

I paid around £4 in a sale on steam for it and in my opinion it is worth it for the small price.


Jocelyn Figueroa from New York, NY on June 04, 2017:

Wow, this is dope. LOL. This is like mount x9000. I've been really thinking of making BDO my next game...but I hear there is a huge learning curve. Is that true?