"EVE Online" Military Arc Guide: Cash Flow for Capsuleers (1 & 2)

Updated on August 3, 2020
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Cash Flow for Capsuleers (1 of 10)

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (1 of 10)
Cash Flow for Capsuleers (1 of 10) | Source


  • Kill the enemies at the target location.

"Clear the pirates from the asteroid belt, as your agent has requested on behalf of a group of miners."

Enemies: (Caldari)

  • Group 1: x 2 Pithi Arrogator
    1st ship killed triggers group 2
  • Group 2: x 2 Pithi Arrogator

Total Bounty: 12,000 Isk


The first mission in the Military Career arc of EVE Online starts out with a slow introduction to combat missions, giving you a simple task of killing the targets that are at the provided location. This mission can easily be done in a rookie ship with the civilian weapons they come with; however, you might buy a couple legit weapons and ammo from the marketplace, preferably some cheap tech 1 base variants since you won't need much.

Upon warping to your mission location, you will arrive amidst a large pair of asteroids that have some structures built around and between them. You will also find a pair of weak pirate ships—in the case of the Caldari side (which this guide is written for), a pair of Pithi Arrogators. Other factions' versions of the mission will have slight variations, such as different pirate types, but will mostly be the same.

Close range with the enemy nearest to you and open fire once they are within your weapon's effective distance, which can be seen by mousing over its icon in the bottom right of your screen. Killing this first ship spawns a second, final pair of the same type of ships. Once these four enemies are taken care of, this relatively simple mission is complete.

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Arriving at the asteroid belt.Locking the Pithi Arrogators
Arriving at the asteroid belt.
Arriving at the asteroid belt. | Source
Locking the Pithi Arrogators
Locking the Pithi Arrogators | Source


+0.2696 % corporation standing


  • 1 x Dual Light Beam Laser I
  • 3 x Multifrequency S

Caldari & Gallente

  • 1 x 75mm Gatling Rail I
  • 2,000 x Antimatter Charge S (bonus—5 hours)


  • 1 x 125mm Gatling Autocannon I
  • 2,000 x EMP S


  • Veldspar x 672,923 (67,292.3m3)
  • Dense Veldspar x 90,000 (9,000m3)

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (1 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
Make sure to set the resolution to max for the best visuals!

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Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10)

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10)
Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10) | Source

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Military Career arc mission Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10) in the video game MMO EVE Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with rewards and any other relevant details.


  • Acquire Item: 1 x Civilians (5.0m3)
  • Drop Off: (Agent's Station)

"Eliminate the pirates and rescue the civilian miner they are holding as a captive. You will find the civilian in a cargo container ejected from one of the pirate's ships."

Enemies: (Caldari)

  • Group 1: x 3 Pithi Arrogator
    All ships killed triggers group 2
  • Group 2: x 2 Pithi Arrogator
    Last ship killed drops Civilians in a container.

Total Bounty: 15,000 Isk


The second mission in the Military Career arc of EVE Online takes things up a small notch by now requiring that you warp to a target location, kill the pirates there as you did before, and also retrieve some cargo that will drop from one of them—or, in this case, the last enemy you destroy.

In addition to this, you will be facing a slightly stronger force; thus it will be helpful to make sure you are heading into battle with some legit weaponry as opposed to the civilian weapons, if only to avoid drawing out the mission due to weak damage output.

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Arriving at the mission location.Moving to engage the first group of pirates.
Arriving at the mission location.
Arriving at the mission location. | Source
Moving to engage the first group of pirates.
Moving to engage the first group of pirates. | Source

Use the weapon module and ammo you got in the last mission and fit it to your ship, along with potentially purchasing additional modules or altogether different ones, if you prefer. Most of the basic tech I variants of weapons and modules are extremely affordable. You can also inject the Motion Prediction skill book you'll receive upfront if you do not have it trained already to increase the effectiveness of your turret weapons.

Once you arrive at the mission location, the setup will be about the same as before: a few pirates hanging around some asteroids, though this time it's a cluster of smaller rocks. You will find a wing of 3 pirate ships to start out with, which can be downed easily. These will give way to a second group that spawns once the first is dealt with. This second group is made up of equally weak ships, but whichever of these two are the last to die will drop the container you need to loot for your mission objective. Once this happens, you are free to approach the container, open it, loot the Civilians from inside, and return with them to your agent's station for your reward.

The reward you get from this mission will be one of the 4 "Interceptors" of the frigate class of ships, the particular hull you get depending on the faction you are working for at the time. This should be your ship to use from here on out, especially since a recent patch (at the time of writing) has greatly upped their combat potential. Once it's yours, swap the weapons you can over to your new space-death-machine and look for some cheap modules, weapons and otherwise, that you can fit on it.


  • + 0.1500 % corporation standing
  • 1 x Motion Prediction (skill book, granted)
  • 59,000 Isk bonus (1 hour 22 mins)
  • Faction-Dependent Ship
    Amaar = Exexuctioner, Caldari = Condor, Gallente = Atron, Minmatar = Slasher


  • Veldspar x 700,000 (70,000m3)

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10) Video Guide (HD)

This video was recorded in Ultra HD 60fps settings.
Make sure to set the resolution to max for the best visuals!

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