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"Black Desert Online": Making Silver and Gaining Life Skills

The Black Desert Online Logo

The Black Desert Online Logo

Earning Silver

There are many ways to make silver in Black Desert Online. One of the easier methods for new players is to purchase goods and process them, and then also cook. We will be going over how to gain experience in two life skills as well as make money along the way. A lot of this will be afking, so enjoy the time you are online and afk to make silver.

Follow the missions in the beginning; they will teach you how to fish and how to use workers. One of the first cities you will get to know is Velia, and this leads players to farms and fish. These will be the first building blocks of earning Black Desert Online silver.

Players With Pets

Pets are a great aspect of the game for many players. Players who have pets generally have:

  • played a long time,
  • purchased them with pearls, and
  • bought them on the central market.

Most of these generally mean that these players also have plenty of silver to spend on things they do not want to do themselves, such as making Good Feed for pets.

This will appear at top of the screen when a fishing pole is being used.

This will appear at top of the screen when a fishing pole is being used.


Fishing usually starts off on the docks of Velia. I generally push just outside of the "Safe Area" to get out of the exhausted fishing area and into the abundance fishing area. The more resources or "Fishing Resources" there are, the faster you catch fish.

The higher your fishing skill level, the faster you fish, the less durability cost for casting, the fewer keystrokes to land fish, and the more chance of catching higher-end fish. Since we are afk fishing, though, the catch time will not matter because afk fishing takes three minutes and the keystrokes will not matter because it is afk fishing.

At the end of fishing, sell several of the fish to cover the cost of purchasing new fishing rods or repairing your fishing rod. Dry out the rest and put them in storage.

Go play the game and have fun. Then when it is time to afk again, set up and begin fishing. In the beginning, do not worry about hot spots, etc. This is just a building step to get a little cash flow and build a stockpile of dried fish.

Tips for Drying Fish

To dry the fish, it must not be raining out. The hotkey for processing is "L." Select "Drying" process in the processing window and select the fish. This will only dry the species of fish that you select in the window; you will need to do this for each species of fish. This is a good reason to return to the same fishing area; dried fish are stackable and do not have an expiration time. Fresh fish have 24 hours before they expire and can't be sold for silver anymore either. Also, make sure to check the "Process all identical items," or it will only process one fish.

Potatoes and Workers

Once workers have been explained, then use contribution points on Velia, Loggia, and Bartali. This will allow you to send workers to gather potatoes, which can be used for multiple recipes. Keep the potatoes coming; this is something that you only need beer to refresh your workers, which is another easily made item, and it uses potatoes as well.

The workers will bring the gathered goods to the storage in Velia. After a few days, spend some time processing them into potato flour. The hotkey for processing is "L," and then select grind. This will give you more processing experience as well. Save some potatoes for beer, though. This way, you can make your own beer for your workers.

Which Type of Worker to Use

  • Goblin workers need to be refreshed more often but work faster.
  • Giants work slower but do not need to be refreshed as often as goblins.
  • Humans are in between goblins and giants and have more luck.

I would determine what workers to look for by how much time you are generally afking. If long periods, then use giants; if short, use goblins; and if all over the place, then use humans.

Lamb Meat is generally plentiful.

Lamb Meat is generally plentiful.

Lamb Meat for Good Feed

Going out and gathering your own meat is plausible, but it can be boring. This is the reason that I simply purchase "Lamb Meat" instead of spending my playing time gathering it.

If I were going to gather the meat, it would be to experience the life skill: Gathering. And I would go to Ehwaz Hill, a little East of Velia. There is a large number of wolves in that area, and I would be able to cycle and kill them for as long as I wanted.

I generally buy 100 water for 3,000 silver.

I generally buy 100 water for 3,000 silver.

Mineral Water

Mineral Water can be purchased from <Chef> David Finto at the Inn in Velia. This is pretty straightforward. I generally plan on doing a 100-process lot, which would mean purchasing 100 Mineral Water for 3,000 silver. There is a difference between the number of processes and the number of items created. I usually create more items per process than one. If I cook 100 rounds, I usually make around 160 Good Feed.

Good Feed on the Central Market

Good Feed on the Central Market

Good Feed Recipe

The recipe for Good Feed is as follows:

  • 2 Dried Fish
  • 4 Flour
  • 6 Meat
  • 3 Mineral Water

There are several things that should be mentioned about these ingredients.

The Fish

The first is that a player may choose to use fresh fish. If this is the case, it only takes one fish. The downside to this is you can't stockpile or afk as much. When processing the fish by drying, you can also receive multiple dried fish per fresh fish. I generally get around four dried fish, which makes it far more profitable.

The Flour

Any flour can be used, so if you want to use wheat flour or corn flour, go for it. Potato Flour is just the easiest to obtain at earlier levels, and Potatoes can be used in making beer for workers as well.

The Meat

There are multiple types of meat that can be used for Good Feed. I generally use Lamb Meat because it has always been available in large quantities on the Central Market, but you may also use:

  • Bear Meat
  • Beef Meat
  • Deer Meat
  • Fox Meat
  • Pork
  • Raccoon Meat
  • Rhino Meat
  • Weasel Meat
  • Wolf Meat

This is to process 100 Good Feeds which should make at least 160 Good Feeds

ItemCostQuantity/Cost per 100

<Species> Fish



Potato Flour



Lamb Meat



Mineral Water



Good Feed



Cost Make: 728,000 silver

Total Sales: 2,608,000 silver

Velia is one of the first cities that players will encounter.

Velia is one of the first cities that players will encounter.

Questions & Answers

Question: The price of lamb meat is ~7K for 1 piece. The recipe need 6, meaning meat alone comes to ~42K. You average selling price is 26K, resulting in a loss. Do I have my math wrong?

Answer: The pricing may change because the market fluctuates. The price of feed has most likely increased as well. Verify the sell price for the product you are making.

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