Black Desert Online: How to Get a Miniature Elephant Mount

Updated on March 7, 2017
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Where Do You Get The Miniature Elephant Mount?

The Elephant mount in Black Desert Online is called a Miniature Elephant. The only place to get your first one is in the Valencia territory at the Shakatu's Villa, which is located at the north coast of Valencia as seen in the image below.

Before you head out there to get your elephant you need to convert silver at a storage NPC into 5x 10g gold bars and 3x 100g gold bars (which cost 35 million silver) and take them with you. you will needs these bars to gain access to Shakatu's Villa and get a permit.

Location of Shakatu's villa in the red circle. I left my horse back in Mediah down in the left corner. On hindsight I should have brought it with me.
Location of Shakatu's villa in the red circle. I left my horse back in Mediah down in the left corner. On hindsight I should have brought it with me. | Source

Entering Shakatu's Villa

When you reach Shakatu's Villa you need to buy an invitation with the 5x10g gold bars from Dumaham, the Villa keeper. Be absolutely sure that you are at the correct villa as there is another one right beside Shakatu's villa. Once you have paid for the 7 day pass to enter Shakatu's Villa you need to enter the villa and find Serazad inside. She is located straight ahead of the entrance.

Talk to her and get the first quest in the miniature elephant series ( [Villa] Especially Adorable Elephant) which will require you to give Shakatu the 3x 100g gold bars you took with you to the villa. Shakatu's located a bit away from the villa and it's easiest to just auto-navigate to his position. This will also reveal to you the town of Shakatu if you haven't already discovered it.

After you get the permit from him you need to return to Serazad to continue the series, which will award you with a miniature elephant registration token once completed. Before you leave Shakatu you should buy 20 empty bottles from the material vendor there, unless you brought them with you earlier.

Standing in front of Dunaham at Shakatu's Villa
Standing in front of Dunaham at Shakatu's Villa | Source

Completing the Quest Series.

  • Freshly Scooped Cool Water.

For this quest you need 20 empty bottles from a material vendor (there is one at Shakatu) which you should fill with river water. You cannot just bring 20 bottles of water with you as you must fill them after accepting the quest. There is however no need to find a river, as the small pool inside the villa right in from of Serazad will do just fine. When you have collected the water you need to take it to the Elelphant Nursery (which is located right outside the villa) and water it with the collected water.

  • Freshly Prepared Fodder

You need to gather 100 weeds which you then must feed to the elephant nursery. Like the previous quest, you need to gather the weed after accepting the quest. To get weed you should gather from thickets as they have the best chance of giving weeds.

There is a bunch of thickets located just south of the villa down in the canyon. Having a cat will help a lot here as you can simply get it to find the thickets for you by having no gathering tool equipped and the cat set on using it's special ability.

You can also harvest the date trees to get weeds.

  • Owner of a Special Elephant

Finally you need to go to the stable keeper at Shakatu and receive from him your personal miniature elephant mount. There are no special requirements, you just need to talk to him.

NOTE : You do not need to register your elephant at the Shakatu stable master, you can take the registration token with you and register the elephant with any stable master you want to.

Technically you should be able to take the registration item all the way to Margoria and register it there, although I have not tried it (Calpheon worked fine though).

Biggins the Miniature Elephant

Sitting on my elephant at Calpehon.
Sitting on my elephant at Calpehon. | Source

The Miniature Elephant Mount

After you have completed the quests you get rewarded with a miniature elephant. Should you need more elephant mounts you can get them by trading with Shakatu, exchanging gold bars and trade seals for an elephant.

The miniature elephant can carry one person, it has 16 inventory slots, 830 LT weight capacity and 100% speed at level 1, with 19.000 HP and 19.000 stamina points. At level 15 is can carry 1200 LT with a speed of 110%.

You feed the elephant mount just like a horse, you only need to use carrots to restore its health and stamina.

Miniature Elephant Skills

Like the horse, the elephant gains skills as it gains levels. Here is a list of the skills available to the elephant.

  • Fore Chop
  • Quick Run (Saddle required)
  • Quick Turn
  • Swift Start
  • Swift Halt
  • Rampage (Stirrups required)
  • Side Steps
  • Joy Ride

Some of those skills, like quick run and quick turn are really important for an elephant, while others are less so.

Miniature Elephant Equipment

The Elephant can also be equipped the same way a horse can be equipped with four different items which are:

  • Small Leather Saddle - Increases HP, stamina and turn %
  • Small Leather Stirrups - Increases evasion and brake %
  • Small Leather Elephant Armor - Increases DP
  • Small Leather Elephant Mask - Increases HP and acceleration

These items require materials which are only available in the Valencia territory but can be crafted in any horse gear workshop.

The Miniature Elephant Mount

Is This a Good Mount?

The greatest problem with this mount is it's huge turning radius and just how slow it is compared to other mounts, making it mostly useful as a desert trade goods transporter. At level 1 this is truly horrible, but it can be mitigated with proper gear and the speed increase from extra levels.

So there you have it. A comprehensive guide on how to get your very own miniature elephant mount. If there was something missing from this guide please ask about it in the comments. And if you found this guide useful then by all means share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online.

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        No, You will need precisely 3 x 100g gold bars as it is the quest requirement from Shakatu to get the miniature elephant.

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        Can you use 30x 10g gold bars instead of 3 x 100g?