Black Desert Online: How to Make Good Feed

Updated on February 12, 2018
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Saarith has been playing "Black Desert Online" and roaming the lands between Calpheon and Valencia since its initial release in NA.

How to be Able to Cook

If you are a new player you should read this section. If you have some experience playing Black Desert Online then you can skip this part and go to the next.

To be able to cook anything in Black Desert Online you first need to get yourself a residence. To do that you need to invest CP in a house node that has the residence option as shown in the image below.

A residence in Heidel where you can set up your cooking tools. This one costs two contribution points, but you should be able to find one for a single point
A residence in Heidel where you can set up your cooking tools. This one costs two contribution points, but you should be able to find one for a single point | Source

When you have a residence, you need to buy a cooking tool, either a regular one or a Balenos special one. Later you can make intermediary and advanced tools for faster cooking, but for now, let’s make do with the ones you get from the vendor.

Once you have bought the cooking tool you need to enter your house and place it in the residence by clicking the P button. That opens the placement screen. You now need to select your cooking tool from the menu at the bottom, choose a place for it and drop it there. You might also want to install a chandelier or two (either from the market or one that you build on your own) to be able to see better.

When this is done you are ready to cook. When you have all the needed materials you just need to stand close to your cooking tool and press the R button.

The Recipe of Good Feed.

Good feed is a highly sought after item as it’s used to feed everyone’s pets. And there are a lot of pets so there will always be a demand. In fact, the only competition is the organic feed which is another type of feed that you can make in a similar manner.

Personally, I prefer good feed since each one restores exactly 20% to my pets hunger level, meaning 5 will fill it up completely. It is also harder to make organic feed as it requires milk, which is problematic to get.

For each batch of good feed you need the following ingredients:

  • 6x Meat (any kind, I suggest lamb meat as it’s easy to get)
  • 2x Dried Fish or 1x fresh fish
  • 3x water (From vendor)
  • 4x flour (Any kind)

How to Make Flour

Flour is made by grinding grains (corn, wheat, barley, etc) using the processing option (Press L). The best way to get grains is to have your workers gather them. If you do not have workers yet, you should read this guide on how to make money with workers and get yourself some workers.

You can also gather grains yourself at farms located around the lands of Black Desert Online. Just search for a farm with a grain node. it usually has a patch of farmed soil where you can gather grain from. Making flour requires only a single grain for each grinding batch which produces 2.5 flour on average at processing level artisan 1.

How to get Fish

The only way to get fresh fish is to catch it yourself. For making good feed you can either use fresh fish or dry your fish through processing and use dry fish. However, I recommend that you have your workers gather dried fish for you from fishing nodes or just buy dried fish from the market. Fishing nodes are located on islands in the sea. An example of a few fishing nodes next to Epheria is shown in the image below.

The islands that are connected with a line all have fishing nodes where your workers can collect dried fish.
The islands that are connected with a line all have fishing nodes where your workers can collect dried fish. | Source

How to get Meat

Meat is the only ingredient that you absolutely have to gather yourself or buy from the market. For this recipe, you can use any type of meat, but I recommend using lamb meat as it’s easy to get enough of it and it is rather cheap if you are able to buy it. However, finding large quantities of meat on the market is rare as it is a sought-after ingredient so you will probably have to pre-order it.

The best place to find meat is in the mountains between Baleros and Serendia. In the video below, I show you the precise location I gather lamb meat myself. If another player is already gathering meat at that spot there are plenty of other spots on the mountain which are also good. To harvest lamb meat, just kill the animal and use a butchering knife to get the meat.

Now, you also would like to reduce the time it takes you to gather meat (or anything really). If you are not a part of a guild with bonuses to the gathering stat, the simplest way is to use Silver Embroidered Gatherer's Clothes +1, a Life stone and Balenos Meals. You can also watch the video below for clarification.

If you are part of a guild with +3 gathering, you only need either Silver Embroidered Gatherer's Clothes +2 or a Life Stone. I recommend the life stone over the Balenos meal as it also gives a 10% extra chance of getting rare items.

Following this can reduce your gathering times from 20 sec to about 2-3 seconds.

Making Good Feed

When you have gathered all the materials together you can start to make some good feed. Just place the materials in the cooking tool boxes in the correct ratios and press start. If you press continuous, you can make batches until you run out of ingredients.

Each batch should give on average 4 feeds when your cooking level is at artisan level 1.

Bonus Cooking Tips.

When your cooking skill is high enough (probably master 1), you might be able to reduce the number of ingredients used to cook each batch and still succeed 100% of the time. This is something you should experiment with when the time comes. Note that this applies to all recipes, not just the good feed one.

You can also reduce the time it takes to make each batch by using Silver Embroidered Cooking Clothes, Life stones, better cooking tools and some food. The lowest time is somewhere around 1.6 seconds each batch.

So, that it. If you found this guide useful then please share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online.

Questions & Answers

  • What level does cooking need to be in order to make Good Feed when playing Black Desert online?

    You need to have your cooking level at Apprentice 1.

© 2018 Saarith

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      3 months ago

      Best flipping guide and explained so well ty ty


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