"Black Desert Online": Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Updated on July 31, 2020
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Jon has been playing "Black Desert Online" and roaming the lands between Calpheon and Valencia since its initial release in NA.

Beginning Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a huge game with a wide variety of play styles which suit a large number of people. The main problem with the game is a lack of official documentation on how things work. When you are beginning, a lot of things might seem strange or counterintuitive.

These tips and tricks are aimed at beginners that are taking their first steps in Black Desert Online.

Velia. The first major town you will find yourself in after completing the tutorial quests.
Velia. The first major town you will find yourself in after completing the tutorial quests. | Source

There Is No Level Limit on Equipment

That's right. This one came as a surprise to me, but a lowly level 5 character can use the best equipment that you can get in the game. There is no level limit on any gear. You can also enhance your equipment with black stones almost from the very start. There is no need to wait until the game shows you how to do it.

Getting Better Gear

You can get yourself better gear by buying it directly from the market and/or by enhancing your weapons and armor with black stones through the Black Spirit.

  • The best armor and weapons differ for any given class, but overall the Azwell weapons and Grunil armor are considered good.
  • You can enhance your chosen weapon and secondary weapon to +7 and your armor to +5 with no chance of failure and you should do that as soon as you can.
  • After that, you probably should collect money to buy higher enhanced items, as it is almost always cheaper.

Daily Experience Boost

If you press the "P" button, open the "Task" tab and then open the "Reward" tab, you will see rewards that you have received for various tasks. One of those is a daily reward called "Daily Grinding Hour." You get this reward every day and in addition to 50 contribution points, you can choose to either get a 200% combat experience boost for 30 minutes or a 100% combat experience boost for 60 minutes.

This is a great way to level your character fast, so remember to use it every day, preferably when you are going to be killing a lot of monsters.

Talk to Every NPC to Increase Energy

Energy is an important part of the game which allows you to do certain life-skilling actions and invest in nodes. One way to increase energy is to talk to all the NPCs you see that have a golden mark above their head like the one in the image below. If you talk to enough NPCs in an area your energy increases depending on whether or not you find all the NPCs in a certain area or region.

To see which NPCs you have yet to find, you can press the "H" button and select the area you are located in. There you will get a list of the NPCs that you have found and you can get hints about the ones that are still missing.

You can also get energy from gaining knowledge of monsters, locations, fish, etc. But the fastest way at the beginning is to chat with all the NPCs you meet.

As you can see I still have not found one NPC which belongs to the upper class of Calpheon. When I find him I will get rewarded a energy point for completing this knowledge group.
As you can see I still have not found one NPC which belongs to the upper class of Calpheon. When I find him I will get rewarded a energy point for completing this knowledge group. | Source

Breath, Strength and Health

There are three stats in the game that you can level: Breath, Strength and Health.

  • Breath increases your stamina. To level breath, you need to run around. Leveling breath is based on distance, so running in one spot will not help. What you can do is set a path to the next town, click auto-loop, and then press "T." This will make your character run back and forth which will increase your endurance.
  • Strength increases the amount of weight you can carry. To increase strength you need to buy a trade pack from a trader and walk around with that in the same way as you would do when you are training your endurance. So pick a destination on the map, press "Auto-Loop," and then press "T" to auto-walk.
  • Health increases your total HP. The only way to level health is to eat food, so be sure to always have a snack on you.

A group of people fishing outside Velia. They are probably mostly auto-fishing over there.
A group of people fishing outside Velia. They are probably mostly auto-fishing over there.

Auto Fish for Extra Money

To get some extra cash at the beginning, it is a great idea to do a bit of auto fishing. When you reach Velia (if you haven't already) you can buy a fishing rod from the fish vendor Crio ( or any fish vendor ), equip it, go to the sea, and press "Space." If you just leave everything alone, your character will reel in a fish every 5-6 minutes. The goal here is to get Ancient Relic Crystal Shards as they sell for a high amount on the marketplace.

Finding Specific House Functions

When you look at the map and click on a town, you get a map of the town with all the available houses that you can invest contribution points into. If you are looking for a specific function, such as say a Level 3 Horse Gear Workshop, you can use the little window in the top right corner to help you. Just choose the function you need in the middle bar (Horse Gear Workshop) and choose the level you need (Level 3) and blue arrows will pop up on the screen showing you which houses offer those services if they are available in the town.

There Is No Combat Experience From Quests

With the exception of the Black Spirit Quests, the quests in Black Desert Online do not offer combat experience as rewards. Instead, they usually give either contribution experience or life skill experience. To level up your character, you need to kill creatures. That is the only way to gain combat experience.

Complete the Black Spirit Quests

The quests that are in the tab titled "Beginning of the Journey" are also called "Black Spirit Quests." These quests are the main storyline quests and are really useful to complete, as after each "boss" fight, you get a new quest with an inventory expansion reward.

A list of important quests. At the bottom you can see the six tabs which open access to all the quests in Black Desert Online.
A list of important quests. At the bottom you can see the six tabs which open access to all the quests in Black Desert Online.

Access All of the Quests

When you reach level 20, you can choose what type of quests are visible for you, especially because by default there is only a limited amount open. If you press the "O" button, the quest tab will pop up with a large amount of useful information, such as the black spirit quests, which can reward you with an inventory expansion.

The most important bit about seeing all the quests is at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom, there are six small tabs that you can press which will open up access to those quests for you to accept from NPCs.

Take special note of the quests at the top called "Inventory Expansion." These quests reward you with an inventory expansion which is really useful as you normally need to buy these expansions with loyalty points or pearls.

Daily Contribution Quests

When you hit level 20, you can also start to complete the daily contribution quests. These quests reward you with a decent amount of contribution points, which you can use to invest in nodes, hire workers, rent equipment, and so forth. Below are two videos which show the daily quests around Velia and in Heidel.

After you get to Calpheon you will be able to accept daily contribution quests there that offer higher CP each, with a total of around 1600 CP each day. Here is a good guide on how to get and complete those quests. There are also daily quests in Mediah and Valencia for you to do.

© 2017 Jon Sigurdsson

Are there other hints that you think a new player would need?

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    • profile image


      10 days ago

      Hey, just to let know anyone else that is also looking for the Berserker JIN BON WON combinations i finally found them here: https://blackdesertonline.fandom.com/wiki/Berserke... also here https://mmogoldprice.com/news/berserker-jin-bon-wo... and on reddit. Someone also said me that the oficial discord is a good place to ask this. Hope it helps someone else.

    • profile image


      11 days ago

      This was one hell of a guide, quite clear from start to the end. I will give it a go, meanwhile i wanted to ask if you have something about Berserker JIN BON WON combinations i been searching for a long time and can't get my hands on one.

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Very useful.


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