3 Effective Tips to Carry Low Elo [Hidden Secrets]

Updated on February 27, 2019
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Drei Law is a gamer who loves to play and write about anything related to gaming. He especially adores playing League Of Legends.

Who Am I?

Hey everyone, my name's Fl1pz and I'll show you the hidden secrets on how to carry low elo.

I have been playing League Of Legends since season 4 up to now.

I have learned many tricks and tips during my time playing League Of Legends and I will now share the most important ones with you low elo players!

I am currently sitting in Platinum 3 and will soon be getting out of it.

Platinum may not look that impressive, but only 8.05% of the community are in Platinum rank. Not trying to boast or anything, but I am just saying in my defense.

You can read my "3 Overpowered Champions In Low Elo" Hub after you are finished with this one.

Anyways, that is all and I hope you guys and gals will be able to climb the rankings in League!


Hello all fellow low elo Summoners!

Doesn't it suck to be at such a low rank in League Of Legends?

Do you want to climb the ladders so that your friends will not be able to make fun of you?

Well look no further young one! With my guide on "How To Carry Low Elo," you will definitely be climbing really fast in no time.

All you have to do is give me your precious time and focus.

In exchange you will be able to gain knowledge that will effectively support you throughout your games in the future.

If you are not satisfied yet, you can check out my "How To Carry Bronze Elo" guide.

1) Have a Goal For Every Game

I remember I heard this from watching a pro saying it once in his video, I just can not remember who. What a shame.

Well anyways, here is the first tip in my guide. Create a goal for yourself every single game.

It may be "passing 100 cs before 20" or "to not have a single toxic action in the game."That goal can be small and big, it does not matter.

Try completing that goal every game, until you get used to it. Then create another goal and another after that.

Now once you start getting used to completing your goals every game, you will begin to follow them and will get used to following them in every game you play.

After many games you will begin to start following these goals no matter what without noticing.

This actually helped me tremendously and helped me reach Platinum V.

When I plateaued in Gold 1 for quite some time, this tip enhanced my gameplay and improved my mindset.

I can say this is one of the most important tips to follow. Although this will really take a pretty long time to do, this tip will definitely help you greatly in the future.

Additionally, I strongly suggest you do this in normals because you will be changing your playstyle constantly.

But, if you are a big risk taker, go ahead and do this in your ranked games.

Just remember to always create a goal every game and thrive to complete those goals!

2) Take a Break From League Of Legends

I know there are many people that play League Of Legends for many hours without breaks. But, in my experience of playing League Of Legends for many games without a break or two, it has most of the time been bad for me. The reason is because it changes the mindset of the player in a bad way. It does not matter if you have been on a 6 game losing or winning spree because it still effects the way you think of the game in a negative way.

Let us first talk about why going on a huge winning game spree might negatively effect you in how you play the game. Whenever you constantly win games over and over again, you start feeling that the game is easy. That feeling is self confidence. Self confidence itself is not bad, but too much can be really bad for you. You start having thoughts about trying troll builds, troll picks and trying to do stupid plays. Even if you do not have these thoughts, overall you get bored of winning over and over again. Thus, making you not perform at your best and utmost.

Moving along, we have the losing spree players. These are the types of players that keep queuing up for a match until they win. You can already imagine how bad this is for you. This destroys your self-confidence by so much, making you give up quickly, and tilts you. Instead of having such terrible experiences happening to you, why not just take a break and refresh your mind?

Take a 15 minute breather outside of League Of Legends to refresh yourself. After feeling refreshed, go ahead and play some more League Of Legends! In conclusion, I strongly suggest to take breaks playing.

3) Muting

Hey everyone, just a reminder.

There is a really amazing feature installed in League Of Legends that could help you tremendously.

The problem is the huge amount of players that do not use this function, especially low elo players.

It is called the "Mute Button."

The Mute function is absolutely the greatest thing in League Of Legends!

Unlike my "How To Get Out Of Bronze" guide, I will get bring you even more information on why.

Here are the three main reasons why I strongly think that the "Mute Button" is genius.

The first reason is because muting your teammates results in not seeing your teammates flame you for making a mistake or anything like that.

The second reason is because you do not really need the chat, therefor making it just useless.

The third reason is because it gives you a sense of relief and makes you feel comfortable while playing.

The first reason is because muting your teammates and enemies will result in you not being able to see any toxic action towards you. When people judge how you play, or make fun of a stupid mistake you do, you obviously play worse than before because you feel a sense of insecurity. You start believing the players saying, "Wow, this top laner is trash" and this obviously demotivates you to start trying because you start thinking that you are not good enough. Or at other times, you feel angry because you know they are not right and once you feel angry you start making rash decisions. Once you start creating terrible decisions, you start dying many times. Resulting in more toxic behavior towards you. This creates an unending cycle until you click that "Mute Button."

The second reason is because the chat is utterly pointless. There is nothing much more to say than that. Think about it. No offense, but in the Bronze division, the only type of messages you see are toxic ones. Very rarely you will find a player that is genuinely nice and very helpful towards his teammates. However, that is, like I said, "very rare." Unless you want to become that one nice and helpful guy of the team, good luck controlling four toxic and tilted players. Many people might disagree with me, but when occasionally using my friend's bronze account, toxic and tilted players are all I see.

The third reason is because muting people gives you a sense and feeling of security. You wont be able to see those dreadful messages every time you make a simple mistake or when dying. You will not be able to see those toxic messages from your teammates and enemies that judges on your build and playstyle. You can play exactly how you want to play without the extremely annoying opinions of others. In addition, you also gain more confidence thus improving your gameplay drastically.


Overall, these are three important tips to remember when playing in game.

Of course there are various more tips that could help you hugely in League Of Legends.

Here's another hidden tip for League Of Legends. Make sure you follow trusted and informative sources like this one here.

With just three tips, of course this is not the end of my "How To Carry Low Elo" guide.

You could say this is "Part 1" of the guide and I will definitely be working on getting the second part out sooner or later.

Comment anything down below!

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    • Drei Law profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from United States

      But it's still an important aspect in climbing.

    • LeagueArticles profile image

      Steve Arnold 

      2 years ago from Tacoma

      Nice one, I especially agree with the muting part lol.


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