Buying and Winning Mount Permits in "Order and Chaos Online"

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Gettin Mount Permits

Mounts can be bought in the nick shop, won and bought on the black market.
Mounts can be bought in the nick shop, won and bought on the black market. | Source

Difference Between Mount Permits and Riding Skill

In the exciting MMORPG Order and Chaos, buying or winning mount permits opens up a new avenue of the game. Mount permits and riding skill are often confused, riding skill controls what level of mount you can ride, and the permit allows you to ride mounts outside of your class.

If you struggle to get a permit, just know that the Polynia mounts are classes. If you can't get a permit try collecting the epic mounts you can ride, and then collecting all of the ones on Polynia Island.

Let's explain mount permits by starting off with a little story.

An energetic elf named John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt is walking through the land of Haradon and has caught a dog. There is much rejoicing, but this is soon to end when our hero discovers that elfs cannot ride dogs. All is not lost because there are other ways to get riding permits.

Before daily events and the black market existed, players had to rely on the Nick Shop to buy permits. However, now that Gameloft sees that mount hunting is such an important sport, they continue to add new ways for us to enjoy the game. Allowing us to get a permit with gold or winning it is a nice alternative to buying them.

Let's take a quick recap of which races can naturally ride which mounts.

Race Mount Chart

Primary Mounts
Mounts That Need Permits
Stag (deer), Lion, Chinchilla, Dog
Stag (deer)
Horse, Lion, Chinchilla, Dog
Stag (deer), Horse, Chinchilla, Dog
Stag (deer), Horse, Lion, Dog
Polynia mounts
Order and Chaos online mount riding chart. Which mount permit each race needs.
But I WANNA be fast.... and cool!!!
But I WANNA be fast.... and cool!!!

When You Discover The Importance of Permits

Since each race can only ride a primary mount, riding permits will be used to gain the ability to ride other types of mounts. Do not get riding permits mixed up with riding skills. Skills can be bought in Greenmont and in other select locations with a small amount of gold.

Riding permits can only be obtained in three ways. No matter which way you go it will cost you something. You will either spend, a fair amount of gold, a lot of time or real money. Gameloft provides us with many different ways to get permits, the rest is left up to the player.

Permits might not seem like a big deal when you're only dealing with level 1 or 2 mounts. However, the day you stumble across a rare level 3 or 4 mount, and catch it, is that day you realize that you do need mount permits.

Of course, now that Polynia island has classes mounts of all type, you might decide that you don't want to worry about riding permits.

Using the Nick Shop to Buy Permits

Click the green plus to goto the Nick Shop.
Click the green plus to goto the Nick Shop. | Source

Buying Mount Permits on the Nick Shop

The easiest, fastest and most obvious way to get a mount permit on Order and Chaos Online is to purchase them in the Nick shop. While there are Nick Shop characters in the game, you do not need to be at one of these NPCs to purchase items from the shop.

To buy a permit, click on your profile picture in the upper left-hand corner. On the top right-hand side of the box that opens is a small green plus. If you push this plus then it will open the Nick Shop, and you can make whatever purchase you want wherever you are.

Mount permits are under the mount tab. The permits ate labeled by animal, not race. This makes sure you don't accidentally buy the wrong mount permit. There are sometimes sales, but not all amount from it will be under a fail at the same time probably. At least I haven't seen it.

As soon as you purchase this it will be fun your bag. Please make sure there is space in your mailbox, otherwise, you will be making a trip to your mailbox.

Here is the catch. you have to buy writing skills for every permit you get. So if you catch a level 3 Avalanche Maker Lion, and you're a mendal with a permit, you will still have to spend the gold to buy the riding skills.

Riding Permits on the Black Market

In a recent poll, 50% of players report getting their permit from the Black Market, 30% said they bought them with runes (that's me), and 20% said they won them in events.

The black market is like the auction house, only the items listed on the black market are chosen by Gameloft, not by other players. There are items which can be bought with hero emblems and there are items which can be bought with gold. I am the worst bidder in the land of Haradon, but maybe you will have more luck.

More often than not the permit will be for bid with gold. You will occasionally see it under hero emblems. The options change frequently on the black market. So make sure to check back in regularly so you can get your own permit.

Winning Mount Permits

To when a mount permit, you will need to participate in a daily event that rewards with permits. One competition I saw rewarded an undead dog permit for the twenty players, and one rewarded a deer permit to the top fifty.

The competition which typically rewards with mount permits is a mount catching competition. It is not difficult to get into the top 50 in this type of competition. It's a little more difficult 20, but still not hard (if you know your spots). Indirectly prepare to spend gold, because you will need to buy many bond stones. You could buy traps with runes, but if you are spending runes you might as well buy the permit.

That's pretty much the guide to buying and winning mount permits on Order and Chaos Online. I hope you will have all kinds of wild mounts very soon!

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        Jade Griffin 

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        Hi, welcome back! I'll add that one to my list, too!

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        4 years ago

        Hey...again me :) Can you make a hub about all classes best 70 epic weapon's?

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        Sam Deal 

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        Thanks for the tips!


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