"Black Desert Online": How to Make Grunil Armor Pieces

Updated on January 21, 2019
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Jon has been playing "Black Desert Online" and roaming the lands between Calpheon and Valencia since its initial release in NA.

The Grunil Armor Set.

Grunil Armor is the most popular piece of armor in Black Desert Online due to it's versatility. As such there is always demand for the armor, either for someone just starting playing or someone that needs armor to repair lost durability after failed enhancing.

In this guide I will go over how to gather the required materials, where to set up shop, and how to optimize the process of producing the Grunil armor set.

The Grunil armor set from the marketplace. As you can see there are not many available for sale.
The Grunil armor set from the marketplace. As you can see there are not many available for sale. | Source

Materials Needed

Each piece of Grunil armor needs the following materials in different quantities depending on the type of armor.

  • Brass Ingots
  • Tough Hide
  • Black Stone powder
  • Black Crystal

To get these materials you either need to gather them by yourself, have your workers gather them from nodes, or buy them from the market. If you intend to produce armor for profit, then buying the raw materials is not an effective way as that will most likely lose you money.

The profit comes from the extra value gained from combining already owned material into a Grunil armor set, meaning that you get more money (after the 35% tax) from selling a piece of Grunil than you get from selling the individual materials.

Now you will need to do a lot of processing to get the final materials so I would recommend getting your hands on a +2 or +3 enhanced Embroidered Silver Craftman's Clothes. You should also consider spending a few dollars on buying a maid's outfit since it allows you to work from your storage directly, reducing the time spent on micro managing materials in your inventory.

How to get Brass Ingots

The raw materials needed for brass ingots is copper ore and zinc ore. The first step is to process the copper and zinc ore into copper and zinc melted shards by heating them. Those shards are then combined by heating them together into brass ingots.

You need 5 ore to create 1-4 shards (2.5 average at artisan level 1) and you need 5 copper shards and 5 zinc shards to create 1-4 ingots (again average 2.5 at artisan level 1).

This means that you should get on average 25 bronze ingots for every 100 copper and zinc ore which you process.

How to get copper ore

There are several copper nodes throughout the map that you can invest contribution points in and have workers gather copper ore for you. As they are so plentiful and a few are even located in the Belanos territory you should have already found some by now. You can also get copper from mining Andenite, Granite, and Sandstone rocks to name a few.

How to get zinc ore

There are only three zinc nodes available where you can have your workers gather zinc ore for you and they are all located in the Mediah territory. What's special about the zinc nodes is that workers can also get platinum from them. You can see the locations of the zinc nodes in the image below, but you can also get zinc ore from mining Andenite, Bloodstone and Sandstone rocks which are spread throughout the map.

Zinc Node Locations

Here are the locations of the three zinc nodes in Mediah.
Here are the locations of the three zinc nodes in Mediah. | Source

How to get Fine Tough Hide

The raw material from Fine Tough Hide is hide from oxes (cow hide), boars (pig hide), rhinos or elephants. To get some hide you need to kill and then skin those animals with a skinning knife.

The animal hides are then processed by drying 5 hides into tough hides, giving 2.5 tough hides on average at artisan level 1. 10 tough hides are then processed into fine tough hides, giving 2.5 tough hides on average at artisan level 1.

In the image below I have marked the location of areas where you can find plenty of boars to kill and skin for their hides.

Boar Locations

Here are the locations of boars in Black Desert Online. There might be other locations but these have a plentiful supply of boars.
Here are the locations of boars in Black Desert Online. There might be other locations but these have a plentiful supply of boars. | Source

How to get Black Stone Powder

The best way to get black stone powder is simply to buy magic crystals and then grind them into black stone powder. You can see how easy it is in the video below.

If you don't want to do that or there are no magic crystals available on the marketplace there are two other ways. One is to either grind rough stones yourself or have a worker refine it in a refinery from rough stones. Refineries can be found everywhere, but there are fewer refineries that can be upgraded to level 2 or level 3. A level 1 refinery can turn 2 rough stones into a single black powder each working cycle, at level 2 the refinery can turn 10 rough stone into 5 black stone powder and at level 3 the refinery turns 30 rough stones into 15 black stone powders each work cycle.

You need to man the refinery with a worker, either a goblin worker or if you are often AFK a human or even giant worker for the extra stamina.

Rough stone can only be acquired by mining it from rocks. Any type of rock will do, but unfortunately, you cannot have workers take care of this part for you. That being said, for armor production it might be ok to buy the black stone powder as it is the cheapest material. It will hit your profits, but save a lot of time mining.

Fastest Way to Get Black Stone Powder

How to get Black Crystal.

The raw material for black crystals are rough black crystals. You need to process the rough black crystal by grinding them where 5 rough black crystals are turned into 1-4 black crystals (2.5 average at artisan level 1).

Rough black crystals can only be mined in one place in the Mediah territory, at the Abandoned Iron Mine and three spots in Valencia, which are Bashim Habitat, Martyr's Haven and Crescent Mountains. You can also invest in the nodes there to have workers gather both iron and black crystals from the node. Since the black crystals are a secondary item it is best to use human workers due to their higher luck stats, to maximize the black crystals gathered.

Where to Produce Grunil Armor Sets

To be able to produce Grunil armor sets you need access to a level 5 armor workshop. Those workshops are available for example at Calpheon 2nd floor, No. 1-4, Noble District and in Altinova houses No. 5-8 and No. 8-4.

Weither you produce your armor in Calpheon or Altinova depends on you preferences, but the storage and lodgings in Calpheon require far less contribution points in general than Altinova.

What Kind of Workers to Use.

The best worker to use is an Artisan worker that has the skill Adv. Armor Production, as this skill will allow you to produce 4 armor pieces at once. After that you need to consider if a human worker or a goblin worker is better. The goblin is faster but the human worker has more stamina for those afk sessions.

An artisan worker with the Adv. Armor Production Skill. Having workshop knowledge and Thrifty B is also good for armor production.
An artisan worker with the Adv. Armor Production Skill. Having workshop knowledge and Thrifty B is also good for armor production. | Source


Remember that while Grunil armor production is certainly profitable now, that might change if the market prices move or if the supply of Grunil armor pieces becomes to great. You should check regularly on how the market prices are shifting to make sure you are not losing money, I find that a simple excel sheet helps a lot with keeping track of profitability. You just need to make sure that the sale profit from the raw materials is lower than the sale profit from the armor pieces. And remember that because of the 35% tax it probably will never be profitable to buy all the raw materials and then sell the armor.

So there you have it, a quick and easy guide to follow for Grunil crafting. If you found this useful be sure to share it with your fellow guild members.

Questions & Answers

  • Why does it say “there is no item” when I try to make it. I have all the ingredients for it?

    You need to have the ingredients in the same town as you have the workshop where you are making the armor.

© 2017 Jon Sigurdsson

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    • profile image

      Aaron Maxfield 

      2 years ago

      I lied, that's for bronze. Zinc is for brass.

    • profile image

      Aaron Maxfield 

      2 years ago

      It is Tin for brass ingots not Zinc

    • Saarith LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Jon Sigurdsson 

      3 years ago from Iceland

      Thanks mate! Edited the guide to reflect this.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You can get black stone powder from crystals that you can install into your weapons you just grind them up.


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